[3.2] Low Budget Support: 8 Curse/7 Aura/2 Vaal aura

So I tried lots of build in this league, but only supps were worth to keep for a 'future'. :)

Actually it's useless if you are a solo player, but could be great boost if you are a team person.

This actual build, as its stats show, great to boost your team both offensive and defensive way. Grants 6 defensive, 1 semi-offensive aura, 2 permanent aura curse, 1 bottle related damage curse, and 5 effigy related aura curse.

Let's get started. Attention: it's not beginner friendly, especially in hardcore! Cannot play it as solo!

Build enable items
- This allows you to apply 8 curse on a single enemy, 3 comes from aura, and the other 5 comes from here, as you are an ES based low life build, ~400 ES are kind of a lot, even if there is no other defensive stat. Weak point of the armor is curse effectiveness, try to get as low as possible. Range: 25-33.
- This helm helps you to run as much auras as possible. +2 curse level works great, even if you loose curse effectiveness from 21/20 blasphemy gem. Reduces of reservations is also a key stat on this helm. If it's available, and you can afford try to get enfeeble or temp chain effectiveness enchant on it.
- Another key item. Without this flask, you couldn't run as low life. This flask prevents chaos damages to bypass on your energy shield. I'm using 2 of them, but if you are keep running on high density maps, 1 just enough and you can use other flask. 2nd one is just an extra safety for me. Max fire resistance works well too.
- Allows you to run this build on low life, dex comes well for reach the caps, also +2 aura level grants you some extra resists.

As you can see, it's not so hard to get those build enabler items, right? Most of them are just cheap uniques, even at the start of the leagues.

Some more explanation before we can start gemization&itemization:
To keep your carry's speed, you need to stack as much movement speed as possible. There are some easy way to do it, just deal with it (it's in item choices later).
You also need to deal with Effigy's 1 cast/sec, extremely low cast speed. It's kind of painful. You need to get cast speed from tree, as much as you can get and it keeps fitting into tree lining. There are 2 circle you can take: Mental Rapidity + Nimbleness. Cast interruption avoidance doesn't means a lot beacuse you are stun immun from Ascendancy. You also take Harrier, when you get through your way to Charisma.

Best way to climb up yourself, if you pick your most liked spell gem and put it in tabula, with support. I like to climb with Blade Vortex/Bladefall/Firestorm.
Just take your basic climbing items, and climb as a normal caster. I'm going to put 2 climbing tree here, that's not that far from my final cursebot tree, doesn't need much restat.

Basic climbing items

Ascendancies in order of taking:
1. Wicked Ward
2. Vile Bastion
3. Profane Bloom
4. Malediction
Explanation: reason why you won't take Malediction side first, because you are going to climb as a spell caster hero. There is no way to play this hero as a curse occultist from start, even in party. Take your most liked skill, and just climb (I mostly do Blade Vortex, Firestorm or Blade fall, but all depends on you) up to Doedre's Skin level req: 65. From this point, you can play as a low life hero. You are going to sit on 4k ES from that point, it's enough to climb higher with your team.

+2 - Kill them all! Kratyn is kind of the bandit who never saved/helped, but that could be a 2nd option, because you need cast speed as much as possible. Your choice if you take this way.

The Pantheon
Soul of Lunaris - You are always in between of lots of mobs.
Soul of Garukhan - Evade works well also the movement speed. You probably never get hit... :D

Links & Gem setup
Body Armor (Doedre's Skin):


Helm (Heretic's Veil):

Shield (Prism Guardian):

Wep (Ephemeral Edge):




Gem setup explanation
Your main curse setup is the defensive one:

Most of builds can profit from these gems, in any of way. I'm currently using 5L Doedre's Skin, if I you can afford, or you are lucky enough to 6Link it for yourself, you can use 1 red socket in it, and put warlord's mark as 5th curse. Enhance is also kind of a build enable, lvl4 could be absolutely the best for us, but if you cannot afford it, even lvl3 can do its job. As 5-link, you mostly can use 6 socket as blue, there are your options for that:

Depends on what kind of damage your carry can deal.
You can use Vulnerability or Punishment instead of Warlord's mark in you your red socket if you want.

Defensive auras:

In this build, you are going to use these gems in Prism Guardin. On level 22 (20+2) these gems grant +4% max resistance (without aura effectiveness nodes, even that much is great, but with those nodes, you can get up to 80-81% max resistances)

Discipline is kind of a self-explanatory aura for a Low Life buil, but one thing: where it gets socketed. There are 3 options, pick the best for your build.
Unset Ring Choices
- Ofc it's the most expensive one. Try to get perfect speed on it, you need that too, blu socket grants you 100 energy shield, it's great +3 to the level of socketed gem - also great. That means discipline grants you 217 ES (without Aura effectiveness) on lvl20, 238 on lvl23.
- +3 gem level/ES/dex unset ring. This build is lack of dexterity. You actually need 155 to get all of your curses and aura workm that's the point you need to reach. From this, you can get 238 ES from lvl23 discipline + 20-47 from stat of the ring. If you choose this way, try to get some chaos resistance here too.
Voideye Unset Ring (+5 gem lvl) - Kind of a consistent choice, no other stat, but +5 to discipline, that means you can get 262 ES from the gem. I suggest pick this choice over rare one, if you cannot get at least 30 ES on it.

You going to run all of the purities to fix your resists (ot fix your teammate with min-maxed iiq :) ) You only going to run lvl1 Clarity, mostly because of you cannot get more spare life for it. Ofc you can max purity, it's % reserved.

Vaal clarity always works well, also it enables to cast your golem. Vaal haste, even after nerf needs to get extra speed. Effigy's base cast speed is: 1 cast/sec, it needs to get boosted.

Semi offensive aura:
- For some eytra mobility and faster casting. Self-explanation.

Mobility and some extra defense:

I explained some of the key items at start, now I'm going to do some extra on other spots.
There are actually 2 basic high ES version you can take (if you don't want to chase some expensive rare: Sin Trek or Steppan Eard. Both has positives. With Sin trek, you can get dex requirements little bit easier, but coloring is kind of a pain. With Steppan Eard, you can get almost the same Energy Shield, and the key stat: Desecrated ground 'immunity'. It means a lot. You couldn't die even on desec ground, even if you MIGHT forgot to activate Elixir. Some extra def, also desec ground is not going to drain your ES even if Elixir is active.

This is the main stat source. Actually you don't even need energy shield from this spot, if you can get some, do it, but there is no pressure. 50+/50+ dex/str, chaos resist if you can find one, and.. I'm kind of lucky with my gloves, I could bought elder gloves with attack and cast speed boost - it's kind of a BIS.

As I said at gem setup explanation, Pariah/Rare ES Unsset ring/Voideye unset ring needs to be in one of your ring slot. I'm always using Lori's Lanter as 2nd ring, mostly because it's cheep, even with perf stat (8% ms on low life, 25% chaos resist on low life, 10% all resistance base) and boost your mobility + chaos resistance.

You can fill your stats here if you want, but there are one amulet that beats every other on this build, it calls: Star of Wraeclast. It grants HUGE HUGE curse aoe boost, and silence immunity (but that's not the key, as you can see). You can get this ammy as a vendor recipe, just lvl 3-4x lightning warp skill gem from the start (mb one of them is going to be lvl20/corrupted). The recipe is: 1x Ruby Ring (unique), 1x Onyx Amulet, 1x Lightning Warp (level 20 corrupted (Vaal Lightning Warp will not work)).

I mostly use 2 types of wep on aura/support heroes/casters, but there are some other choice. Brightbeak for better mobility or Ephemeral Edge for more ES, in this case EE means like +1k ES (8,3k-->9,3k).

Yes, you are right. There are only 7 active curse before, and yep, you that's what you think, 8th come from witchfire. :) I showed one of the bottles before (Elixir), and you can see Witchfire here, but you still have 2 spot. From there, you need 2 thing: frezee immunity and bleed immunity. I suggest quartz flask with one and Granit or basalt flask with the other. Try to get it with increased duration. I have to fix this spot too.

There are 2 jewel spot for Energy from Withing, that you can see in PoB. To boost your curses a little bit, I suggest using Conqueror's Potency and rare jewel with cast speed+cast speed with shield + ES, or if you can afford: Watcher's Eye.
Watcher's eye choice for you could be (depends on what you can afford): +chaos resist when you are using purity of elements, mana as extra ES with clarity, phase run with haste, temp chain immunity with haste, spell dodge with haste, dmg taken as fire with purity of fire.

I'm currently lvl91, and I'm able to run 8 curses, 7 auras, 2 vaal auras. Equipment look like this:
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I'm loving this idea, I'm currently leveling a curse character after loving my aura guardian. But I was wondering, and I'm not excatly experienced in the end game so i could be asking a stupid question, but why the enhance support? why even worry about linking it at all when you could just 6 socket it and put an extra curse in it, or faster casting support to get the effigy out faster. But besides that I love this guide and all the details and how and why you use all your skills, flasks, and items. And props for using the crafting recipe for that amulet. Can't wait to leveling into this, keep it up!

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