D-Pad stash navigation! we want it back!

You took out dpad navigation to bring item highlighting, well that really sucks! can you make it so holding down left thumbstick and pressing left/right dpad is to highlight it, but then restore the dpad navigation? thanks

Maybe someone else can think of another button combo but I think this is the only thing left.
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Last bumped on Jun 21, 2018, 9:30:37 AM

Thanks for your feedback. I've passed this onto the team to look into further.
so that was your idea ...
so that was your idea ...
Ign: Cinch / Thumos / Headlong / Jauron
My left index finger would be broken.
My left index finger would be broken.

Such a cruel price paid by the many to benefit the few
Unneeded and made everything worse. Not a single benefit for me. please revert and no more extra clunky combinations please.
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