[3.2]Poet's Crit. Poison VD ft. Aspect of the Spider

NOTE:this is my first build guide if i posted wrong info im sorry im just a beginner. this is also my first build without following build guides (im proud of it yay)

WARNING:yeah i get it ele VD has more damage than this. this build DOESN'T PROMISE YOU A WOOPING DPS. ITS JUST FOR FUN PLAYABLE BUILD.

Idea: i was able to come up with this idea after playing quill poison fire edition

-enter map
-activate blood rage
-press right click until boss fight
-swap weap. or not it depeds
-drop spell totem
-go wild


-Good clear speed
-always max charges
-can do boss
-easy to level (with poet's pen leveling is always easy)
-MF Viable (needs few changes around the tree)
-good low tier map farmer
-the only expensive part is the kaoms heart but not mandatory but good to have

-str stacking is pain in the ass
-suddenly you can blink into the center of the packs
-not hardcore viable (can only hit upto 5k-6kish life with good gears)
-cant do ele reflect maps (phys maps are fine)
-no regen or hex maps doable but i suggest just reroll
-needs to ramp up frenzy charges to feel the build
-needs mandatory uniques :(
-i don't see this build taking shaper or elder and even guardians so no cant go endgame
-Pure ele.vd is surely have more dps than this. i build this for fun only never knew it could take me far in mapping than i thought
-DoT is not everyone's play style


inc. damage of poison per power charges which is nice. +1vd enchant BiS for this build but can still do without it

needed to convert fire damage to poison where VD including its explosion gives poison.

i have 4 Poet's pen for the sake of comfort i hate swapping gems tbh.
you can still run it with 2 poets you just have to remove the unearth during boss fight

Good uniques to have:

can do 1 curse (which is warlords mark but having flammability is a dps boost too.
can be change with rare boots with good res and life and str if you can get a +1 curse rare amulet. we dont need the fated version because we dont cast is as auras but if you want it then you can still use it for the sake of +10movement speed

INSPIRED LEARNING is good to have but not required its fun to have to be honest
put it on the shadow area jewel but be sure you already took the nodes around it (ie:infused,nullification,blood drinker and frenetic)


you need this for suitability + aspect of the spider craft you need it somewhere in your items. Aspect of the spider are good for defensive and offensive purposes its like free temporal chains. slows down even bosses

GEM LINKS:(please hover over items to see the links i dont know how to link gems)
Mapping poet:

Boss poet:

Note: you can still use the mapping poet for boss just remove the unearth it just i have extra currency to buy extra poet.

Main attack (KB)

KB is BiS here you can still use frenzy then drop blood rage(i used frenzy until i was able to use my helm). tiny explosion from KB stacks additional poison + leeches life from warlords mark on hit

Other links:



Bandits and Ascendancy
-Help Alira for res and crit.

Unstable infusion>Noxious strike>Toxic Delivery>Deadly infusion (this will depend on you this is what i did)

I will welcome all your comments,violent reaction,ideas,suggestions but please dont whine about "hey VD ele has more dps than this why go for poison blah blah blah" i created this build cause i was bored and this build doesn't promise you with wooping dps you've been warned T_T
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hi mate ,

So at the end how was the build ?

it was fun but not worth it, pure vd is much more better than this.

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