[3.3] Shockster RF (Speed mapper. Now with MF and Vaal version).


Hey guys, welcome to my shockster RF build, which was (kinda) inspired by Aila's Occultist RF. This is a build that i used to comfortably level to 95 in Beastiary (lv 100 viable, if that's what you're aiming for), combining a number of interesting items for the fastest and safest map clearing with RF trickster and a lot of explosions.

The purpose of this build is to run maps as fast as possible using RF, so to run endgame contents (Shaper, Guardian, Elder, etc.), there are a number of changes to be made which i will include in the sections below. Do note that the shock aspect of this build will not be viable for endgame contents.

As of patch 3.3, i've made another version, forfeiting defense in favor of offense using Vaal RF along with RF, having enough damage to force yourself through sticky situations.

I've also included a MF version for those interested, with or without Vaal RF, which is relaxing and fairly safe.

Pro's & Con's


+ High damage. Naturally as Trickster (a more offensive Ascendancy for RF), it is possible to reach a few millions of bullsh*t trash DPS and ~1 mil boss/Shaper DPS.
+ Tanky. Bossing/labbing version has more than 9k eHP, mapping version has about 6k (~7k if you choose Kaom's instead of Inpulsa's), MF version 4~5k (Which is more than most MF builds). Immortal as long as you're killing something.
+ Can do most map mods. This includes no regen if you're quick enough (requires mobs around the boss to do bosses in no regen maps, although i wouldn't recommend doing this type of map at all...)
+ Flexible. With minor changes can switch to MFing, boss killing or Uber Lab farming.
+ Not a J U G G.
- May not be budget friendly. RF items can be expensive, for example in Beastiary league (thanks J U G G). Inpulsa's can be expensive, for example in this league (thanks Arc and tri-herald).
- Not the best boss killer. Fortunately however, that is not the point of this build. J U G G is a lot better and safer if your only goal is to farm bosses. Most red map bosses are a joke still.
- RF playstyle is not for everyone. With that said my version includes using flasks a lot/constant gear swap and is also very fast, coupled with Inpulsa's explosions it's a fairly engaging one. I also recommend those who have never played RF to try this build as a more exciting introduction to this skill.
- Not a J U G G.


Sample Gear - Beastiary League

Sample Gear - Incursion League

Gear Explanation
- Weapons:
+ Balefire is stupidly OP, a 5.5-link Scorching Ray setup (only beaten by a level 18+ 6-link Scorching Ray setup) at level 60 is broken. Get this ASAP and put it on weapon swap for Bosses/Rare monsters/Breaches/Abysses...
+ Brightbeak is pretty self-explanatory, tons of attack speed, Res, good for speed clearing.
+ A rise of the phoenix is recommended, put it on ASAP, Saffell's Frame is good too (maybe better for Shaper, Guardians, etc.) but for map clearing ROTP is all you need. For lvling use a Springleaf/Oak. Get another shield for your second weapon set.

- Helmet:
+ Start with a normal rare helmet with Life/Res, then try to an Elder helmet with Burning/Life, then look for one with an Essence of Horror mod as well.
+ Mine is a tad overkill with the enchant but a rare helmet with Burning/Life should be all you need.
+ A Horror/Burning/Conc Elder helmet is super good single-target wise but will lower your AOE by a lot, i don't really recommend it unless you're farmimng bosses.

- Amulet:
+ Try and get a blue pearl amulet with good Life/Res/Dex rolls.
+ A rare amulet with Life/Res/Dex/mana regen works as well, just fill in whatever stats you need here.

- Rings:
+ We are dual wielding 2 Stormfire Opal Ring here, these will give us extra Res/mana regen as well as stupid amounts of burning damage while speed clearing. Get those that gives 6% increased burning damage for each enemy you have shocked recently. For more information please read the Mechanics section.
+ Before level 80 you can use 2 Kikazarus or any rare rings with Life/Res.

- Armor:
+ There are 2 options here, Kaom's or Inpulsa's. Kaom's is pretty much self-explanatory and is better for bossing but Inpulsa's will eliminate the need for a second weapon set if you managed to get a six-link as well as boosting your clearspeed.
+ I recommend using an Inpulsa's with weapon swap for low-budget folks then get a six-link. Or you can use a Kaom's with weapon swap if you have problems surviving (which you shouldn't tbh...)

- Gloves:
+ Use a rare gloves with good Life/Res, a good Enchantment would be Commandment of Light which will gives us consecrated ground on crit.

- Belt:
+ Use a rare belt with good Life/Res until you can afford an Elder belt with increased life recovery mod/high life.

- Boots:
+ Use a rare boots with good Life/Res, movementspeed is a luxury and highly recommended if it's within your budget range. Uber Enchantment which gives % life and mana regen is highly recommended as well.

- Flasks:
+ You will need a Hybrid flask of Staunching for bleed and really sticky situations.
+ A Vessel of Vinktar is must-have for this build to work (explanations below).
+ A Quicksilver flask of Warding is recommended to remove temporal chains and other curses (like vulnerability, elemental weakness,...), we don't really need an anti-freeze flask because anything within our RF range is killed anyways, tho you can use it too.
+ Witchfire Brew gives us a free curse and damage boost, smoke cloud also helps with surviving sticky situations.
+ A Ruby flask of Grounding to remove the shock from Vinktar as well as reducing RF damage (hence more regen) in sticky situations.

- Jewels:
+ A Watcher's Eye with increased mana recovery rate with Clarity for more mana regen, should be cheap and affordable early.
+ An Inspired Learning to help us clear faster, not really needed at all, a luxury.
+ Try to fill in your remaining jewels slots with rare jewels with Life and Damage/Res, whatever you're lacking.

Skill gems
+ Main hand 1 (Brightbeak): Vaal Haste + Increased Duration + Enduring Cry.
+ Main hand 2 (Balefire): Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + Burning Damage support.
+ Offhand (both): Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify.
+ Helmet (without Burning Damage): Burning Damage + RF + Elemental Focus + Inc AoE/Conc Effect.
+ Helmet (with Burning Damage): RF + Elemental Focus + Efficacy + Inc AoE/Conc Effect.
+ Gloves: CWDT + Immortal Call; Clarity; Summon Stone Golem.
+ Boots: Herald of Thunder + Curse On Hit + Flammability; Purity of Fire.

Passive Tree
Standard tree: https://poeplanner.com/AA0AAP0ADSYDAHuU8fiX-_W0OOUZjDZVS2HiJpUWv7TRyAxUR6a-nsRd8g5ItzDoWiaIkydsCyL0bRmX9FJTPV8I9GpDvOosnBEtfIPr7jLRRUfAZgSzogDwH2jyPAXvfJ_fmjuCm-w4OtgnL5BVGjiFe2ZUpwjYJFZIj0YdFPrSFm_jaiSqNumboRhqeC985VgHmuBFnVNSHNy4kyj6mK2Cx_noQYe3Pv4K2L01kv6PTeOmVzrh8kUYVmh02mKPGpeVTLNFfg5cavrQH-_r99esmDpYVcaD2xGWBx6VLvDVSVF_xr6KoS98DqdVW6BDyIsOWrmRR4CzM6PaOzy2o6MAAAAAAA==

+ Try and get most Life/recovery nodes as well as Keystones ASAP. Get Whispers of Doom once you're ready. Fill in your remaining points with Jewel nodes. I decided to not go

Vaal version: https://poeplanner.com/AA0AAP0ADSYDAHuU8fiX-_W0OOUZjDZVS2HiJpUWv7TRyAxUR6a-nsRd8g5ItzDoWiaIkydsCyL0bRmX9FJTPV8I9GpDvOosnBEtfIPr7jLRRUfAZgSzogDwH2jyPAXvfJ_fmjuCm-w4OtgnL5BVGjinCNgkVkiPRh0U-tIWb-NqJKo26ZuhGGp4L3zlWAea4EWdU1Ic3LiTKPqYrYLH-ehBh7c-_grYvTWS_o9N46ZXOuHyRRhWaHTaYo8al5VMs0V-Dlxq-vfXrJg6WFXGg9t8DqdVW6BDyLXybqpKyD8nX5hZbc8yHb4zhwPuUEJTNYsOWrmRR4CzM6PaOzy2o6MAAAAAAA==

+ A bit less life and fewer Jewels slots. Again, get most Life/recovery nodes and Skill Effect Duration nodes(Important for Vaal RF)/Keystones ASAP. WoP once you're ready. Fill in the remaining points with Jewel nodes.

+ This build utilizes the newly added Stormfire Opal Ring, which gives us extra burning damage for each enemy we shocked recently. For easy shocks, we will use Vessel of Vinktar, which shocks nearby enemies during flask effect. We will also use a flask of Grounding to remove the shock from Vinktar (remember to use the Grounding flask first then Vinktar after). To take full advantage of the shock from Vinktar we will also use Inpulsa's so that each shocked enemies killed explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies, boosting clearspeed and giving pretty explosions. We will also use Herald of Thunder for easy application of Flammability/Elemental Equilibrium, thus enables us to just shield charge ahead, not stopping to cast Orb of Storm like normal RF builds.

So far that's all there is, i'll try adding necessary infos (lvling, etc.) but i don't think my potato PC will allow me to make any vids. Sorry for my bad English (not a native), if there's any questions or ideas you would like to share, please comment. Thank you for reading this and i hope you have a good day.
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Interesting concept, I'm going to try it out in HC Flashback league.

In what order would you grab your Ascendancies? Thank you.
Ah sorry for the late reply. The order for Ascendancy should be Patient Reaper, Prolonged Pain, Weave the Arcane, Swift Killer. I suggest using RF once you got the first 3, especially in HC. I'm not actually sure whether i should go MoM or not, since it feels kinda clunky without the Watcher's eye once you got too big a life pool. Ah in HC it's better to use Kaom's instead of Inpulsa's. The clearspeed doesn't drop much but the extra 1k Life helps. I'll try make a pure life version once i get 95 in Flashback, although it will most likely use a Vitality Watcher's eye (which is expensive).
I see, thanks for the input.

I ran a Trickster RF last league and loved how it felt until i ripped. I'll try out the Inpulsa for Flashback league and go more life for Incursion.
the passive tree links are broken
why are you looking for mana regen without MoM?

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