Docs DankGlums - Storm Call + Penta Golem Zoning (Ethical)

This has been my build for the demo runs on the new "ethical rule set." At times it can legitimately feel horrible (especially in a 1v1 setting with limited time to set up), however, it has its moments of glory especially in team play.

We'll start with the basics.

We're running unique only equipment slots so I'll go ahead and share what I'm currently using, plenty of room to change many of the slots to player preference as well.

Is a decent hat. Adds flat damage, the shocked ground is great also, random curse.. Can't go wrong here. Swap for something with life if you can live without the dmg (it's not a huge amount from the added flat lightning anyways).

Corner stone of the build for the storm call. Pretty self explanatory. Can't beat less duration + spell cascade + spell echo. Block reduction now allowed as a 5th link, always use it.

Jewelry selection. Getting the elder influecned unique for second slot for the damage bonus on mark of the shaper is pretty big. Took me about 1500 tries to chance the ventors, another option is to chance up a malachi's loop. Really easy to hit and gives at least 1 big chunk of res. Ventors selection is of course for the resistance and a bit of life. Atziri foible was hard to pull, obviously there are some damage options at this slot but the mana and attribute relief is a giant QoL, especially if you wanna use repentance on glove slot.

All around decent choice if you can find a pair with low to 0 negative spell damage.

Again fairly self explanatory. Great place to take utility slots as well such as frost wall. If you'd like more life just slap on a kaom's.

The belt is a decent option for a lot of builds. You'll probably see this fairly used if just for some %inc global damage and life. The ailment immunities can certainly be taken advantage of as well.

Dodge is OP atm. Atziri boots are gonna help you survive vs casters but feel free to try others.

The life flasks are imperative. Take the pantheon for life flasks gaining those charges, as well as life recovery/flask effect nodes in tree. You're liable to lose 80% of your life pool in a single hit even on the current limitations. Flask and warp away!

Lastly for jewels you'll want to get some resistance and life, with 3rd jewel mod being %damage only if available. Capping the res on out and taking the extra life takes you from definitely getting 1 shot to having a fair chance of getting away.

Keep the room for 1 anima stone, 1 primordial might and 2/3 primordial harmonies for running the golems.

The goal of this build is lock down and support areas of the arena for your team from a safe distance. People will run around the back line and try to nab you, quick fingers, a smoke mine, and a 4l lightning warp are a must. You have a very fair fighting chance when you combine the golems and storm call towards a single target. Stay moving and layout your storm calls either on top yourself or where your next lightning warp will take you when under siege (especially true vs a melee or point blank bow build).

You'll be surprised how many kills you get as well as how much influence you can have on a team match when correctly covering your team.

This build also works just fine as a pure golemancer. There is no current pvp scaling for the golems so even on a 4l they'll hit plenty hard. The standard for true golem build is to take elemental equilibrium in the tree as well as dual curse for flama/ele weakness or flama/temporal chains. (curse with a ball lightning for example if you are running flame golem to proc EE)

I opted for the hybrid caster + golem setup because golems can be pretty easily convert trapped as well as desecrated in about .5 seconds to any phys/chaos damage. My version tends more towards a storm call build, with the luxery as elementalist to easily stack on the 5 golems.

Plenty on this build may change as the rules evolve, good luck, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!

Lastly here's a link to my character tab for the tree, again, character is DankGlums. I encourage you to try varients of the tree and pathing, respeccing daily is a thing of pvp.
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Have some fun duels.
Self Cast & Golem hybrid is fresh.
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