How do you get Elder to take over Tier 16 maps?

So right now i have every red map around maze of the mino covered in Elder stuff however the actual tier 16 map for mino doesnt get consumed by it? I actually just did the map thinking this would consume it but no luck.

What do i have to do to get this to happen?

I killed the elder on Blue and Yellow maps but have never killed him on red maps yet. Is this whats restricting me from making him spawn on tier 16 maps?

overall just trying to figure out how to get to the uber elder/shaper fight
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Sorry for the double post... when i submitted i got an error message... but apparently it posted it 2x
It's random. You just have to keep cycling him until he spawns there.
You have to get all 15 memory fragments then kill shaper before you can get elder to take over gaurdian maps
As said above me, you need to advance the Zana quest line past the memory fragment part before you can get him to spawn past t15.

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