[3.2] Contempt and Deceive Max Block Gladiator

This is my most recent iteration of my max block gladiator that I've been tinkering with lately. It's definitely not made for shaper but it's fun to map with and can do guardians deathless.

What's different from other max block builds?

1. I was getting really tired of being one shot randomly and since a lot of the time that comes from being crit, I decided to incorporate these two items into a build:

In total, I take 100% reduced extra damage from critical strikes:
50% from Ahn's Contempt
30% from Belt of Deceiver
20% from the passive tree node Indominable.

2. I stacked more armor nodes to get 83% phys reduction with 6-7k life.

3. By using Lycosidae and Painforged (ascendency point), reckoning and riposte get a huge boost.

4. Lycosidae allowed me to drop Resolute Technique and pick up Elemental Overload. With my riposte setup, i have 22% crit chance so Elemental Overload is up most of the time.


~1 million eDPS with static strike (includes explosion);
Elemental Overload;
Max Block;
100% reduced extra damage taken from critical strikes;
6400 ehp;
83% phys reduction;
generates Frenzy charges;
100% chance to inflict bleeding;
culling strike;
maim; and
enemies intimidated.

Can't do shaper
Can't do reflect
Doesn't have 6 million dps


Red Nightmare and Life/Res/Damage

POB pastebin:

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this most likely is a very stupid question but why cant this build do shaper?
this most likely is a very stupid question but why cant this build do shaper?

It doesn't have enough damage. Eventually too many floor portals open and it becomes too dangerous. I repeatedly get shaper down to 20-30% then die 6 times (maybe i just suck?). I can kill shaper on other chars, just not this one.


I recently acquired this and improved my riposte bleed damage to 7k-13k per second:

I also got my resists to 95/95/95.... and now wise oak FTW!
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well i plan on mainly playing only this build in incursion. so if i manage to by some grace of god kill him ill let you know lol.

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