Why is the Flashback League so long?

21 days is too long for these events. They should be a week tops.

It's also increasingly frustrating that GGG refuses to meet the wishes of part of its community with short races.
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It's because this is a "shit guys, nobody's playing our league, what do we do?" event. They're desperately trying to make people leave the league with favourable impressions so we don't complain as hard when they add it to the core game at the end of it.
The league is actually lots of fun. I enjoyed it greatly. An unhealthy minority unfortunately thinks that only because their whining is the loudest, they're in the right. Face it: Bestiary is liked by most players, only those that do enjoy playing it don't waste time reading whine threads on the forums - to which I seem to be an exception. ;)

In terms of why the Flashback Event is not gonna last just one week? It's not a race. It's an event. As someone who joined the community late in Harbinger, I'll enjoy seeing all these past league mechanics.

@Hemmingfish: You haven't even completed a single challenge in Bestiary and think you're capable of making an informed judgement on the league and its mechanics? While Bestiary certainly has lots of flaws, the very core of it is fun.

People like you have been whining throughout the entirety of Bestiary for old leagues. GGG reacted to this and prepared a three-week Flashback Event with all the past gloriful leagues and you STILL CRY about it. What the actual flying fuck? I feel ashamed for you, because clearly, you feel no shame. Go play D3.
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The league being fun is subjective. I personally don't think it was very good or very bad. With some aspects of it being good or bad. I can't take the statements "It is fun." or "WOAT league" seriously since it is personal preference. I personally hate the spammy and tanky beasts, but think the crafting is cool.

And it being an event or race doesn't matter. People quit playing these things faster than normal leagues. By day 4 - 6 of turmoil or mayhem people were done. I guarantee you that interests for this by the whole populace won't last more than a week once people are comfortable with their ranks. They'll log on to stay ahead of others. And the more casual players most likely will probably just farm the rewards they can and be gone. Maybe there will be more people who play longer than turmoil or mayhem because apparently these characters won't be voided. However, I don't see the majority of people playing the full three weeks. Hence why I think it should be max 10-14 days.
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Given the nature of Flashback, I'd like to see more of it.

I mean, who didn't love Legacy league? This is the next best thing, so I'm down. Yeah, Breach+Beyond can be tricky and rippy, but that makes it that much more fun.

GGG, at some point in the future, please, pretty please with sugar on top, give u Legacy II.
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