[3.2] Frozen wasteland! Saboteur Glacial cascade mines! INSANE DAMAGE! Uber atziri and shaper down!

Uber atziri

Uber Atziri - https://youtu.be/Cx0QODlCbOg
Shaper - https://youtu.be/PnnEjIttAaA
Hydra - https://youtu.be/VbNQYXkReLw
Phoenix - https://youtu.be/UmpqqH_EK9A

Didn't record Chimera because chances are I can't do him. His smoke phase will mean instant or near instant death, even on a white map
Didn't record Minotaur because I was unsure of the damage potential in the end-game. Killed him in about 3 seconds though, for reference

Insanely high damage
No mind over matter, meaning getting hit doesn't stop you from being able to use your skills
Some gem slots open for preference
No micromanaging(Orb of storms, curses, golem spamming, etc.)
Decent clear speed
Huge AoE
Can do nearly all content
Did T15's without ever swapping in concentrated effect, meaning this build can easily clear most content up to T15's with a 5L

While 5.2k HP isn't completely terrible, and 79% allres is pretty good, defensively, the build has no evasion, dodge, armour or block. Your positioning and use of potions will be your best friend
Mines are clunky. There's no circumventing this
Physical damage hurts. A lot.
Have to gem swap one gem to make the most of clear speed versus single target
Not super budget friendly. While some of the items aren't super expensive(Malachai's awakening, Shimmeron wands and Essence worm), a 6L and end-game rares definitely are. You can get away with less, and still do insanely high damage, but in order to maximize it, you have to pay quite a bit(20-30Ex)
No movement skill really worth using. I use lightning warp because it's better than literally nothing, but I only use it for emergencies and gap crossing, and spam a quicksilver flask at all other times


Simply the best damage you can possibly obtain outside of a mirror tier sceptre and a high spell damage + spell crit shield, though doing that will give less crit consistency, so keep this in mind. The build might feel better with a stat stick and a shield though, because of shield charge, as you can also get fortify this way

Be mindful that by using these, you cannot lightning warp onto enemies. While it may not kill you, it will drain your HP faster than you can regen, as you're taking a ton of lightning damage per second. This is one of the reasons I barely use it, as it has killed me a few times. If you plan on doing lab, have a second set of random wands to swap into while running between Izaro phases so you don't warp onto a curse totem and degen yourself to death like I did

This is used to avoid any mana issues. The life regen ascendancy point will allow you to outsustain any amount of spam with mines, and you'll reach 300+ life regen whenever you use a single set of mines, meaning that you'll never do any real damage to yourself. Additionally, it offers a decent chunk of damage, and I couldn't think of any better mask. Not having to rely on mana not only opens up another flask slot, but also feels a LOT better than the MoM equivalent in my opinion

Gives us hatred without reserving mana, which means you can use it with malachai's awakening without any drawbacks. Yes, you could use herald of ash and hatred normally, but that would make mana use awkward, and the damage gained isn't a ton, and in order to fight the mana issues you'd get, you might actually lose damage

You could use more or less anything here, from an ashrend for more damage, to a belly for more life. This chest isn't mandatory and adds nothing unique to the build that another chest can't also do. It's not top dog in terms of damage, survivability or anything else. I chose it because it was relatively easy to color, offered decent damage and gave me 79% resistance, which is a pretty decent defensive layer. If you think another chest fits in here, go for it

An opal ring with an essence craft on it. I went through about 30 of them to get a single ring with life and crit multi, because it's better than a cold damage craft would be, since the damage is split about 70/25/5, being cold, lightning and fire. As a result, generic damage such as crit multi is a lot better. Nothing else on the ring matters a ton, but if you feel like it's too expensive, you can easily find a ring with resistance and life on it and it should be relatively cheap

Undeniably the most valuable piece of them all. This is probably overkill, and you could easily use a worse amulet. I bought an amulet with high crit multi, spell damage and life on it for 3Ex, and slammed the shaper mod onto it. Just an amulet with crit multi and life should suffice if the budget isn't higher. If you can, get spell damage as well. If you have an insane budget, just get an amulet with crit multi, spell damage, ele pen and whatever other damage mods you can get, as well as life

Abyss belt because damage. No belt mod is worth pretty much anything in terms of damage, so just get resistance and life. If you get a stygian vise, get crit multi and life as main priorities, or alternatively resistances if you can't find it anywhere else

Life, resistance. Nothing else really matters here. You could alternatively get 'Socketed gems are linked with faster casting' and then socket in arcane surge to get some extra damage whenever you use lightning warp, but it'd probably just be overkill anyways

Enchant helps a decent bit, but it's pricey. You want movement speed, life and resistance on the boots(Movement speed is pretty much a must-have. If you skip out on it, chances are you'll feel a lot more sluggish).

I used a granite flask in the fight against atziri to combat potentially getting oneshot in case she decided to toss a spear through my stomach. In any case where physical damage isn't a huge threat, use a quicksilver of warding instead. It helps make the build feel a lot more playable

Power charge generation before bosses. During bosses, mines will generate power charges due to the Blast Cascade notable, but if you feel you need it, like against shaper, where you have time to use it, this is an option

For jewels, you want 2x 'The long winter', both for conversion and better clear due to the additional bursts

For rare jewels, you want life, if needed resistance and crit multi as the most preferable damaging stat. If you can't get that, generic % damage works best, such as area damage

If you can afford it, buy a 'Damage penetrates #% of cold resistance while affected by hatred'. If you have even more to spend, one that grants #% additional critical strike chance while affected by hatred. If you have all the money in the world, get both on one jewel

Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/4rzmN4ca

For bandits, I decided to go with neither. I could cap my resistances without Alira's buff, had no need for the mana regen, and the two passive points were worth more than 20% critical strike multiplier.

If you cannot cap your resistance with gear, choose Alira instead. While it's not the most optimal choice, she's not a godawful one, and will help you with any potential mana issues while leveling(Alongside clarity). Respeccing might seem costly to some(20 regret orbs) for when you get your gear right though, so this is more about what you're comfortable with and can manage than a black and white choice
Ascendancy -
There's two ways to approach this, though the one I'd recommend is

Pyromaniac - Bomb specialist - Demolitions Specialist - Explosives Expert
The reason I'd choose pyromaniac first, is because once you transition into mines with malacha's awakening, having the life regen to sustain spamming mines is hugely helpful. You could choose bomb specialist into pyromaniac and be able to use mines the same way, though I don't honestly feel like bomb specialist is THAT amazing, as the node past it, Demolition Specialist is the node you really care about, due to the huge AoE it gives

Bomb Specialist - Demolitions Specialist - Pyromaniac - Explosives Expert
This is the alternate route you can take if you'd rather have huge AoE before doing merciless lab. If you choose this route, keep in mind that you may have to use potions to sustain the HP use from malachai's awakening. If you decide to use mines before malachai's awakening, you'll have to rely heavily on mana potions. I leveled with a poet's pen setup, so I can't say for certain how this would go, but it's a lot more comfortable to have pyromaniac and malachai's awakening, as it takes away any mana/life issues you might otherwise encounter, and completely removes the need for a potion

Leveling -
For leveling, I used the poet's pen Volatile dead, bodyswap, unearth GMP setup. It's decent, although due to how far you have to spread, chances are you won't get a lot of life to survive early. I suggest getting a granite flask(I didn't do this, and a lot of damage was near or full on oneshots)

This is the easiest and by far fastest way to level. If you cannot afford a pair of poet's pens or don't want to, for one reason or another, you can use blade vortex, as it will scale off most nodes you pick up. It might not be the most fun way to level, but it's an effective one. Just remember to level the skill gems you plan on using later on

I transitioned to GC mines at level 68, as it was when I could use all my gear, including Malachai's awakening. Due to resistance issues, I needed all my gear online to swap out goldrim. You could probably do it at 60, which is when malachai's awakening becomes available, and you can start using blood magic, though if you do, make sure to have the Pyromaniac ascendancy, both to reduce the mana cost, as well as increase life regen


Gem links

Glacial cascade - Remote mine - Concentrated effect/Inc. AoE - Minefield - Elemental focus - (Trap and mine damage)

Hatred socketed in essence worm

Summon Flame Golem - Cast when Damage taken(Level 20) - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Faster casting - Swift Affliction

Detonate Mines - Spell Totem - Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Enfeeble

Whatever you want - I use Portal and Increased Area of Effect for easy gem swapping

If you use jaws of agony, Fire Trap - Cluster Trap - Multiple Traps

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I agree the damage output is unmatched, this build is basically the best glass cannon i have played so far. But to be honest, after putting around 10ex in this build the playstyle is not really my cup of tee. Imho its amazing for deleting bosses and thats it. Best Uber Atz killer i have played. Problem really is that it lacks defense/evasion big time for anything else. I will keep the char and my gear just for the purpose of oneshotting stuff when i need damage :D

Thanks for the build:)
BKA_006 wrote:
I agree the damage output is unmatched, this build is basically the best glass cannon i have played so far. But to be honest, after putting around 10ex in this build the playstyle is not really my cup of tee. Imho its amazing for deleting bosses and thats it. Best Uber Atz killer i have played. Problem really is that it lacks defense/evasion big time for anything else. I will keep the char and my gear just for the purpose of oneshotting stuff when i need damage :D

Thanks for the build:)

The intention wasn't to be tanky, just to reach decent clear speed and amazing single target. I wanted to see just how absurd GC mines could be without it being mirror tier. It does sadly suffer from being about as durable as wet tissue, so the primary target for the build is to murder the hell out of everything with a large HP pool
Streamlife wrote:
hello there mate, some questions.

what is the difference between using a shavronne and the armor that you use.

which brings out more... the templar glaciar cascade self cast or the shadow (your build)

or this another Mines But made with the templar


Thanks in advance

Hi, sorry about the late reply!

A shavronne's wouldn't really serve any purpose, as it's ES based, which doesn't really benefit the build a ton. You COULD use it without any real drawbacks, but it doesn't inherently offer any damage or benefits. I tried planning out a lowlife version, but it would not only be a lot different, but it might actually be weaker, while offering a similar EHP pool. The chest I'm using, I chose because I have no real evasion or armour, so it's just a good defensive choice as it offers higher elemental resistance than otherwise obtainable, as well as a minor amount of life

If you want to compare builds, I haven't looked at the other GC mines, so I can't say for certain which would be better(I don't really know too much about defensive layers or damage output). If I were to recommend one or the other, I'd probably choose mine, because the saboteur ascendancy offers a TON of area of effect which templar simply cannot get(As well as the ability to set up more mines during phase shifts or dialogue with harder bosses). The build gets around 59% cold penetration(A little less on the others), so the 31% additional penetration an inquisitor might offer wouldn't be hugely helpful. Saboteur offers a lot of QoL and more mine-oriented damage, and makes it feasible to level with mines much earlier if desired, because of the placement of the 'Mines cannot be destroyed for 5 seconds after being placed'. Without this, they will consistently get destroyed once you get into the higher acts

All around though, it really depends. I cannot say for certain that one build is better than the other. You'll just have to make an educated guess on what you'll like better. Personally, I find the massive AoE to be irreplacable though

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