At the end of this week we will announce the full details of Content Update 3.3.0 and its companion Challenge League! In addition to a new league, new skills, skill revamps, new items and more, we'll also be adding 3D art for a selection of existing unique items. Today we'd like to share a preview of the new 3D art for the Mark of the Red Covenant and the long-awaited Anticipation and Surrender.

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KoЯn, ILL NINO, MUDVAYNE, Soulfly!!!!
Hype !
The Witch looks fantastic!
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can't believe it could make the cakeb0i helmet looks good
More 3D please !
Looks great! Keep up the 3D art!
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Amazing job , plz make a north or middle african server ggg i beg you ( and guys whats the best for blade vortex boss killer that is a bit tanky , ele convertion crit + ele pene, trickster , chieftain , inquisitor , elementalist..? I will really appreciate your help because i really dont know wich one to choose)
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
great start!
I need the coming calamity 3d art
other than that those are damn good 3d art

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