We're happy to introduce the First Blood Starter Pack, a special bundle for those of you who have just joined our community. The pack contains a Stash Tab, a Weapon Effect and 200 points. The First Blood Starter Pack was designed for beginners to get on their way in Wraeclast, but it's also a great deal for many players who have been enjoying Path of Exile for a while now. Check out the video of the First Blood Weapon Effect below.

Please note:
  • It's only possible to purchase one First Blood pack per account.
  • This pack can't be upgraded to any Supporter pack.
  • You can't upgrade to this pack from pure point purchases.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
aye. More blood dripping please. Maybe for each consecutive kill, increasing amounts of blood should pour out of the character's orifices, e.g. eyes, nose, ears
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Nice :D
im a happy little person
trolled Fox News in an interview... wound up famous. thx for the virility humans!
"...I'm one of the heroes." lol
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Awesome :) I'll recommend this to my brother.
Flashback league announcement when ResidentSleeper
Should really be a premium tab...

I mean, I'm probably gonna buy it eventually, just because it's basically a free tab and weapon effect with purchase of 20 points. Just not yet.
Fluffy come do my Zana daily

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