[3.5] The Cursed Hierophant - 5 Flameblast Totems


This is a Hierophant build that uses 5 (that's not a typo, 5) Flameblast totems along with Volatile Dead, Bodyswap and Shield Charge as your primary skills. Soul Mantle, Self-Flagellation, Kikazaru (x2), and Tukohama's Fortress are the essential uniques to make this build work. If you're up to the challenge of battling the hordes of Wraeclast as a man cursed with no pants, read on...





+ INSANE DAMAGE (How much DPS, you ask? I have no clue. It's alot.)
+ BUDGET FRIENDLY (kinda, not really)
+ TAKES YOU FAR INTO END-GAME (can you go all the way??)
+ HIGH MOBILITY AND SAFETY (you probably won't die. Much.)
+ CURSE IMMUNE (basically)
+ MAP MODS? WHAT ARE THOSE? (Don't worry about it)


- Lots of curse icons run onto the screen



Templar - Hierophant

Passive Skill Tree @ LVL 100 (UPDATED FOR 3.5)

Ascendancy Points: Pursuit of Faith (+1 totem) - Ritual of Awakening (+1 totem) - Illuminated Devotion (AoE, leech, damage) - Arcane Blessing (immunity to ailments)

*You can grab Conviction of Power after Merc Lab and then respec after Uber Lab so Illuminated Devotion isn't wasted until then*

Bandits: I chose to help Alira to get +15% to all resists. If you can acquire some jewels or an amulet with high resists, you could choose to kill all the bandits (I probably should have done this. Learn from my mistakes.)


You'll want to focus on life and totem nodes for the most part. Since you'll be using a Tukohama's Fortress, you'll have Blood Magic anyway, so grab the extra 35% life after the BM keystone. Other than that, make sure to grab both of the Area Damage nodes (Amplify and Blast Radius) to get as much area damage in your blasts as possible and grab the Elemental Overload keystone. For everything else, the tree is pretty self-explanatory. You'll need some spell, elemental and fire damage, along with a bit of crit chance for the EO (20% will cover it). Also, grab as many armour and life regen nodes as possible to make yourself less squishy. OH, and grab at least 2 jewel slots. You're gonna need 'em (more on that in the next section).



Self-Flagellation - This is VERY important! It gives you 16% more damage per curse on you and allows an additional curse. With Soul Mantle and 5 totems, you'll be getting cursed A LOT and this gem of a jewel makes living with curses feel like a walk in the park.

Clear Mind - Since you'll have Blood Magic, this is an easy way to earn yourself anywhere from 40% to 60% extra spell damage. Isn't that nice?

For any additional Jewel slots, go for life, cast speed, resists or whatever you feel like you need. I'm not your mother and i'm not going to hold your hand through this. Now, go clean your room!





Weapon - Doryani's Catalyst

This is the best I could find for this lovely build of mine. It adds a butt-ton of elemental damage, as well as some cast speed, global crit chance, and a tiny bit of elemental leech (every bit helps). Even the lvl 20 Elemental Proliferation can come in handy if you do like I did and put Bodyswap on it.

Off-Hand - Tukohama's Fortress

This thing is badass (and will probably be the most expensive piece of gear for this build). It gives you 40% increased totem damage, an additional totem, and +300 armour for each totem that is active (that's +1500 armour while all 5 are active in case you can't do maths). The life isn't too shabby on it either. This is also what gives you Blood Magic, so make sure you're ready before you equip this magnificent beast of a shield.

Chest - Soul Mantle

The chest that makes the build. With this, you'll get ANOTHER totem (wow, so many totems! How many is that? 5?? You must be out of your damn mind). This is also where your curses are generated from. Everytime a totem dies, you get a curse, so keep casting totems to your hearts content! The spell damage is a nice little boost too, but the other great thing about this chest piece is the lvl 20 Spell Totem which means you are effectively able to use all 6 links for Flameblast and 5 support gems (YAY!). You'll just have to 6-link it, first... (Boo...)

Helm - The Gull

I just love this thing. The life is decent and it gives you your cold resistance, but those shrines just add a new level of fun and excitement to the gameplay. And, since you're using totems, you'll be depending on Volatile Dead to create the shrines (which helps when you want to save your shrines for an opportune moment). Plus, it makes your character look rather silly and I like that.

Gloves - Wyrmsign

I like Rampage. These gloves give you Rampage. Wyrmsign is the cheaper option and it gives you armour and evasion. Null and Void another option and is worth it if you want that 1.5 seconds of physical damage immunity when the Rampage kicks in or if you don't want to use Enduring Cry to activate the Rampage. Both gloves give you around the same amount of life and both give you Rampage. I like Rampage.

Honestly, this is just a preference for me. If you can find some better gloves with cast speed or life or resists or whatever you want, that's fine by me. This is a guide. You do what you want. I'm not gonna hold it against you.

Boots - Gang's Momentum

This is where your movement speed and fire resistances come from. Additionally, the Chance to Ignite and Increased Damage against Ignited Enemies add a nice bit of boost to your already insane amount of damage. The armour ain't bad either.

Become one with the unstoppable flame.


This is where you find your own amulet. It depends on where your stats are lacking. At the time of this writing, I use a Turquoise Amulet (needed some more Dex) with Cast Speed, Life, and Cold and Lightning resists.

Rings - Kikazaru (x2)

Yea, you need 2 of them. How else are you going to reduce all of those curse effects (80% to be exact)?? Also, this is where your lightning resists come from and you'll get a nice chunk of life regeneration out of these as you level up higher and higher.

Hear no evil.

Belt - The Flow Untethered

I originally bought this just to keep the trend of ridiculous uniques going and I kind of fell in love with it. It has some interesting (and useful) stats on it and you also get a harbinger minion that alters the passage of time in an area around you (so you're actually moving faster to enemies outside that range). The cast speed and decreased cooldown time is a nice bonus too.


The Wise Oak will give you a nice boost to DPS if your fire resistance is the highest of the three. If you can, try to get cold and lightning resistances to be equal (I did, you can too) so you can benefit from the reduced damage taken on both. Rumi's will give you some extra armour and block chance, so that's always good. I prefer using a Silver Flask with movement speed as opposed to a Quicksilver Flask for the extra 20% cast/attack speed and movement boost. Finally, I decided to craft a Saturated Eternal Flask of Curing to get the most life recovery out of it (and poison immunity) and a Seething Divine Flask of Staunching for the instant recovery during emergency situations (also to remove bleeding).



Spell Totem + Flameblast (Soul Mantle) - Faster Casting - Fire Penetration - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Empower

If you don't have a leveled Empower gem, for the 6th slot, there are other options. You might just have to tinker around until you find what works best. I'd recommend (in no particular order) Less Duration, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances, Chance to Ignite, Immolate, Elemental Focus... Experiment!

Reasons why I chose these gems is explained in great (superb, really) detail below:

Faster Casting - It's faster and it's casting. You'll need this to get those blast stacks as quickly as possible between totem casts.

Fire Penetration - Do I really have to explain this? It penetrates enemy fire resistances. You want that.

Concentrated Effect - Get that increased AoE damage + double-dipping damage with ignite, y'all!

Controlled Destruction - Your crits are coming from Volatile Dead so you don't need them here. Plus, that elemental damage will do nicely.

Empower (or whatever) - MOAR DAMAGE!

Volatile Dead - Increased Critical Strikes - Chance to Ignite - Ignite Proliferation

Think of this as your bread and butter right here. Using this spell, and this spell alone, you will be generating Elemental Overload, creating shrines (from The Gull), and igniting the ever-loving crap out of everything in sight.

CWDT Setup

Enfeeble - Molten Shell - Lightning Golem

These are your CWDT gems. Let them cast on their own so you don't have to! Obviously, Enfeeble and Molten Shell are there for defense. That golem will give you even more cast speed, so use it.

Immortal Call - Increased Duration

This is your backup CWDT setup. Use a level 1 CWDT with level 3 IC. The duration gem can be leveled to 20 (you're welcome).

Mobility Setup

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

For this, you'll want the faster attacks so you can move EVEN FASTER. Also, Fortify makes you less squishy.

Bodyswap - Faster Casting

I really like this skill. I don't care what other people think. It's good for traversing gaps and it does a nice bit o' damage too. It also comes in handy when you need to dodge or escape from a sticky situation. Don't worry about running out of corpses because you'll also be using...

Desecrate - Use this when you run out of bodies or if you just want more bodies to explode. You'll thank me later.

Aura Setup



I already told y'all. Get that Lightning Golem. More speed = more death & destruction!


Enduring Cry - You'll need this if you're using Wyrmsign in order to get the Rampage started. Even if you aren't using Wyrmsign, it's pretty useful for physical damage mitigation and life regeneration.


-Race to level 28, link Flameblast with Spell Totem, win the game.

-For tougher encounters, focus on movement and defense over damage. Use Shield Charge to sprint around your enemies while your totems do the work. Don't rush.

-Remember to use Desecrate before and during battles. It will allow you to use more VD orbs and create more opportunities to move around with Bodyswap.

-Keep an eye out for Elemental Reflect maps. If you get stuck with a corrupted one and absolutely have to run it, only use your totems to attack. VD will get you killed (teehee).

-Above all else, HAVE FUN!


Thanks for reading my guide! This was my first time posting a build on the forums, so let me know what you think!
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UPDATE: I put up a new link to the passive tree. The Templar starting area has changed a bit since 3.4, but everything stayed basically the same for this build. It's still one of my favorite characters to play with, so I'm glad the changes didn't break this.
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Hi! Is there A chance for a 3.4 passive skill tree? This one doesn't work anymore. I've tried a similar build and it seems that Tukohma was the only thing that's missing for it to work.
Dorek_bradA wrote:
Hi! Is there A chance for a 3.4 passive skill tree? This one doesn't work anymore. I've tried a similar build and it seems that Tukohma was the only thing that's missing for it to work.

There's an updated link up now. It's pretty much the same as it was before the tree was changed. One of the main reasons I started this build in the first place was because I found a Tukohama's Fortress one day and I wanted to do something cool with it, so I guess you could say it's the heart of the build.
Great build i just started this,can i just ask why you take arcane surge from lab,we dont spell life so how you triger it?
Ty nice build
Loving the build! I've been using brands instead of volatile dead while levelling and it was nice. Debating taking the brand acendancy while I wait for the fourth lab...

Edit: In fact I'm kind of losing interest now that I'm using volatile dead... I'm thinking brands might work better.
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Get rid of Tukohama's. Get MoM or get squished.
nah, you want an aurabot? Unignore me.
PoB Pastebin link

(I unchecked Enduring Cry so it does not skew the health regen).

I do not totally understand why the build simultaneously relies on reaching max endurance charges (Wyrmsign), and also Immortal Call on CWDT which discharges the endurance charges. Maybe I should use the IC/CWDT until I am lucky enough to get Wyrmsign?

Note: you recommend using desecrate for the free corpses, but it is not socketed. I am thinking to use it instead of Enfeeble or maybe even Molten Shell.

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