eHLD Mirror & Blink Arrow

Here's a decent way to do a mirror/blink arrow character. Necromancer was chosen for fairly obvious reasons. For anyone wondering why deadeye isn't even considered, it is simply because it doesn't provide anything at all besides the CDR on the skills. Necro provides crazy damage and utility.

The idea is to flood the floor with mirror and blink arrow clones while providing them damage through auras, curses and Elemental Equilibrium. The build takes advantage of the fact that resistances are scarce and not often overcapped by much. At the same time you try to be as elusive as possible and not get caught. Ideally you use 2 setups, against tanks that dont deal much damage you want to use Flesh Offering + Drillneck and against squishy, fast and dangerous chars you want to use Bone Offering + Rearguard.

Gem links:
Mirror/Blink Arrow, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Minion Damage, Block Chance Reduction (Faster attacks instead of BCR is a solid option against people without much defenses)

Tornado Shot, Faster Attacks, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Block Chance Reduction (this is for proccing EE)

There are many key items in the build. Maybe the most important is the chest piece which allows us to use strong auras as it provides a huge reduction to mana reserved. Belt is used mainly for cooldown reduction and Lioneye's bow is the only real option because of the cannot be evaded mod. Asenath's chant provides utility as it procs our flesh or bone offering after a while. Drillneck and Rearguard are the options for the quiver slot and they should be swapped according to the enemies. Ventor's is the best way to get resistances. Cold damage Volkuur's are very important as well since we use that cold damage to proc Elemental Equilibrium which is a major source of damage in the build.

For jewels you want resistances, minion damage and life. You will also need some resistances (15%) for minions because they wont have capped resistances otherwise.

Passive tree:
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