[3.2] Poet's Pen / Indigon Elementalist (Arc & Lightning Warp / Frostbolt & Vortex)

Greetings, Exiles!

This build was initially inspired by the Teleports Behind You build (you can check it out here - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293). I was intrigued with the Arc & Lightning Warp combo utilized here, but also wanted to put my own spin on the single target portion of the build. This led me to considering the Indigon, another unique item introduced in 3.2 which has gained popularity this league with its use in conjunction with spells such as Essence Drain, and of course, Volatile Dead (which also uses Poet's Pen in some iterations).

With the preface out of the way, we can get started at looking at some of the pros and cons of the build.

- Quick clear speed with Arc & Lightning Warp
- Neat explosions (Inpulsa's and Herald of Ice)
- Skills used aren't that meta, so you can feel special
- A E S T H E T I C S (all skill gems used in the Poet's Pens have sweet MTX)
- No gem swaps (weapon swaps instead - much simpler to execute and less time consuming)
- Frostbolt & Vortex interaction allow us to kite bosses/beasts

- Elemental reflect maps are a no go, for obvious reasons
- Somewhat expensive due to using the same items as Poet's Pen & Indigon builds (Fevered Mind, Clarity Watcher's Eye, etc.)

Coming soon.

Like with most Poet's Pens builds, this one has easily completed everything up to and including The Shaper's Realm. Currently working towards getting the 15th Memory Fragment to attempt Uber Elder.

Path of Building

Note: "2000% increased Spell Damage" has been added onto the Indigon since the calculation doesn't currently work - this should be somewhat of a realistic benchmark.

Ascendancies, Bandits, Pantheon
Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin > Pendulum of Destruction > Mastermind of Discord

Kill all bandits for 2 passive points.

Soul of Solaris (Soul of Brine King if you cannot get Skyforth boots)
Soul of Ryslatha (Soul of Shakari upgraded if you anticipate big poison hits)

Build Interactions
The skill tree focuses on getting as much life and mana as possible, leaving all the damage to come from the Indigon. It also grabs Elemental Overload to make up for not having any room to invest in crit. Mind over Matter is taken for the % increased maximum mana nodes behind it, as well as providing some layer of defense (though not 100% reliable since we will be spending tons of mana).

For general clearing, the build uses Arc & Lightning Warp in conjunction with Elementalist's Beacon of Ruin, Herald of Ice and Inpulsa's Broken Heart.

For bossing, the build uses Frostbolt & Vortex. The interaction between these two skills benefits us with a juicy 40% more damage multiplier, and grants us the ability to cast Vortex from afar.

Costs related to items were at time of purchase for my character.
The Poet's Pen
You'll need 4 pens in total - one pair for clearing, one pair for bossing. Try to aim for high % increased attack speed rolls, since we want to get as close to 0.25s per attack as possible.

Cost: ~22c each

The main source of damage for the build. Try to get as high of a roll on the % increased spell damage, then focus on a high roll of % increased mana cost of skills.

Cost: ~65c

Inpulsa's Broken Heart
Helps out immensely with clear due to the explosions. Also has an added bonus of making us unaffected by shock, as well as increasing shock effectiveness (Beacon of Ruin already gives us a flat 24% shock right off the bat).

Cost: 4ex

Since we are investing so much into mana, the stun threshold mechanic on these boots should make it so that we are practically never stunned. It also has added benefits of added flat mana, power charge on crit for more guaranteed upkeep of Elemental Overload, reduced mana reservation, and 30% movement speed. Everything on these boots is amazing for the build, except for the no life regeneration which is a very small price to pay.

Try to aim for high added mana rolls. For even more benefit, aim for getting the "Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently" boot enchant from Uber Lab.

Cost: 3.2ex

Atziri's Foible
This amulet provides tons of mana regeneration, which allows us to get more stacks from Indigon. It also gives a big flat amount of mana. Another neat bonus from it is the % reduced attribute requirement of gems, as this allows us to skip investing in +stats on gear (bonuses from the tree pathing should be sufficient).

Cost: 1alch

Aim to get a ring with "Curse enemies with level ## Warlord's Mark on Hit" mod at the very minimum. This allows us to sustain life and mana while mapping, and provide a little bit of leech on bosses (due to curse effectiveness). Other mods you will want to look for are the generic life and resists - mana is also a nice added touch if you can get it as well though.

The other ring should be generic as well - life, resists, mana if possible.

Cost: ~70c / ~15c

Aim to get a belt with the "##% increased mana recovery rate" mod. This becomes a more multiplier on our mana regeneration. Other mods you will want to look for include life and resists.

Cost: ~50c

Aim to get gloves with the "Socketed Gems are supported by level ## Blind" mod. This gives global blind chance on hit as well, which helps us out with defenses in general. Other mods you will want to look for include life and resists. The "Socketed Gems are supported by level ## Slower Projectiles" mod is a nice touch for a CWDT-Ball Lightning combo as well if you can fit that in.

Cost: ~60c

Flasks used in this build are for defensive (instead of offensive) purposes.

Life Flask
Generic instant recovery and bleed immunity flask.

Basalt Flask
20% flat physical damage reduction is always nice to have. Try to aim for the "of Heat" suffix.

Rumi's Concoction
+3000 armor and additional block chance (on top of the flat 15% from dual wielding) is a nice defensive boost.

Taste of Hate
Totally not necessary, but the added physical damage reduction is a nice touch.

Quicksilver Flask
For maneuvering purposes. Try to aim for the "of Adrenaline" suffix.

Sulphur Flask
Provides some life regeneration and a little damage boost. Try to aim for the "of Warding" suffix. I swap this out for Taste of Hate on curse maps.

Grand Spectrum
The flat added mana provides a huge boost to our mana pool. More mana, more damage.

Cost: ~20c each

Fevered Mind
The % increased mana cost of skills reduces our Indigon ramp up time. The % increased spell damage rolls can be ignored - they will have little difference on our final damage output numbers).

Cost: ~1ex each

Frozen Trail
The additional Frostbolt projectiles allow us to kite mobs and cast Vortex from afar. Without it, Vortex will immediately burst the one Frostbolt when cast.

Cost: ~1c

Watcher's Eye
Try to aim for the "% increased mana recovery rate while affected by Clarity" mod. Any other Clarity mods are beneficial, but will come at a very high price.

Cost: ~2ex

Gem Links
Poet's Pen #1
Lightning Warp - Swift Affliction - Less Duration

Main movement setup. Allows us to move and deal damage at the same time to make for quick clearing.

Poet's Pen #2
Arc - Controlled Destruction - Added Cold Damage

Main clear setup. Added Cold Damage is taken instead of Elemental Focus because we want Beacon of Ruin to be in effect. Also added chance of shattering enemies for Herald of Ice.

Poet's Pen #3
Frostbolt - Mana Leech - Added Lightning Damage

Support for main damage setup. Mana Leech grants us a huge boost to mana regen when bossing, since we want to be casting as many high mana cost skills as possible. Added Lightning Damage to proc Beacon of Ruin's shock effect, even when no shocking conflux is on.

Poet's Pen #4
Vortex - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus

Main damage setup. We just slap on the biggest more multipliers as possible. Pendulum of destruction is a nice touch in both phases for Vortex (trying to justify such a terrible ascendancy node).

Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Chain - Life Gain on Hit - Volley - Greater Multiple Projectiles

Like with most Poet's Pen builds, we take Frenzy as the main wand attack. The support gems are taken because of their high mana multiplier, reducing the Indigon ramp up time, as well as providing some degree of convenience.

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration - Faster Casting

Since our skills have such high mana cost, using a max level Arcane Surge is feasible and provides a very nice damage boost as a result. Try to keep up Arcane Surge as much as possible.

Ball Lightning - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken

Convenient blind and immortal call setup all in one. An alternative for Ball Lightning is Firestorm if you can't get Slower Projectiles on the gloves. If going down the Firestorm route, Greater Multiple Projectiles can probably be swapped out for Increased Duration.

Summon Lightning Golem | Herald of Ice | Clarity | Frost Bomb

Gems don't have to be linked. Herald of Ice is used because of the perks from Mastermind of Discord (less mana reservation, increased effect, cold penetration), as well as the shattering effect. Clarity is used for mana regeneration. Lightning Golem is used for the increased attack and cast speed. Frost Bomb is used for the -% cold resistance, and the reduced life regeneration is a nice added bonus for meaty red beasts.

Current Gear

Thanks for taking the time to read this build, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do! Always open to any criticisms of the build for where it can be improved, or other suggestions in general.
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Want to try this build and looing for your video update!
Seems like a bit low life. Need like 5.5k+ to avoid being one shoot!
how would this work in 3.3, now that arc is buffed?
Thoughts on vinktars?

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