[3.3] Crit 1H Sword & Board Jugg - Max Block

Not so much of a build guide (yet), just my concept for incursion. It somewhat hinges on what the patch notes have in store for Vaal Breach. Hopefully its buffed to make it more user-friendly and sustainable during boss fights. Won't be cheap so probably not a good starter build. Just a concept for now. Feedback welcome :)

Standard crit sword and board Jugg with the following key concepts:

- Max block (3 reckless defense + 1 shaper amulet with 40 block chance applied to spells) gets me to 75/75 with tempest shield up. GG crafted rare shield can get me to 75/75.
- Run Punishment with Blasphemy (with the proper helm enchant and increased duration we can get approx 8 sec punishment buff)
- Permanent (almost) Immortal call
- Massive Life regen based on max block/immortal call and Juggernaut "Unbreakable" node and availability of vaal breach during boss fights
- We want to get hit!!


- Shield -> Surrender or GG crafted Rare
- Sword -> Scaeva, Crit Foil/Rapier etc
- Boots -> Rare or Deaths Door. Kaoms Roots for Uber
- Jewelery -> All Rare
- Belt -> Rare or Belt of the Deceiver
- Helm -> Abyssus
- Body -> Belly
- Red Nightmare

Tree: www.poeurl.com/bUSI
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