[3.2] Disintegrator Bladefall / Blade vortex Chieftain (28% life regen) 6 Endu charges

My gears

Gem links

6L for clearing packs- Bladefall - Spell cascade - Spell echo - Fire pen - Elemental focus -Added
fire damage

6L for Bosses - Blade vortex - Spell echo - Fire pen - Elemental focus - Controlled destruction -
Added fire damage

Auras - Herald of ash - Blasphemy - warlord's mark

Golems- Stone golem

Pros & Cons

1.Very tanky
2.With 28% -30%++ life regeneration per second,Vaal pact keystone is not required
3.Well balanced build, Good dps and tanky at the same time.

1.Not a league starter build.
2.Quite exspensive
3.Cannot run no regen maps.


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Any tips how to build into it from the league start?

Right now i am only thinking about standard Sunder into Warchief totems, into Martyr of Innocence to start casting before getting hands on the Disintegrator.

PS: did you try EK with this build?
PS2: your passive tree link does not work.
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Ty for scam <3
You can try poet's pen with Bladefall at low levels.
Maybe something Im missing, but why do you use this staff if you cannot deal chaos dmg ?

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