[3.2] Jugg poet pen Volatiles easy lvling 1M race

Video complete Uber Lab easy and safe :
Sorry Im forgot open Character tab to every one can see Im Lv 66 , you guys can check my mana and HP is correct level
Check my build in Pob :
My Item :
Tabula rasa is very cheap and still can kill uber , armour chest doesnt master in uber Lab
My current gear : ( Im just fusing 6L armor with 122 fus before record this video about 30 minute ago )
You can use 5L carcass jack and remove reduced mana or keep using tabula to cheapest

lv 94 up :( I will reach lv 95)

All in Path of build :
MY gear in lv 94 ( can up higher and up to 7500+ life with glove elder/shaper have faster attack , then swap kaom heart . And swap item get more life and ring got fire damage )

Flask till now

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you can Pm me for question
I miss explanation where from someone will get Poets pen due race. Or how to lvl/play till Poets are purchased.

Cheers :)

PS: Good build - but getting hands on Poets is very important part of it
thank you for let me know . Im not complete guide now , torrow I will reach lv 95 and I would complete build XD .
Im not have time to write , coz I spend all day for lvling to reach 95

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