[3.3+]Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain by Ravagore

Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain, Updated for patch 3.3 based on notes. Ramako is STILL bugged but Rat Cage is accessible in Incursion so have fun! Updated 6/30/2018

Videos real soon, sorry guys. I've got some footage with new VMS gameplay coming.

Hey everybody, its Ravagore and i'm going to show you guys how I melt things with self damage and use a staff to spin my way to server-crashing victory! This build will be updated for as long as i can do it and i'm including instructions for how to make this work in 3.3 since the Patch Notes show us that little to nothing will change in a negative fashion for this build.


Vaal Skill Changes
* Vaal skill gems now also grant the base version of the skill at the same level and quality as the Vaal gem. For example, a Vaal Burning Arrow skill gem now grants both the Vaal Burning Arrow and the Burning Arrow skills.

* Using a Vaal skill now prevents you from gaining souls for all Vaal skills for a short period of time after the skill is used. The duration of this effect varies from skill to skill.

New Unique Flasks for Vaal skills are a HUGE boost to our VMS usability and damage. Soul Catcher allows us to start gaining souls earlier and up to a 100% increased damage boost to Vaal skills during the effect. Soul Ripper completely removes the soul-gain prevention period and adds up to 35% MORE vaal skill damage for the duration. Getting one of those flasks will make the build smooth as butter but the upgraded version is about 6ex at the start of Incursion league lol.

* Whereas previously the cost of Vaal skills would increase in areas after Act 5, and again after Act 10, the cost of all Vaal skills is now consistent throughout the game. This is worth keeping in mind when looking at the following changes, as although many Vaal skill costs have been raised when compared to their base cost previously, they are typically now lower than the cost you would have paid in higher-level areas.

* Damaging rare enemies now generates 1 Vaal soul per 2% life it loses, with a 1 second cooldown.

* Damaging unique enemies now generates 3 Vaal souls per 2% life it loses, with a 1 second cooldown.
Essentially what this means is that Vaal skills will always cost as much as they do in act 1. This means that the cost of most Vaal skills has gone down by 50% but plenty have been adjusted number-wise and the dead-period after you use a Vaal skills will balance most of the support style vaal skills.

This also means that we get access to Vaal skills on bosses and rares at a decent rate. When we're not actively using VMS during its Dead period, we should be hitting the threshold on hp->souls ratio since we're not doing nearly as much damage during our downtime, but enough that we should get another VMS use by the half point and actually be able to do instanced fights like elder and his guardians without having to gem swap.

Vaal Molten Shell
- Now requires 50 souls per use (up from 48).
- Now prevents you from gaining Vaal souls for 5 seconds after use.

Atziri's Reign: Now has a limit of 2. Existing copies of this jewel will automaticaly be updated to have this limit.

Even with access to only 2 Atziri's Reign, our VMS still lasts for over 10 seconds. Since VMS only has a 5 second dead-period, this means that for the second 5 seconds of the skills use, we will be gaining souls again since its half the souls as pre-3.3 gaining half as many souls won't be an issue. With 3 souls every second we should recharge VMS in about 20 seconds after the dead-period ends. NICEU

Relevant Non-Vaal Skill Changes

Chance to Ignite Support/Combustion Support
Has been renamed to Combustion Support.
Now lowers the fire resistance of enemies ignited by supported skills, inflicting -10% fire resistance at gem level 1, down to -19% at gem level 20.

Celestial Judgement's (near the Templar) elemental resistance penetrations are now 5% (up from 2%).

Blade Vortex
Now has 35% increased hit rate for each blade (up from 10%).
Now deals 35% more damage with hits and ailments for each blade (up from 30% for hits and 20% for ailments).
Now has 10% increased critical strike chance for each blade.
Now has a limit of 10 active spinning blades (down from 20).

Now has 100% increased critical strike chance.
Now has 20% reduced critical strike chance per volley, as well as 6% less damage per volley. Previously there was no penalty per volley to critical strike chance.

Ball Lightning
Now deals 2-35 lightning damage at gem level 1 (up from 2-32), up to 22-420 lightning damage at gem level 20 (up from 14-260). Dank.
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 35% (up from 20%).
The projectile's base speed is now 33% faster. The projectile hits 33% more frequently to compensate.
The base radius has increased by 10%.

Discussion: The changes to these skills will actually increase our ignites per second. Ball Lightning gets an increase to hit rate and the helm enchant is gone which makes our life easier though we still use slower proj. Blade Vortex has less blades and a higher hit rate so we'll have max blades more often. Bladefall and Blade Vortex have built in crit now so Ele Overload will be up constantly. Firestorm changes are minor but we may see a slight increase in its damage.

All of these changes mean one thing. The build will be better than ever with no significant nerfs that we can't compensate for. Rejoice and enjoy!

Now back to the meat

How this build works

It's not exactly a new tactic to use Eye of Innocence and The Rat Cage to deal large amounts of rapid hits of physical damage by igniting enemies but i'm doing it with a Staff now, weeeee!!

Here's how it goes...

1) You ignite a pack of enemies with Cyclone
2) Eye of Innocence deals 100 fire damage to you each time you ignite an enemy
3) The Rat Cage changes 10 out of that 100 fire damage into physical damage(The 90/10 damage are mitigated after the change so you're not actually taking 100 damage each time)
4) When you've taken enough damage your CWDT gems all proc and start rapidly igniting enemies
5) This causes more damage to yourself, which procs more spells, etc. You also use Doedre's Elixir to get more spells out
6) If Vaal Molten Shell is up, you will trigger an explosion each time you ignite any enemy due to the physical damage from EoI/Rat Cage
7) Stick your VMS on a 5-6L helmet, make it last for upwards of 10 seconds and you can melt bosses before the end of a short gif

GIF - 70% increased life, Twinned, Corrupted Dark Forest boss

We use Anger and the flat spell damage on Martyr of Innocence to allow Ball lightning (and sometimes Spark) to ignite, but all that flat damage is also scales extremely well with Vaal Molten Shell. Doing this allows us to get dozens if not hundreds of explosions per second depending on the pack size. Negate the incoming damage with about 6000 life, some Life Gain on hit/ignite, Life Regen and a total of 3% of fire damage leeched as life.

NOTE: Yes, a Razor of the Seventh Sun build would likely be faster and perhaps even more damage but this is a Marytr of Innocence build so i'll be using that instead! If you came in here to say i should use razor instead then you will be disappointed when i don't listen to you.


* This build is insanely fun. Half the time i'm laughing too hard to control my character and its gotten me killed more than once.
* Pretty fast map clear. I'm not going to claim its Deadeye fast or even sub minute fast but for a guy who enjoys wacky builds instead of the speed meta, this one is going pretty fast.
* Bosses melt as your swirling fireball of doom engulfs them in seconds.
* Unique items are all fairly easy to acquire, finding a decently rolled items was no problem at all(at the time). Most expensive uniques were Eye, Inspired Learning and Might of the Meek.
* Surprisingly safe build. Packs and bosses usually die so quickly they don't get to hit you often. Cyclone prevents stuns and is great for dancing around attacks.
* Staves have long range so cyclone has some good radius without having to invest in AoE
* We can turn on RF for bosses for even more damage!
* This build is WAY BETTER now that 3.3 has landed with the change to how Vaal Skills function vs bosses, the changes to the Combustion gem(formerly Chance to Ignite) and updates to ignite chance and fire damage all over the skill tree. Throw in the New Vaal Blade Vortex skill for mapping(if we want to) plus some interesting corruptions from Incursion temples and it's gonna be a great league.
* We only need 5 links in our weapon and body armour so it does keep that end of the costs down.


* Can't do maps like phys/ele reflect or No Regen and reduced regen or -max resists can be a pain.
* Expensive to gear because of the high value rares you have to obtain; T1-2 cold/lightning resists to make up for all the uniques are essential. I personally wouldn't do this as a league starter unless you just want to go Chieftain Ancestral Warchief or Sunder to map until you can collect the gear. Still, this character only cost about 5 ex to gear up so its not toooo bad.
* The strain on lower-end computers can be immense. My PC is clocked to be able to handle things like this and any lag or choppiness you see in videos is server side and not graphical.
* Party play can also be problematic for these reasons. You thought that time you grouped with Tarke when he was playing Magma Orb was bad for your potato pc lol...
* Despite being pretty safe for softcore, i would also not recommend this build for Hardcore. A server stutter or poor circumstance will not be good for your sanity.
* Staves are great and all but a Razor of the Seventh Sun dual wield/shield would possibly be faster and wouldn't require movespeed on boots. You could even use Shield Charge to get your aoe hits.
* In 3.2 since you can't gain Vaal Souls from hitting bosses yet, instanced boss rooms and any boss with multiples phases is a huge pain and either requires logging to loop the map a diff direction for more souls OR a swap in gem sockets to a 3rd CWDT set up for things like elder guardians.

GIF - The lag can get pretty intense sometimes but its all server side, not graphical for me

IMPORTANT NOTE! As of 5/30/2018 and patch 3.3 there is a Bug involving the Chieftain Ascendancy node Ramako, Sun's Light and The Rat's Nest/EoI combo where the 10 physical damage from EoI/Rat Cage is getting lost somewhere along the way and VMS won't burst like it does in my gif above. Its making it very hard for me to play this build the way i want it to... Until it's fixed, JUGG or Slayer may be the better choice for surviability but chief beats them on raw damage, especially once fixed.

The Rat Cage should be changing 10 of the fire damage from Eye of Innocence into Physical Damage. Ramako should have no interaction with this and there was no physical damage in the first place but VMS procs stop working when i take Ramako. Read the bug report thread below for more info on the issue

Link to the Forum Bug Report

This is listed as a Con for now because it really hurts the way i wanted to play this build. Moving on then....

Gem Link Set-up

CWDT Gem levels shown in gear below. I leave CWDT at level 1 for max spells per second but level 2 is the most efficient damage:casts ratio. Only 2 active gems can even level up with CWDT level 2 but its fine to leave it a bit lower.

A few things about the charcter first...


It is helpful to play this build in predictive mode as it will aid you when there is large amounts of desync. Doing so lets the game catch up to where it should be more often instead of giving you issues with rubberbanding like my gif above shows you.

Chance to Ignite is in 3 spots as we want 100% chance to ignite with cyclone and all of our spells. We do not put it on VMS because ignites directly caused by VMS explosions will not proc more explosion in a chain reaction. We therefore opt for more damage.

Decoy Totem is a nice addition but doesn't survive very long since we don't have any investment into totems. I would be running RF and Enduring/Rallying Cry if i was able to use Ramako, Sun's Light with the combo.

Flame Dash vs Leap Slam: This is up to you in the end as to what you want to run. Used for relocation, you only have room for a single socket with my current set up. I haven't had a problem using flame dash to get away from sticky situations and QoL changes make Flame Dash even more reliable.

Enduring Cry and Rallying Cry: For Bossing, you won't be able to get your endurance charges up reliably since you need to kill burning enemies so we use enduring cry for a little extra regen and guaranteed charges. For mapping, Rallying cry is huge and will often give you the 170% increased damage, especially in breaches, abyss, harbinger packs and the like.

Righteous Fire: This gives us 39% more spell damage and the 3% life regen from Ramako, Sun's Light would really help us when using this. Since curses get reduced effectiveness, i prefer to run this for bosses instead but without the regen from Ramako it is currently very hard to keep up during transition phases. Use a curse in the meantime...

Flammability vs Elemental Weakness: This is only a 'choice' if you have room for either one. The choice here lies in whether you've hit ignite chance cap or not. A 20% quality ele weakness of the same level as the other 3 elemental curses will always lower resistances by more because of the quality but the 80% reduction on shaper/guardians will bring the 2 curses in line with eachother.

Weapon 5 Link: CWDT - Bladefall - Blade Vortex - Firestorm - Combustion

Body Armour 5 Link: CWDT - Ball Lightning - Slower Proj - Culling Strike - Combustion

Some CWDT + VMS Math inside here!

Why these spells and not something that hits harder?

All we need from these spells is to have them ignite enemies. Therefore, we want spells that hit very rapidly to stack as many ignites quickly, proccing our VMS as often as possible. Low damage effectiveness PLUS low level CWDT means these spells won't hit very hard anyway.

Bladefall, Ball Lightning hit 5 times a second per cast and we get up to 4 casts per second.

Firestorm hits every .1 seconds and lasts for about 2 seconds. You can guesstimate about 5 hits from each firestorm per second.

Blade Vortex hits more depending on how many blades you have. On average, we'll have all 10 blades out so we got around 4 hits per second.

Reminder that this is all PER ENEMY so we have 20 from ball light, 20 from bladefall, about 15 from firestorm, 4 from blade vortex and about 5 from cyclone for a total of about 60 ignites per second in perfect conditions on just one enemy. But on average vs small/humanoid bosses we might see less so our math will use 40 ignites per second.

That means we're dealing something like 75-85k damage with VMS to shaper at least 40 times a second. For those lazy with math, thats 3.2 million dps in a perfect scenario.(These are Shaper/Guardian values taken from the linked PoB below).

More than likely, we'll be hitting about half that for single target fights and ridiculously more dps than that for map clearing since those numbers get boosted heavily in large packs.

Gloves 5-6 Link: Cyclone - Combustion - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Accuracy Support - Life Gain on Hit


Cyclone is used as a damage activator and as a defensive skill, giving us fortify and life gain on hit ideally. Find some shaper gloves with additional accuracy and/or faster attacks so you can run LGoH for more defense, it helps a LOT.

Helmet 5-6L: Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration/Ele Focus - Controlled Destruction - Immolate - Concentrated Effect - (Hypothermia, Combustion or Fire Penetration)

VMS is the big bad boss killer. With increased Duration you can make the Skill last for around 14 seconds.

If you read the spoiler from our spells you'll know that we're dealing 65-75k effective damage per hit(95k for ~5 seconds With Soul Ripper Flask!!). Immolate is possibly the largest gain out of all the gems because of the 200% damage effectiveness of VMS/MS, so i got myself a level 21 immolate and let the good times roll.

The choice for your 6th link (if you can find it) comes down to how reliably you can chill. Combustion will likely be the better choice anyway since more ignites means more damage to the CWDT threshold, which means more ignites, etc etc.

Single Links Spread across gear:

Anger - Adding flat damage to spells and cyclone. Look for a juicy Watcher's Eye with inc fire damage.

Herald of Ash - Extra phys and more spell damage, some help with clearing but the overkill damage is small.

Flammability/Ele Weakness/RF - RF ideally but a curse for cursing is still helpful.

Leap Slam/Flame Dash - Movement skill for moving across gaps.

Blood Rage - Self-cast at the start of the map for freznies and attack speed.

Decoy Totem/War Cry - Decoy totem for now because of bugged ascendancy. Rallying cry or Abyssal Cry for mapping. Enduring Cry for charges on longer boss fights.

Gear Choices

Now that Soul Catcher/Soul Ripper are out, we will use those instead of The Wise Oak or the Silver Flask if you can get away with the lack of Shock Immunity.

Gear Breakdown and Discussion

Martyr of Innocence has a bunch of useul things on it. The added flat fire damage helps cyclone and all your spells ignite no matter what damage type they originally were. You'll block every so often so you get fire penetration and you're always getting hit so you have 100% damage too.

Staves have a longer weapon range so they're actually quite nice for cyclone and since we only use Flame Dash/Leap Slam for spot-movement and not navigating the map, having limited movement skill access is pretty ok still.

Mokou's Embrace is used to allow self-ignites to happen from Eye of Innocence Fire damage hits. Self igniting gives you a nice chunk of attack speed for cyclone, cast speed for VMS and Flame Dash and some good fire damage too.

Ngamahu's Sign is a great choice because of the life you gain every time you ignite an enemy. This makes your health bar bounce around like the OLD Vaal Pact days as you are constantly taking small bits of damage and then instantly recovering because of the rapid ignites you're causing.

Eye of Innocence gives us the hit damage we need to take for VMS and CWDT spells. Since we're ignited, we always have 2% fire damage leeched as life and 50-70% increased damage.

The Rat Cage gives us a bit of movement speed, a nice chunk of health to make up for all the other uniques we run and is the linchpin that lets our EoI fire damage proc VMS explosions. Without this chest, the 100 fire damage would never pop VMS. The increased fire damage taken is mostly a non-factor but beware of fire damage over time from Kitava breath and Phoenix.

Gang's Momentum are a great pair of boots to start out with. They easily cap the missing fire resist from Rat Cage and the chance to ignite and extra damage to ignited enemies make them a solid choice for mapping for quite some time.

In the end i would like to upgrade these to elder boots with Increased Duration explicit and some more resists but that's hard when the league is about to end so next time.

Stygian Belts are perfect for finding that one little thing to help you out via Abyss jewels. I was running % chance to blind with attacks for a while and that proved to be very helpful until my Life was where i wanted it to be. Either way, a good stygian with high life and T1-T2 resists will cost you at least 1ex.

Shaper Gloves allow us to get a 6L with cyclone, giving us access to LGoH for more defense. Accuracy is very important for Cyclone, If our Doedre flask is empty we can't get that first chain start unless we actually hit the enemy. It also helps withour cyclone dps which is a larger part of our single target damage if VMS is down.

Shaper helmets like this one can be very pricey. I got pretty lucky with mine and if you're looking to spend even more, look for a helm with Conc Effect and Immolate so you can run 4 more links in the helm. Juicy.

Flasks are a huge part of the build and the introduction of Soul Catcher/Soul Ripper let us easily generate souls back while using for the entire duration of VMS, allowing us to drop Increased Duration Gem for Elemental Focus and outclassing the damage that Wise Oak gives us very easily.

Doedre's Elixir can start the chain reaction of CWDT spells for us and the Silver/Quicksilver flasks allow us to keep those nasty curses and shocks off us, while also giving us more clearspeed.

The life flask is because 1000 hp instantly from a divine life flask is just not enough to matter when you get that low. Getting around 2000 instantly when your reflexes are good is more reliable and being able to get it rolling and then also do it instantly when you drop to low life is huge. I usually don't put bleed removal on my life flask but we use it so sparingly that i haven't died to bleed because a flask was empty. Not paying enough attention though... yea lol

Jewel selection

Unique Jewels

Atziri's Reign - 10-20% increased Vaal skill duration with no limit to how many you can have. getting 19% versions was easy in Flashback but they'll likely be more expensive in Incursion, although possibly a lot more common due to all the corrupting. There is now a limit of 2 for Atziri's Reign. This is fine, our VMS still lasts for well over 10 seconds.

Sacrificial Harvest - 20-30% chance to gain an extra vaal soul on kill. This helps us charge VMS a lot faster but we can only have 1 so make sure its 27% or higher.

Might of the Meek - Since we're so starved for life on gear, we can use this jewel to get more for our money out of the marauder-life section of the tree. Its usually a bit pricey though, especially early league.

Inspired Learning - Using the 4 notable nodes below duelist we can get a headhunter effect off of the tree, stealing mods for 20 seconds when we kill a rare monster. A bit of extra resists and some mana gained from attacks is a nice way to solve a couple issues in the build too.

Rare Jewels

Rare jewels should be used if you're comfortable with the duration of VMS. Abyss jewels scale extremely well with VMS. Looks for rares with the following properties in order of importance:

* Life
* # to # Fire damage to spells
* # to # Fire damage to spell while wielding a staff
* Fire damage
* Spell damage while wielding a staff

Optional stats: Resists as needed to fill gaps, Chance to blind on hit with attacks, Chance to hinder with spells, Damage penetration if you haven't killed recently.

Skill Tree and Path of Building pastebin

Passive skill tree, my live character tree is all busted up so here is what he should look like at level 90.

PoB Pastebin - Updated for 3.3 and unique flask addition - https://pastebin.com/6RP9sUNG


PoB has several trees in the drop-down at the bottom to choose from:

Early leveling
Mid-game Leveling(Act 2)
Early Mapping 70+
End-game 90+
End-game 90+ alternate tree for using Gluttony belt + Rare boots + Ramako when its fixed

I also included trees for JUGG and Slayer in the drop down at the bottom, though i did not create gear loadouts for those trees so resists will need adjusting.

I have included a gear loadout for Rare Boots + Gluttony Belt to go with the Ramako Tree so you can see how helpful Poacher's Mark 30 can be with your accuracy.


2 Passive points. No Question here as the resists and mana regen are not needed from Alira and the other 2 bandits are still awful.

Ascendancy order


Normal Lab - Tawhoa: Endurance charge generation and life regen per charge.
Cruel Lab - Ngamahu: Phys->fire conversion and penetration
Merciless Lab - Hinekora: Fire damage leech, Cover enemies in Ash on hit.
Uber Lab - Ramako: Unaffected by ignite, 3% life regen and some physical damage taken as fire

DUE TO RAMAKO BUG I AM INSTEAD CURRENTLY TAKING ARONGHUI: less damage from enemies and more damage taken near totems.

The tree is a constantly evolving thing at this point. I'm very happy with how the gear is playing out but i'm not happy that i can't use Ramako, Sun's Light due to the bug. The resist nodes near the Scion start point and the resists by Witch start point will eventually be phased out for the regen nodes on the opposite side of scion and the scion life wheel when Ramako gets fixed and i can pick up some rare boots that are worth the chaos.

Eagle Eye between the marauder and duelist start is also a great node for helping with accuracy issues. With Might of the meek above it, Eagle Eye notable is not disabled and its 2 small nodes are boosted for a total of 66% increased accuracy 40% increased crit to help with our EO procs. Not bad, but not entirely necessary either



I leveled with Ancestra Call Molten Strike until i could pick up Tectonic Slam and did that for most the rest of the leveling process. Chieftain makes it easy to get endu charges and one smack with a Reaper's Pursuit was enough to clear most packs due to all the overkill damage from Herald of Ash.

Leveling was a breeze honestly, Tectonic Slam is very nice(Played a Tec Slam JUGG in bestiary successfully) and even without a fast weapon it hits hard enough that we dont need to hit enemies very much.

I swapped to the CWDT set up at around 70 once i had acquired all the gear i had and mappingn was extremely smooth and easy. Only had a couple points to take out of two-hander nodes and put into more life or to fill out chance to ignite nodes.

End game Mapping

Once i got to maps and figured out that VMS was not working with Ramako, swapped the build to something that worked and got back to mapping, it was light night and day.

Clearing T15 maps has been a breeze and bosses that only have one phase go down like lightning.

A good use of VMS should fuel another charge of it(for now in 3.2, in 3.3 you can't use them back to back but they'll charge quicker) and is extremely helpful for abyss monsters, breaches and Beyond bosses that pop up. Try to save VMS for those moments when you know big monsters are coming or if the packs are so large that getting another use of it is guaranteed.

Just try to go fast and not worry about stragglers too much, they'll happen. I find myself wasting time too often trying to get one or two little guys when i could and should just move on. Learning!

End game Bossing


It should be noted that i didn't make this build with the intent to use VMS. I also tried to put VMS in a hungry loop but i couldn't really sacrifice the ring slots.

The boss damage was just so absurdly pitiful without VMS that it felt like the perfect option to fix it. And it was. Bossing is insanely easy as long as its not phased. Even if they are phased we can generate vaal souls from hitting unique enemies and with the reduced cost of VMS we can do phased bosses like Elder and Izaro with relative ease!


This build is a lot of fun. If your PC can't handle partying with other players then you probably can't play this build, even with dynamic resolution. Its a little wacky to gear since it's mostly uniques but the uniques are inexpensive for the most part plus using 5 links keeps costs low overall.

If you're looking to give your eyes cancer all while igniting everything including yourself then this build is for you!!

This build is crazy fun right now, new Vaal items and corruptions will only make this build even better... Imagine a +2 AoE, +2 Fire gem 5L helmet... My body is ready! Enjoy the build and feel free to ask any questions i haven't covered already, either here or in game!

Last after for patch 3.3, June 30th 2018. Will continue updating as 3.3 progresses!
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Hey, it's 2018
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Did it really take me that long to write this guide?

Jk just a brain fart! Fixed it, thanks lol
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Do you think this build is suitable for hardcore as well? also you have mentioned Righteous fire" I would be running RF and Enduring/Rallying Cry if i was able to use Ramako" where would you put rf?
I'm intrigued, video please.
interesting, but writing [3.3+] in the title is a bit ... meh. i mean 3.3 will rework a lot of vaal skills. so i would w8 and test it in 3.3 before you misleading ppl into it
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DeeJayMahDK wrote:
Do you think this build is suitable for hardcore as well? also you have mentioned Righteous fire" I would be running RF and Enduring/Rallying Cry if i was able to use Ramako" where would you put rf?

I'm not sure i would try something like this for HC with the random de-sync and stutters from time to time. I've been killed a couple times from things like that so i wouldn't want to lose a whole character because of it.

As for RF, i would just replace flammability/ele weakness with RF since 80% curse reduction doesn't help a lot but 39% more spell damage is another Ele Overload keystone for 1 socket.

guggelhupf wrote:
interesting, but writing [3.3+] in the title is a bit ... meh. i mean 3.3 will rework a lot of vaal skills. so i would w8 and test it in 3.3 before you misleading ppl into it

Its just over 2 days away at this point so not really misleading or anything...

This build will change very little going forward, the Vaal changes will make it so you're not spamming VMS the entire map but now you can use VMS multiple times on bosses with the soul changes.

While they haven't shown the updated Vaal Molten Shell yet, this will only slightly change how the build is played. As i've mentioned most of the buffs coming for currently-used gems and skill nodes in the OP, I should have very little to update in the guide and will do so before Incursion goes live.


Videos coming this week sometime, got a bunch of files to go over.
Build Updated for 3.3! What a great league we will have ahead of us.

Relevant Major Changes:

Vaal souls can now be generated from hitting Rare and Unique enemies at a rate of 1 soul per 2% life lost and 3 souls per 2% life lost respectively. This has a 1 second cooldown.

Vaal Molten Shell's soul cost has been cut in half; now costs 50 souls, down from 96 or so when mapping. This means quicker charging when outside of the dead-period where souls can not be generated.

Vaal Molten Shell has a 5 second dead-period. But our VMS lasts for 10+ seconds so we can still us it to gain souls. The max souls we can gain from a boss however is only 15 souls(3 soul per 2% damage done on a 1 sec cd) so we'll still need another 15 seconds or so to gain another VMS use. Not bad at all. At last we can do phased bosses now.

Atziri's Reign is limited to 2 now. Not a huge deal, our VMS still lasts 10+ seconds.

General Skill tree and gem buffs only help the build deal more damage. Most notably are the changes to Ball Lightning and Blade Vortex, giving us even more ignites per second.

Please enjoy the build this league! It will be tons of fun!
Rat cage seems hard to get this league.

Does the build work without it? What are some other chest options?

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