[3.2] Cold Tornado Shot Slayer, Extremely Fun, SHAPER + RED ELDER DOWN, SHATTER EVERYTHING

Hello, i'd like to present my build that i have played trough the current league and managed to get 37 challenges, kill shaper, all guardians, and couple of red elder kills as well. It is extremely satisfying to shoot out these arrows and watch everything shatter into pieces.

1. Pros and cons


- Ultra fun and unique way to play slayer as bow character based on cold damage.
- Multiple defense layers - Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics, never ending life leech, and pseudo vaal pact
thanks to Thief's Torment unique ring (it saved me from dying many many times).
- Reduced resistance cap for elemental weakness thanks to Thief's Torment down to 92-ish iirc
making the character vesy easy to gear resistance-wise.
- Temporal chains aren't that much a deal if you decide to not use Warding flask thanks to -50% curse effectveness on your ring.
- Very good in close range thanks to freezes and point blank keystone, providing 50% more damage.
- First hit we deal damage with always stuns enemy, making the usage of curse setup double effective,
as it will not only curse enemies but always stun them (with exception of stun immunity monsters)
- Our hits can't be evaded, so we don't care about attack rating at all.
- 6k life on ranged character, preety good imo.
- You have ~+10% iiq. yay!


- +2 tornado shot sub-projectiles enchant is very important if you want to reach good single target damage, it was alot cheaper when i bought the helmet, price skyrocketed recently.
- If you don't use Lioneye's Vision, you must use other source of pierce such as poacher's aim unique jewels, but it is not that big drawback since we use projectile weakness curse anyway.
- It will never reach damage levels of more expensive bow builds since it's not crit focused build.
- Despite life pool of 6k we can still get 1-shotted on rippy map mods if not careful.
- Avoid ailments map mod sort of ruins idea of build, but it's still doable.

2. Skill tree + path of building pastebin
PoB pastebin : https://pastebin.com/HX5C1Dqb

Passive tree :

Pantheon :
Minor - soul of shakari for poison immunity.
Major - free choice here, however Soul of Lunaris seems like best choice.

Why elemental overload?
Because with little investment in crit we get almost permamently 40% more damage.

Why vaal pact?
Because we are leeching forever, at double rate so that compensates lack of life regen.

Why acrobatics + phase acrobatics?
Because 30% avoid is better than some amount of armor in terms of taking huge hit in case someone screws up dodging by movement.

Why point blank?
Because it gives 50% more damage at close range. Also there is a sweet spot (around 53% more xD) when combined with far shot. Here is a graph proving that we preety much always profit from point blank:

source :

3. Gearing section :
Core items :

Great resistances and 50% curse effect reduction AND vaal pact for life and mana make this ring just best in slot for any ranged character.

+1 arrow is optional, you can go for 2nd 6-link setup for single target and not use tornado shot if you like.

+2 or even +1 helmet is quite mandatory here. It is playable without helm enchantment but keep in mind that it makes huge diffrence in terms of boss fights.

Quiver :

Chance to freeze, extra phys as cold, curse proliferation, attack speed, easy to get +1 arrow. Just perfect quiver for this build.

Amulet :

It does not need to be shaped/elder amulet, but extra cold, life and some res is very handy on it. Paired with quiver we get another harted aura on us.

Armor pieces:

Final piece of armor, 7-link Lioneye's Vision. Grants us pierce and some extra damage thanks to 7-link. Use 5 link before getting 6-link Astral Plate.

First 6-link, grants all resistances, decent armor values, slap it with Essence Of Greed and hope for armor/extra res.

Priority is movement speed here. Then life and resistances.

Keep base as Stygian Vise for extra abyss jewel slot. Focus on life, res, maybe elemental damage with attacks, i crafted movement speed on it because it was only reasonable option on it xD

Focus on life and res, but attack speed or added damage is really nice to have on gloves.

Most important piece, because it grants us that juicy porcupine blast on whole screen. However even +1 got really expensive now, idk why.

Flasks (or should i say POTIONS!?!?):

Standard life flask, if you want to go full berserk mode, use Taste of Hate or Atziri's Promise.

When your build is focused on single element, it is very wise to use this flask. Get it?

Onslaught is preety good option, plus we have freeze immunity for extra safety.

%Damage Reduction AND curse immunity in one flask, i do not recommend replacing it, it's just too good defensively. If you roll it so it uses 30 out of 60, you win the game :D

What should i say, gotta go fast.


Use %life + chance to freeze jewels for easy shattering without crits
Use abyss jewels for maximizing damage output.
Hatred jewels with flat cold because it was cheapest of them all xD You can experiment with others if you like.

4. Skill gems :
Main setup :
Tornado Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Added Cold - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Cold Penetration - Damage on Full life (always works because we are constantly leeching)

Curse setup :
Split Arrow - Chain - Curse on hit - Projectile Weakness
Stuns and curses enemies, projectile weakness is straight up more damage multiplier for us.

Utility :
Vaal Grace - Blood Rage - Decoy Totem - Increased Duration

Vaal grace for extra aviodance, can be replaced with Vaal Haste
Blood Rage - Frenzy Charge generation + attack speed
Decoy Totem - great for distracting bosses on maps, but mostly does not work on end game bosses.

Movement :
Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks (but link it unlike i did ;d)
It's just good and smooth way to get out from touble or jump over obstacles.

CWDT + Aura:
Cast When Damage Taken (1) - Immortal Call (3) - Hatred - Herald Of Ice
Standard setup, nothing special here

+ Portal gem somewhere

5. Screenshots / videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uel1nzNEXI4 - Tier 16 map + some guardians

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wid7Kh5f9Vc - Shaper Kill, 1 death because i did not manage to control anomalies good enough
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What order did you take your ascendancies?
What order did you take your ascendancies?

Endless Hunger - Brutal Fervour - Overwhelm - Headsman
Is this league starter viable?
bartswie wrote:
Is this league starter viable?

It had little-ish struggle, but once you get thief's torment, lioneye's glare, asphyxia and 5 link you should be good to work your way to better gear and higher tier maps, i was comfortably farming yellow maps in second week of league.

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