[3.2] "The Napalm Bomber" - Traps viable Pre-Buff! Uber Elder DOWN.

Introduction and Summary

Videos are up now!

As of yesterday (18. April 2018) my trapper struggled his way to victory on the 7th try on the 5th portal on Uber Elder and beat him.

This Guide shall give you an overview over the pros and cons of a trapper and some variants.

1.) Pros & Cons
2.) Skilltree & POB
3.) A few words for leveling
4.) Items
5.) Gemsetups
6.) Defences, Pantheon and Custom Options + Dangerous Map Mod List
7.) Videos & How-To

1.) Pros & Cons

+ Finally something else then GC Mines
+ Fast Clear & good Bossing
+ Can run ALL map mods (allthough some are dangerous and need more player attention)
+ Cheap (depending on the league and economy, 120c~ = Shaper + Guardian + Uber Atziri)
+ Very Adaptable to personal Changes and Flavours
+ Stable and Bulky through layers of Avoidance stacking.
+ Can accomodate for IIQ Farmgear, if wanted.

- No Physical Mitigation (you can opt into armor if you want, though)
- Swingy and unpredictable in taking damage.
- Movementencounter are sometimes painful(f.y. The Constrictor)

2.) Skilltree and POB

POB : https://pastebin.com/3C6WT2UB

Current Level : 94

Leveling (start -> A3): http://poeurl.com/bSIc

Use Frostbolt Jewels for easy leveling with Frostbolt.

Leveling Midgame (A7 done): http://poeurl.com/bSId

Take Trapnodes and Life, respec some of the points from the start as soon as you connected outside of the jewel socket at the shadow start.

Early Endgame mapping (up to lvl 84): http://poeurl.com/bSIg

Last 10 levels to 94: Doomcast > Troatseeker > Heartseeker

Bandit : +2 Skills (Alira is fine for leveling or if you opt out of Tinkerskin)

3.) A few words for leveling

You can level with traps. I would not recomend it, before you get some CDR. You should at least have your first Ascendancy and Hasty Reconstruction on the tree to get 3sec on a Trap Support. Lightningtrap - multitrap - pierce is a nice starter though to complement your frostbolts (selfcast with lifesprigs).

Alternatively you can Autopilot with 2 Poets pen and level your trapgems in the offhand. My record was A10 Kitava in around 4h30 with 2 poets pens, but you can even do it faster.

If you want the trap experience while leveling too, I'd recomend those 2 items:



Put Frostbolt into Mirebough and Cremation into Deerstalker. Detailed Gem and Link description down below.

4.) Items

My Gear




Explanation to the Gearchoice
Tinkerskin is not a must have, but it helps tremendously since you can reserve all mana and use ES through EB as your resource, and if your traps get triggerd by an enemy, you get ES refunded.


Lightning Coil would be a nice alternative, but you need to change the tree and gear to acomodate for the high mana costs of traps.

Shimmeron are BIS and cheap to get even. We don't get the negative effect, since we do not ever critically strike (Our traps are a seperate entity). Be carefull with your Weaponswap though, since Shieldcharge can crit and if you swap back too fast you'll get the DOT.

Cremationcan have 1 additional Geyser 33% more damage for our singletarget. Was dirtcheap early in the league. Might cost a fair bit mid7end league, since fewer ppl are running lab (or overenchant it, since it is rarely used).

Shaper Gloves with +1 add. trap thrown: You get such suckers for 1 alch if you dont care about the rolls. I got mine for 12 c 2nd week into Bestiary.

1 Rare with Aspect of the Spider: I crafted my AotS onto a Ring. Put it wherever you have a spare open suffix on your jewelery.

Atziri's Steps with 120% critchance: Since we will never crit (our traps do) this is a permanent buff worth ~6 skillpoints. Alternatives to enchants are Ele. Pen or lightning damage if you haven't killed recently.

If you lack resistances, Rare Boots are fine too.

Shield: For ele weakness maps you need to be 44 over cap (109 in the character screen). Swap 1 Shimmeron for a dirtcheap life + resi shield. No damage needed, even with 1 Wand you do enough damage to all rollable map bosses and trash.

Jewlery: I went for a ton of Chaos res, since it can get pretty dangerous in high map mods (or uber atziri). Personally I like +25%, but you can decide yourself.
Generally, fill in missing resistances, strenght requirement from gear or gems and life. Fuck damage, we got enough of that. If you have the money, feel free to get damage too.

5.) Gemsetups


6l Chest:Our Singletarget Spell is Cremation. It needs a Corpse to execute, so we also need a Desecration Setup (more later)

Cremation > Trap > Conc. Effect > Elemental Focus > Trap&Mine Dmg. / Ctrl. Dest. > Fire Pen.

3l Weapon: 2 possibilities: A trap setup for more trap triggers and more charge generaton / lifereg through ascendancy OR a selfcast setup for more precision.

1.) Trap > Clustertrap > Desecrate
2.) Desecrate > Faster Casting > Spell Cascade

pseudo 5l Gloves: Our clearing Setup: Frostbolt with 2 Threshold jewels fires 25 Bolts per use which mostly fly nova-ish. 2 screens clear with 1 trapthrow, bonkers base damage, free GMP (pseudo free, 2 jewelslots is not nothing). Also has Cold damage and provides safety through Freeze and Chill effects.

Frostbolt > Clustertrap > Trap&Mine Dmg. > Controlled Destr.

4l Boots: Auras + Curses

Anger = Arctic Armour = Projectile Weakness OR Elem. Weakness = Golem of your Choice

3l Offhand: Decoytotem Setup. That shit is seriously underrated. Scorching Ray Setup for nontauntable bossencounters (I find it harldy usefull though).

1.) Decoy Totem > Min.& Totem elem res. > Flamedash (for ledges)
2.) Scorching Ray > Spell Totem > M&T Res.

4l Helm: This slot is customiseable. If you feel your Trap CDs slow you down, put another Trap Setup (you can swap between Lighting and Icetrap) into your Helm. If you want to play HC or don't die, use a defensive setup here.

1.) TRAP : Icetrap > Clustertrap > T&M dmg. > Controlled Dest.
2.) TRAP : Lightning Trap > Cluster Trap > Pierce > T&M dmg.
3.) TRAP : Dark Pact > Trap > Cluster Trap > T&M dmg.

You can swap between 1.), 2.) and 3.) without recolour. Use to your flavour. Dmg is sameish.

4.) SAFE : CWDT = Immortal Call = Inc. Duration = Vaal Grace

Keep CWDT at 1/4th - 1/3rd of your life, adjust IC accordingly, fully lvl Duration and Vaal Grace.

Possible pseudo 5l:
https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Hungry_Loop , if you can fit it in its an okey option.

1.) Trap > Clustertrap > T&M. Dmg. > Controlled Dest

Open Setup. Can use every spell. Fun if you want variety. Else go for a specific setup you like.

6.) Defences, Pantheon and Custom Options + Dangerous Map Mod List

Mitigation and Avoidance
This build uses a Combination of Evation boostet through Blind (Ascendancy), Dodge (Acro+phase Acro + Atziris Step), Chill (through Hits, Arctic Armour and Aquamarine Flask) and life regen (traps recently triggered, asc.).

While its layered defense makes you reasonable stable, it is all avoidance and no mitigation. Which mean if we get hit, it hits hard. Especially Phys. Dmg. since we got near to 0 Armour.

So how can we cover our weakness:


Run a Granite Flask instead of a Diamon Flask or Quicksilver. I'd suggest an Experimenter's Granite Flask of Iron Skin for maximum coverage. Gives you 3k Armour ontop of everything else.

Quite unreliable. You need to know phys damage will hit you. Only effective against small hits, big hits still will chunck you with 3k armour.


Respec out of Doomcast, Take Iron Reflexes. Discard Anger, Use Grace. 5k Armour Base WITH 40/45 Dodge is a good start for phys mitigation. Blind still gives us a 55%~ evade chance ontop. Granite Buffs us up to 10k Armour.

Reliable. You sacrifice Damage for Survivability. If you ever level beyond 90 you might consider it in the leveling process and switch back when bossing.

OPTION 3: Aspect of the Crab. 10 stacks = 20% phys mitigation. Nearly as much as wearing a Lightning Coil. Dodge/Evade lets it stack back up. Also nice for combination:

OPTION 4: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Windshriek. Run Blasphemy Enfeebele / Tempchains + Aspect of the Spider instead of Anger/AA.

Might help, might not. Mitigates SOME damage through enfeeble. Trash is a non issue, because it doesnt move.

Useable alone or in combination.Sacrifice Damage and give up Aspect of the Spider for Crab. If you setup your Gear correctly, you can swap e.g. Rings inbetween maps and be a bit safer.


Solaris / Lunaris , Minor Ryslatha

A Word about Flasks

You could go Wise Oak or Dying Sun for max e-peen deeps. BUT FUCK THAT. I tried it and after going 3 life flask and Ryslatha and beating UBER ELDER with no DPS flask I'll never go back. If the DPS is enough to conistently and fast change phases, you'd rather take more defensive flasks.

You can take a Sapping Eternal, since we don't care much for mana. 4k health in 3 sec is aweosme.

Paniced or Bubbling ? Really Depends. Paniced Insta-fills you to full if you press it on low life. Problem is, if you aren't, shit's gonna hit the fan. Bubbling is reliable everytime, Paniced saved me countless times too, where it was clear I was low life. Problems are situations, where you did get hit by more then half of your life, but not enough to procc ll.

You can use a Bubbling as a 3rd Flask instead of a Blood of the Karui.

Feel free to juggle around with flasks, you'll find your favourits.

Dangerous Map Mods

You can run EVERY map mod. I mean it. In theory you do not need to reroll any mod ever. Still there are some mods where you should be cautious if you don't want to lose exp or your char.

-> Increased Attack / Cast / Movementspeed + Unique Boss dmg/atk+ cst spd

Boss animations might surprise you if done faster.

-> +crit/critmulti

even if we roll many dice against getting crit, you should beware not to facetank bosses with that mod, esp in combination with other mods.

-> moster have increased AOE

not too much a problem on trash, but some bosses have INSANE coverage on some attacks (Hi@ Phoenix oneshot Offscreen). Take Solaris.

-> unlucky dodge/monster acc

Means our dodge gets rolled twice for success and our evasion and blind is worth less. Just keep it in mind and use your decoy totem more often.

-> less life recovery

Our regen is worth less, also the recovery from tinerskin is influenced by that mod.

-> no life reg

welp. you better be fast with your flasks on that one.Recovery from Tinkerskin still works.

-> vulnerability

We have no armour. Taking more Phys dmg. You better keep your Warding flask up. POTENTIALLY VERY DANGEROUS.

-> - max. Res.

Depends on the other mods on the maps and on witch maps those are rolled. If in doubt, use Saffels to dampen the hit.

-> Monster gain Frenzycharge /Powercharge on hit.

Charges are much stronger on monsters. This shit will kill you on high map bosses. VERY DANGEROUS ON T13+ .

7.) Videos & How-To

Shaper Guardians

Chimera Map : https://youtu.be/m7nWRfcMc_w

Hydra Map : https://youtu.be/rMlFn8kTiZA

Minotaur Map : https://youtu.be/1ZGmFM9yIUQ

Phoenix Map: https://youtu.be/hWyaBLdR26U

Elder Guardians

Constrictor + Map : https://youtu.be/1an3OFojKmg

Enslaver + Map : https://youtu.be/o06pfyqh5Zo

Eredicator + Map : https://youtu.be/9tnk3Ov74Tc

Purifyer + Map :

Endgame Bosses

Uber Atziri : https://youtu.be/_JYmOGj-Puk

Shaper : https://youtu.be/Hke0mWGj-t0

Uber Elder : https://youtu.be/ZcFS18ecQSc

Fun Map (Detonate Dead normal Atziri): https://youtu.be/Yob-L95-8qQ


Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.
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Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.
Hipster build from a pretty cool guy. Traded with him and his name intrigued me, POB does indeed say it's fine.
Just wanted to pop in and say that this is exactly the kind of trapper build I was looking for! Looking forward to playing this more.
Happy to see more viable trapper builds :)

GZ on Uber Elder!

If you had to guess, how many times does Cremation hit per second for each one? I have no real idea how to count DPS for that.
I Cast Magic Missile! - poeurl.com/DHE

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