[ Unique Showcase ] My Unique design - to be released for 3.3, for you fellows summoners

Hi everyone, Earendel here.

I've been a passionate PoE player since closed beta and always supported GGG in their great work every time I could. I made the decision of buying a Unique design when the open beta started and immediately thought of doing something for summoners as I always play one every league.

No more suspense here it is and it's coming for 3.3 :

Some explanations behind the design, and cool facts :

- The goal was to make Minion Instability great and quite playable again.

- I wanted a Unique that can do something for Skellys, to give them the love they deserve.

- I wanted a Unique that can enable multiple builds. Here you can choose to build around resistances and give your Skeletons a real fire damage output potential or you can choose to play with Minion Instability, scale your Skeletons with minion life and damage and sacrifice them in Einhar's name, STUPID SKELETONS.

- The degen line has a range that goes from 15% to 30% : the roll you get will determine what you want to do.

- I wanted a Unique not too high level so you can pick it up early in the game and start playing your build straight away. Grinning Fetish wasn't a unique base yet and was the perfect candidate : you can use Shield Charge it's a scepter !

- The 3D model will apparently have some flames on it and the Skeletons that spawn may have flames on them, still waiting for confirmation on this.

- The flavor text comes from the poem "Crist III" from Cynewulf which my name comes from too. This poem inspired J.R.R.Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings to begin writing his mythology.

I wanted to thank all of GGG team for making this unique real, and a special shoot out to Hrishi who guided me through the whole process with great ideas and suggestions.

I hope the community will appreciate this Unique and make great builds for it.

I love you all !

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?
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ps: wow that owl avatar is OP
That art tells me you're going to give a lot of players serious bone. Well done!

Edit: I dont believe I've added that avatar to the gallery. Sarno, you're FIRED.

Yup you didn't. That being said I didn't manifest myself either on the thread as I usually keep low profile. Also I have a second shinny Rhoa avatar :D

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?
doesn't seem that good but then again i don't even know how instable minion builds works.

grats tho!
Looks fun, may try a build around it next league just for fun. Love summoners myself hehe.
Cool idea !

Not sure if having to wait ~2 second for the skeleton to explode with Minion Instability will be reactive enough. But if there are ways to make your skellies even more weak and die in faster it could be nice. INB4 completely broken damage builds incoming with this for some reasons !
This is an intriguing unique.

Not sure if it will end up strong or not, but it certainly does interesting things. I'm already thinking of a CWDT loop with it.
Le Toucan Will Return
don't think skellies need some love currently lol probably quite the opposite but i really like the idea, gonna try this out for sure could be my next necro i'd run out of new ways to play them :)

Already got a hilarious build in the works, i hope its not too rare!
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wow fella that is JUICY
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