[3.2] CI QOTF Windripper Tornado Shot Trickster (Fast mapper, guardians and shaper viable)


After 3.0 ES nerfs, i went out of my way to try and make ES viable on most of my builds, usually would try LL with shavs, but that was only worth it on Spell based chars, and CI never looked worth it to me.
After the Ascendancy changes on 3.2, when i saw the new Trickster node, Escape Artist, i instantly got the idea to try a Queen of the Forest, CI, trickster with wands or bows.
I chose bows in the end, because the +2 Tornado shot enchant was ~cheap~ on hubris bases, and i did not do one in like 2 leagues!(I used to do 1 char every league).
After messing around on Path Of Building for a few minutes, it was looking decent enough to give it a try.

*I would not recommend this build for beginners*

Pro's & Con's

+ Extremely nice clearspeed.
+ Decent damage against endgame bosses.
+ Almost no one is doing ES based attack builds, so most of the rare gear and jewels was cheap for what it does.
+ Aurabots will love you <3!
+ With decent investment really nice ES numbers for a bow user.

- Damage is not BladeFlurry levels, but still enough.
- Gets kinda of expensive to do endgame.
- It is not a pathfinder.

My current defenses without flasks.

My current gear.

The Silver flask can be replaced for a basalt or something with bleed immunity, if you want to run wrath instead of grace you will need a stibnite to reach evasion cap for QOTF.


How to get started.
I started this build with a ~15ex budget. (already had dying sun from previous characters)
Bought the +2TS white hubris for 8ex(crafted with essences of woe) and 6link QOTF with 4 offcolors(already corrupted) for 4ex
and 1 pair of skyforths without enchant for 3ex.
My ring
was 10c without the lightning res craft,
my belt
was 15c (ilvl 86 crystal belts are 15c because the base) and
my amulet
was 10c without the %ES craft.
At the start i bought 1 deaths harp, bought the prophecy and got myself one deaths opus with no links or anything, i just ran shaped haunted mansions without barrage until i got currency to afford 6link windripper, everything else i got while levelling to 95.

Some Budget options.

You do not NEED enlighten level 4, i just run it because i like Herald of Ice Shattering sounds, if you can not get that just drop herald of ice.
You can use lightning arrow instead of tornado shot if you can not get the +2 ts enchant.(i switch to lightning arrow from time to time because it feels nice)
Clarity watchers eye is not required, i still reach over 6k ES without it, but it is nice to have.

Gems and Links.

Tornado shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Damage on Full Life - Elemental damage with Attacks - Mirage Archer - (if you have a 6link)Added Lightning damage.

Barrage - Elemental focus - Damage on Full Life - Elemental damage with Attacks - Added Lightning damage - (if you have a 6link)Faster Attacks.

Enlighten - Herald of Ice - Discipline - Grace.

Clarity(unlinked) - Vaal haste - Increased Duration - Faster Casting.

Cast when Damage taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Blink Arrow.

Passive Tree.

Level 95 tree: www.poeurl.com/bSXA (For shaper and guardians i recommend getting Point Blank, since i map most of the time, i run without it)
For bandits, i chose 2 passives.

MF Setup.

Of course, that it would not be a windripper build without some kinda of mf setup.
i usually run with this in t10-t11 maps without issues.

Path of building link and one laggy video

Map clear example T12 racecourse - https://youtu.be/zqE-UddeIMk
POB - https://pastebin.com/fitBWwFN (For shaper and guardians i recommend getting Point Blank, since i map most of the time, i run without it)


This is my first build guide, i followed eviL_Bison ~guide~.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me In game, @BlitzingThru
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