eHLD Flameblast

Here is a take on a selfcast flameblast. I use Elementalist, mostly for the huge penetration from herald (ele pen is quite scarce with the ethical rules). The aoe, inc dmg, resists, cast and attack speed provided are also much needed in the build though.

The idea is to 1shot the enemy and move fast while attempting it. Leap slam with brightbeak takes care of the moving fast part and flameblast tries to get through the dodge, block and damage avoidance of people. Culling strike should be swapped to block chance reduction against someone who simply doesnt get 1shot.

Gem links: Flameblast, Controlled Destruction, Elemental Focus and Culling Strike (/BCR)

Buffs: Herald of Ash, Anger, Aspect of the Spider, Lightning & Flame golems

Vertex is the key item of almost any spell caster build with the massive reduced mana cost. Even with that we still have to invest into some mana recovery in this build. Xoph's blood and spider gloves are a bit harder to get but they provide a lot of the damage while also slowing down the enemy massively with hinder and ash. Pure talent jewel is fairly important as well since it provides the much needed mana recovery, stats and even some penetration. Mark of the shaper combined with any elder ring is strong but not exactly required. Kaom's chest and boots bring some tankiness to the build. Jewels are mostly ones with resistances since resistances are extremely scarce with these rules.

Path of building:

Passive tree:

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Solid build, one-shots 6k+ life at 8 or more stacks

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