Flare discharge effect sound

Is it me or the flare discharge effect sound is not working properly? Like there's almost no sound at all pretty frequently, especially when there's alot of enemy. The explosion sounds i mean.
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I have noticed a few sounds that are super quiet or non-existent when lots of mobs are around. Even item drop sounds are negligible with the sound slider maxed.
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Thanks for your report. This is on my list of items to investigate further this week.
Can you provide me with your gamertag, x3nit. This appears to be working fine for me, though I'd like to take a closer look at your character that's using this.
My gamertag is the same: x3nit

It's weird if it happen only to me. I'm gonna try to be more specific, when i am attacking like just one enemy the explosion sound is fine but when there's more successive explosion the sound get very low or just stop working and i heard just my cyclone hit sound. I don't know if it's more clear that way.
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Thanks for that.

I've passed this onto one of our audio engineers to look into further.
FYI this is an issue on PC as well.

The sound actually changes/gets muffled when using the flair discharge MTX.

(it's why i bought the mtx and never use it).

The sound is so muffled... I just assumed it was by design and not a bug since the bubble effect looks like it is almost "containing" the discharge.

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