eHLD lightning miner

- Taking advantage of 4L, three different mine setups without swapping.
- 84% movement speed w/ smoke mine
- low life build and squishy, but constant regen from ascendancy for fast recovery. 4.4kish es with latest version of shavs
- need jewels for resis cap. allresis/minelayingspeed/%es or resis type
- 55% chaos resis
- will die to offscreen if you don't chase

ignore gems link in items, just threw it together and don't have all gear needed. Tree not optimized, Still missing two ascendancy points.

arc/stormcall/balllightning - remote mine - minefield - lightning pen

still need to newest version of shavs
ball lightning (need 20/20, can't use the 21/20)- arc/stormcall - remote mine - minefield - bcr

smoke mine - inc duration

lightning warp - faster casting - less duration - arcane surge

clarity - bm
strength hard to come by, level bm and aim for above 20% life after reservation to avoid cull

lori's great vs lightning dmg


flasks (not optimized or finalized, need phasing):

154% ms with flask up + smoke mine

- wep swap to get at least 3 pc, good rng gives 6 in 2 throws
- arc to deal with runners, or if chasing
- bl for dodge/block builds
- stormcall for aoe spam and coverage
- smoke mine + flasks for escape or chase
- or just spam away due to low mana cost of 4L skills, hit and run (people will hate you)

Last bumped on May 7, 2018, 9:42:45 AM

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