[3.2] eHLD The Tempest Shrapnel Shot Scion (Unique Only)

Stat Overview:

6.3k Life
75% dodge / 70% Spell dodge
62% Lightning penetration
Cannot be Stunned/Chilled
Near infinite flask charges

Pro's & Con's:

+ High burst damage
+ High mobility
+ Quite tanky
+ Easy to play
+ Strong in 1v1

- Hard to overcap resists
- Lacks map control in 3v3


This bow has high attack speed and allows us to go pure lightning damage (62% pen)

This build utilizes the point blank keystone and deals most damage with shrapnel shot’s AOE cone which means we want to stick close to our target as much as possible. Asenath’s Chant gives us the possibility to do just that by socketing movement skills like Flame Dash and Lightning Warp.

Use 2 of these to get a 100% chance for shrapnel shot’s cone to deal double damage

Grants 9% Dodge to attacks when placed south of the Scion starting area


For the rest of the gear we focus on Life, Dodge, Resists and damage wherever possible:


My current setup isn’t optimised very well but I like to go for 2 instant flasks, 1 regen flask, 1 Quartz and 1 Quicksilver. Ideally you’d want Freeze/Curse immunity on your Quartz/Quicksilver flask.


This bow converts 60% of lightning damage to chaos and is a great swap against opponents who aren’t fully prepared. If they decide to swap in their chaos resistance items all it takes is to swap back to The Tempest and abuse their suboptimal gear setup.

P2W PROTIP: Use a skin transfer to cover up your Voltaxic Rift with a Storm Cloud or The Tempest skin as to keep your opponents from knowing which one you’re using.
Maybe even skin transfer a Voltaxic on your Tempest bow for ultimate mindfuckery..

Chaos Resistance Gear:

Gloves: Shrapnel shot – WED – Lightning Penetration – Block Chance Reduction
Bow: Conversion Trap – Cluster Trap – Trap Cooldown Recovery // Blink arrow – Faster attacks
Boots: Blasphemy – Projectile Weakness – Wrath – Enlighten
Helm: Lightning Warp – Flame Dash – Frost Bomb – Reduced Duration

PoB Pastebin:
Kraityn Bandit Reward

Major - Soul of Lunaris
Minor - Soul of Ryslatha

Namelock your opponent using shrapnel shot and blink arrow on top of him. Keep pressing down that mouse button and never let go. Your cast on attack (Asenath’s Chant) flamedash and lightning warp will feel like flicker strike. Use pots so you don’t die. Rinse, repeat & /Flex when you inevitably beat your opponent.


09/05/2018: BCR van now be used as a 5th link so we can put shrapnel shot in our thunderfist gloves for a pseudo 5L
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Very strong build. Can confirm I have proudly lost to this one :)
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