[3.2]Tanky elementalist golemancer build for the uber Elder

Hi, I'd like to introduce a tanky elementalist golemancer build based on high life and life regen.
I made this build to enjoy high endgame contents such as the uber Elder and the uber Atziri.

Build concepts
-High endgame contents viable even non well experienced player
-Tanky and relyable against endgame bosses

Procs and Cons
-Stable DPS against endgame bosses
-High life and regen(9-10k life and 1.2-1.5k life regen or more)

-Not SSF viable (due to some specific gears and jewels)

Mandaroy gears and alternatives

You can see my current gears on my chalacter "Beastiary_Golemancer"
-The Scourge
-The Oak/Magna Eclipsis
-Kaom's Heart/Loreweave
-Kaom's Roots with enchantment "regen % of life and mana per second if you were hit recently"
-Marble amulet

-Any elder helmets with mods below(reccomend Int/Dex/hybrid Int helmets since gem setting is BBBG)
1.socketed gems are supported by minion damage
2.socketed gems are supported by concentrated effect
3.socketed gems deal 30% more elemental damage from Essences / +2 or 3 minion gems

If you can't afford helmets with the 3 mods above, buy helmets with the 1st and 2nd mods and it probably works with bosses except the uber Elder.

Other pieces
-Rare gears with high life, resists and STR mods

Mandatory Jewels
-The Anima Stone
-Primordial Might
-Primordial Harmony
-Primordial Eminence

-Rumi's Concoction
-Blood of the Karui
-Any 3 flasks for maps and endgame contents

Gem settings
Summon Flame Golems - Spell Echo support - Elemental Focus support - Great Multiple Projectiles support

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks support - Fortify support

There are some choices.
1.Desecrate - Flesh Offering - Cast when Damage Taken support
2.Desecrate - Flesh Offering - Convocation
3.lvl20 Flammability - Cast when Damage Takem - Enfeeble/Temporal chains

The 2nd setting can deal more damage but I would reccomend the 1st/3rd Setting because if you use each skills by self cast while facing high endgame bosses such as the uber Elder and Atziri, it takes time and would trigger "Death"

Arc - Unbound Ailments support - Added Cold Damage support - Culling Strikes support

This build have the Elementalist passive "Beacon of Ruin", therefore,
-Arc gives more chance to shock and effect of shock
-Unbound Ailments support gives more ailments duration and effect on enemies
-Added Cold damage support always slows enemies

Passive tree
My current passive tree

Major Gods
-Soul of Lunaris/Solaris

Minor Gods
-any choices
Choose Soul of Ralakesh on the uber Elder Fight. it works well toward the end.

Leveling Guide
It works with any skill + Summon flame Golem.
Mind over Matter also works well untill the uber Elder.

In my case,
1.Poet's Pen (Volatile Dead/Unearth/Body Swap)
2.Summon Flame and Lightning golem after first Labyrinth
3.Respec Life and MoM to Life build at lv90
4.Kaom's Heart, Kaom's Roots, The Scourge, The Oak at lv90
5.The uber Elder and Atziri at lv90

Youtube Videos
The uber Elder

The uber Atziri

The Elder guardians(T16)

Shaper guardians

Character Name:Beastiary_Golemancer
Last bumped on Aug 25, 2018, 1:42:58 PM
DPS is surprisingly good for a tanky build, you seem to do most of the fights comfortably :)
Btw, no Stone Golem for extra hp regen ?
hi, tq for sharing,

btw, how many primordial harmonies u usually use? i see more eminence than harmony in ur skill tree.
so, can u clarify about jewels? ^
Thanks for the questions.

Btw, no Stone Golem for extra hp regen ?
No stone golems because it's too squishy against endgame bosses.

btw, how many primordial harmonies u usually use? i see more eminence than harmony in ur skill tree.
2 Harmonies because its enough in most cases and Emineces are more important for golem DPS.

so, can u clarify about jewels? ^
1*The Anima Stone
1*Promordial Might
2*Primordial Harmony
4*Primordial Eminence
1*Ghastly abyss jewel on belt for life and minion leech (This is not mandatory. you can swap another belts)

The reason why 2 harmonies and 4 eminences is this is the best balance between golem DPS and Defences in the uber Elder fight for me. I actually tried explaining logically but it was too dificult for me to do it since there are lots of stuff to consider.
I apologise for it but probably everyone have similar jewel setup for the uber Elder fights.

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