[3.2] Scion Crit/Ele/Jug - 94% Mana Res. Cospri's Malice | CoC BF GC | (Currently L88!)

Hi there! This is my very first build/guide! Please do bear with me!
Currently, I'm at lvl 78. (I am loving it, so I hope to update more when I level higher)
This will be my last character of the league, hence I'm giving my all to it.

Level 78 doing T11 Elder Coves Map : Red pokemon + Boss fight

Do note, it's very costly to make this build work!
We have a total of 94% mana reservation. That leaves us 6% of mana!
Once I reached higher level, I'll try out end-game contents. But definitely for now, I'm enjoying every bit of my crits.

Introduction of my noob self
Started playing since 3.0
(1) Ngamahu's Cyclone Raider in 3.0
(2) Pathfinder Wander QotF in 3.2
(3) And now this! Scion CoC in 3.2

I believed that Mathil had done a Dual Cospri's Malice CoC Blade Flurry before at Harbringer's League. However, there are some changes to the passive tree (i.e. Vaal Pact was instant leech, now it's double leech rate), as well as new items. I hope I am doing well for that.

Introduction to this build
I was wowed by cospri's malice and saw various CoC build with it. Which, Mathil's build Cospri Will Scion won me over, and I decided to go and make one. I went for a different path as compared to Mathil to synergise my items, skills, and passive tree.

I will explain why I went Ele/Jug, after tagging my gears below!
As for now, I have about 50+% crit rate.
Currently am loving it and able to do T10 maps when I'm level 75.

Table of Contents

1.1 Unique Gears
1.2 Other Gears (Rare)
1.3 Skill Gems
1.4 Flasks + Jewels

2.1 Passive Tree
2.2 Choice of Ascendancy
2.3 Bandits and Pantheon

3.1 FAQ
3.2 Videos (will try to upload)

1.1 Unique Gears
Weapons :

Decided to change off-hand to a stat stick. Yummeh!

Since we are playing Glacial Cascade, it's important to have a nice enchant.

Helmet :
I went for Starkonja's Head for the good life, with decent dexterity and critical chance. Rat's Nest might be better at criting, however, you will be compromised on survivability.

Due to no physical damage dealt from Cospri's Malice, it is important to have the conversion to cold for my Glacial Cascade. Hence, there's 2 ways to convert to 100% cold.
(1) Using 2 Threshold Jewels of Long Winter.
(2) Using the enchant as shown by the helmet.

I went with option 2, so that I can equip jewels to boost my life.

Body Armour :

I went with Loreweave. There are many useful mods that are awesome for the build.
(1) Attributes (2) Global Crit Chance (3) Life (4) Elemental Damage (5) Increased capped resist.
Of course, it's hard to get the best stats for each mods. Mine is fairly decent.

Other armours might work, like Belly, or Cherrubim's Maleficence (for that extra life leeched, but then, this build will totally change to make use of the increased chaos damage).

The most irritating thing about Loreweave is that it's a Str/Int armour. Hence, to get 3G 3B sockets can be expensive. All the best for that!

Amulet :

A great amulet for cold builds. Needless to say!

Belt :

It's rather expensive to get a high stats on life and % attributes here. At max, you can get 120 life from this belt. On top of it, that 15% attributes is what we are after as well.

As a scion, naturally we will have very high stats. So this belt can bring us the most benefit.
Try to make your dex > int > str

Immune to chill : Jug Ascendency
Immune to freeze : Belt
Immune to shock : Belt
Immune to ignite : Sin's Rebirth

1.2 Other Gears (Rare)
So, we are down to our 2 rings, gloves and boots.

The most important mod for one of the rings is "Curse Warlord's Mark on Hit".
This will free up 2 sockets of your items. Aim for cold/spell damage for both rings. Add # to # cold damage to spells is good to aim for too. Crit chance/multiplier is good as well.

Try to aim for more life, and cap your resist, while ensuring that cold resist is the highest.
And remember our belt. If your dex is falling short, aim for dex mods in your rings / gloves / boots.

1.3 Skill Gems

First, let's start with our 6L Armour.
Blade Flurry - Cast on Crit - Increased Crit Chance - Cold Penetration - Glacial Cascade - Freezing Pulse

I prefer Blade Flurry to Cyclone.
As the reason being : Blade Flurry consumes 9 mana, while Cyclone consumes 22 mana per cast.
At maps that has no mana regen, it's irritating to spam skills that consumes too much mana. And, cyclone is more difficult to control. And since we don't have much movement speed, cyclone will be a drag.

I tried many other cold spells, but Freezing Pulse gives the most damage and the projectile speed is fast. (Frostbolt can do better damage, but it moves too slow).

Next, on our weapons...
Glacial Cascade - Cold Penetration - Concentrated Effect

Concentrated Effect support gives the most % damage out of the other available support gems for cold spells. Since Glacial Cascade has an aoe tag on it, it brings out the best in GC.

For our stat stick, Hatred + Arctic Armour + Enlighten.
This would give us 66% mana reservation. Hatred is very useful to us due to the fact that GC is a physical spell. Hence, the dmg boost will be great. Together with watcher's eye, the dmg can be boosted even further.

Next, on our three 4-socketed gears.

Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Ancestral Protector

Leap Slam or Whirling Blade, your choice. I prefer LS due to the aoe jump = easier to proc fortify as compared to a narrow whirling blade.
Using Ancestral Protector can give us attack speed buff.

Orb of Storms - Power Charges on Crit - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration

Next, to maximize our damage during boss fights, power charges will increase our crit chance. Since Orb of Storms is a spell, it can proc Arcane Surge. At lvl 21 of Orb of Storms, it will require 47 mana to cast (with the mentioned support gems). That means arcane surge can be optimized at level 8 per cast.
Since we are spell-casters anyways, Arcane Surge can boost our dmg even further for the next 7 seconds or so.


Herald of Ice - Enhance x
Ice Golem - Lightning Golem

From our Elemenetalist ascendancy, we can summon 2 golems. Hence, make use of both ice and lightning golems for that purpose. We also gain 40% more herald effect, hence Herald of Ice + Hatred makes an awesome combination.

The reason why I split Herald of Ice and Hatred. Each quality % gives Herald of Ice 0.75% cold damage. This is really good when you give it Enhance Support.
At level 4 enhance, Herald of Ice gives 35% cold damage! Wow! (28% mana reservation)

The reason why I unlink the golem from the rest of the socket is because, due to 94% mana reservation, I can't summon my golem if it's linked to enhance.

1.4 Flasks + Jewels


(1) Life Flask - anti-bleed and heal up fast.
(2) Atziri's - more leech and dmg
(3) Wise Oak - more cold penetration
(4) Sin's Rebirth - more damage since Glacial Cascade is originally a physical spell. (You can change to taste of hate too as it provides more cold resist and damage. However, I prefer Sin's Rebirth because you can use thrice at max charges, while twice with taste of hate.)
(5) Diamond flask - for more crit and that curse immunity proves useful many times!


For the build, I made use of 5 unique jewels.
Might of Meek at two of Scion's jewel areas.
Green Dream at Witch's area.
I went for Pure Talent and add until Templar and Shadow's starting points.
And watcher's eye for more cold damage for Hatred.

And for rare jewels,
Maximum life, cold damage, spell damage.
(Glacial Cascade is not a projectile) (Freezing Pulse is not an area skill)
Or if you prefer, more attack speed / accuracy / crit chance.

2.1 Passive Tree

2.2 Choice of Ascendancy
Elementalist + Juggernaut

The purpose of Elementalist, is self-explanatory.
(1) Penetrate 10% resistance
(2) Extra Golem
(3) Herald +40% effect
(4) Cannot take reflected elemental damage
And to unlock witch's passive tree for easier pathing.

The main purpose of Juggernaut is for "CANNOT BE STUNNED", and "cannot be chilled". The other benefits are bonuses.

With that, we don't have to worry about our Blade Flurry being interrupted, or being chilled.

And since we are using that belt, we only have to worry about ignite (which is curable through Sin's Rebirth)

2.3 Bandits and Pantheon
Help Alira : More crit multiplier + elemental resistances

For Pantheon :
Major = Solaris / Lunaris
Minor = Gruthkul (good with upgrade) / Tukohama (upgrade is pointless due to VP)

3.1 FAQ
none yet, but please be nice. I'm still new :)

3.2 Videos (will try to upload them)
(1) Level 78 doing T11 Elder Coves Map : Red pokemon + Boss fight

Hope you enjoyed my build!
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For future usage! :)

Edited on 29th April : Added video
Level 78, T11 Coves Map with Red pokemon + Boss fight
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