In Content Update 3.3.0 we're adding 3D art to many unique items so that their appearance on your character matches the look of their 2D icon. They're just another way to look fabulous while you slay your way through Wraeclast. Today's news post shares a preview of a selection of new 3D art.

Greed's Embrace

Cospri's Will, Innsbury Edge and Nomic's Storm

The Baron

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Woo! Greed's Embrace hype!

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I'm really excited for Cospri's Will and The Baron! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


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YES! Thank you!
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greeds embrace is sick
Awww man I just played a Baron build! Nice to see all the old item/gem updates though
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Woo! Always appreciate new 3D art. Mjolner is my favorite : )
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Baron looks nice
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Love it!

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