[3.3] Burning Cross Sabo Theorycraft - please help

Hello there guys and welcome to a PoE noob player trying to make his very first build in this game instead of copying it from the internet.

The aim for this build is to make a Flamethrower trap Sabo with Fire trap to fill up the flamethrower downtime. The moment I saw ZiggyD's videos on both pyramid run and than specifically on those 2 traps I knew this is what I'm going to play in the Incursion league. We will rely on quite low HP with MoM and regeneration provided from flasks / items, but taking damage shouldn't be a problem as I also intend to keep enemies at bay by simply killing them before they even reach me, for throwing traps has quite good range.
This build also aims to be a critical strike based one as every single shadow build should be.

So I spent some time on the tree and this is what I ended up, aiming for level 90:
PoB link: https://pastebin.com/9WVhx9Fq
-Of course there is no Flamethrower trap yet so instead i based everything upon fire trap, which in the next patch will have neither CD nor charges allowing to spam. Later we will have 6L flamethrower and 4L fire trap to fill.
-I was thinking about dropping some fire dmg nodes to reach the "might rectangle of life nodes", we will see how it goes.
-Items are immaginary and rares will definitely be expensive but this is what we have to work with to cap out resistances. What I put there is random, balancing Wise Oak will be main target.
-Remember than Chance to Ignite will become Combustion in the new patch
-I was thinking about Inc Crits or Fire Pene but I don't know what to do on this early stage.

If there is anyone who can help me with either optimizing the tree or items overall I'll be thankfull a lot.
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