Ethical Cremation & Detonate Dead Build

Gems and Gears

Sire of Shards : Cremation - Detonate Dead - BCR - Fire Penetration - Elemental Focus - Concen/Inc Aoe

Geofri's Crest : Unearth - Empower - GMP - Faster Casting

Gloves - Bodyswap - Fire Penetration - Elemental Focus - Concen

Boots - Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Faster Casting - Swift Affliction

Resist Cap


How to Play

Cover area with Cremation. Use DD for Kill Catch. It's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly op now.
Cremation should be ban (We can limit unearth's level for reduce DD dmg)

Cremation Do not affected by Cast Speed

Path of Building
IGN : Bondisk, Champion, Vegadisk
PVP Formula Guide Kor,
PVP Formula Guide Eng,
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