[3.2] [HC] Incinerate + Fireball + VMS Juggernaut | Unflinching + Scold's Bridle = Perma IC


With 3.2 Bestiary league i found that Scold's Bridle droped to 1 chaos price, and i take my chance to build around it.

At first, i was messing aroung fire jugg discharge trying to utilise Unflinching with Scold's Bridle and make Discharge great again. Well, the clearspeed was good, but i was not able to push the build to maps: on a budget it feels so clunky, especially with fewer monster in packs. So, at least it good for budget Blood Aqueducts farm.

I bored, so i try to respec and play with some CwC, but not with already effective pair "Scorching Ray + Firestorm". And i find myself enjoying with Incinerate CwC Fireball, ofcourse with GMP. Well, to scale damage output effectively, i totally ignore cast speed and focus on:

1) Raw # to # fire spell damage on abyss jewels
2) Increased spell damage on gear and passive tree

So i was hoping raw and % increase will fine complement each other and it went well enough.

On a budget we get like 100k DPS on regular mobs and + 10 seconds burst damage by Vaal Molten Shell. It gives like +120k fire DPS. On top of this, you get like infinity Immortal Call, which makes you feel fine fighting most content.

So, let me show the build!

Build summary:
100k+ DPS clear, 220k+ DPS on boss
Incinerate CwC Fireball GMP
Elemental Overload, MoM
182% increased HP with 111 passive points

We using Jugg's Unflinching ascendancy note to constantly gain Endurance charges with Scold's Bridle and rapidly casting Incinerate. That gives us almost all time max Endurance charges and perma Immortal Call when fighting hard hitting things.

Skills setup:

1) Main clear skill setup:
Incinerate - CwC - Fireball - GMP - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction
(Fire Penetration, Faster Projectiles - are good too)

2) Boss killer:
VMS - Increased Duration - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration
Additionally, you can use Vaal Haste and swap one gem in your Incinerate setup for Faster Casting: it lets you trigger VMS like 50% faster

3) Another skills:
Herald of Ash - Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Clarity
CwDT - Enfeeble - Cremation - Firestorm (or Vaal Haste)
CwDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vortex


Scold's is mandatory, Ngamahu and Toedre's just for the price. Rest of the items:

1) Path of Building:

2) Character link:

3) Video:

It is my first build guide, so give feedback, so i can add some information that you want. Feel free to ask questions.
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Interesting take on an old build and it is refreshing to see a spell jugg that isn't RF/SR.
However, have you thought or tried swapping the helmet for something else and usingMokou's Embrace as ring and Eye of Innocence as your amulet? This would mean that you will from time to time ignite yourself, gaining huge damage and leech boost. Also the amulet proc is count as a hit, thus triggering your Unflinching-ascendancy from Juggernaut.

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