[3.2] Red Orbs of Doom - Poet's Pen Volatile Dead Ascendant

Welcome to my first build - Red Orbs of Doom.
It utalizes the Unique item "The Poet's Pen, Carved Wand" to create homing red orbs that kill anything in their reach. This creates a really unique and very satisfying playstyle that can, at least with this build, run any content in the game.

Table of contents
● Pros / Cons
● Price
● Gear
● Gem Links
● Passive Tree
● Bandits
● Pantheon

Pros / Cons

● Elemental Reflect imune
● Physical Reflect imune
● Can run any maps (no leech can be tricky though)
● Good AoE / Singletarget
● No gemswapping
● Unique playstyle
● Good leech
● Very easy to level (Both main skills and weapons can be used at level 12)
● Pretty insane dps. (Up to 5kk Shaper DPS is achieveable with almost perfect gear)
● Oneshot potential

● Cheap in the beginning, very expensive in the endgame
● Did I mention that it's expensive?
● Unique weapons are mendatory
● Balls target random enemies
● Requires CDR gear in order to increase attack speed.
● Limited movement due to Flame Dash
● No MTX D:

● Double Poet's Pen currently costs ~30c that's all you need to play the build.

● Kaom's Heart: 1.5ex (150c)
● Atziri's Acuity: Currently non on the market.
● Watcher's Eye (Anger aura passive): 4-5ex (~500c)

Item costs were taken from poe.trade April 16th, 2018 Beastiary League.

My gear is really suboptimal as you can see.. Especially the helmet enchant has to be +1 Volatile Dead balls for a really large damage boost. In terms of stats you want to prioritise these:

● Cooldown Recovery (35% is max.)
● Elemental Damage (Fire Damage)
● Life
● Spell Crit Chance / Multiplier
NOTE: Added damage to attacks / increased elemental damage with attacks are wasted stats!

Gem Links

● 2x 3-Links:

Volatile Dead
+ Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus

Unearth + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Culling Strike

● 3x 4-Links:

Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Arcance Surge + Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Anger + Herald of Ash

Frenzy + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark + Greater Multiple Projectiles

Witch Ascendancy (Elementalist) → Duelist Ascendacy (Slayer) → Path of the Duelist

Passive Tree
Level 90 Passive Tree: www.poeurl.com/bSAc

Note Sequence: Shaper → Quick Recovery → Retribution → Discipline and Training → Elementalist → Devotion + Jewel Slot above it → Arcane Potency → Occultist's Dominion → Annihilation → Blast Radius → Jewel Socket → Throatseeker → Written in Blood → Doom Cast → Coldhearted Calculation → Assassination → Trickery → Blood Syphon → Coordination → (From Duelist starting point) Attack Speed + Evasion notes into Art of the Gladiator → Bravery → (From Scion starting point) Elemental Resist notes + Jewel Socket + Sentinel (From Scion starting point) Attack Speed Notes + Jewel Socket + Harrier → True Strike → Full Life Cluster around Constitution.

You can of corse pick these Notes in the order you prefer. I went with this sequence and had no problems leveling all the way into the endgame.

Kill them all for 2 passive points.

It doesn't really matter which of the Major or Minor Souls you pick, but I prefer Soul of Solaris as my Major and Soul of Ryslatha as my Minor divine power.
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