[3.2] Voidforge Molten Strike Assassin, Even Better Than My Other Build

Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and I am here to bring you a ridiculously tanky assassin that does incredible damage. Wait, you said TANKY assassin that does INCREDIBLE DAMAGE!? Yes I did, it is not as tanky as a tank class but it is not glass cannon either, so I guess somewhere in between a tank and a hell of a damage dealer. Anyway, lets get on to the essential gear. PM me any time at GCBKMiner.

Oh and one last thing, the Bandit is Alira, help her I mean.

Essential Gear

That is the gear you truly need for a voidforge molten strike build, rest can be filled in with rare items, hell even use a 6l chest instead of 6l voidforge for now if you do not have one, like this one

My Current Gear



This is my current tree that I have made, feel free to make any improvements you want, just pm me in game if you have any improvements, I would love to hear it.

The Assassin is a huge damage dealer but can be quite squishy, so I took the liberty of traveling all around the tree to grab a bunch of health nodes, a Kaoms Heart, a taste of hate to soak up some physical damage which will be further mitigated by cold damage resistance, molten shell, and other stuff like arctic armor, and CwDT immortal call

My Gem Setup and Explanations

Molten Strike----Ancestral Call----Multistrike----Conc Effect---- Critical Damage Support---- Elemental Damage /w Attacks

Hatred----Arctic Armor----Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 9)---- Molten Shell (LvL 14)

Cast When Damage Taken----Immortal Call

I took several defensive measures to make sure i survive a lot better, as I can even still get one shot with literally all defenses up.
The reason we dont take elemental focus is because we want to shock them as much as possible with the weapon being able to make all elemental damage shock. Of course use 2 wildfire jewels, I just didnt know how i could link those from my tree.
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Done T16 Elder Guardians so far, each phase took like 6 seconds



Killed shaper EZ AF like didn't struggle a bit lmao


Hello :3
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cool build, just found my first voidforge so gunna try an iteration of this
In pob, you haven't choose shaper, and you ticked shock with nothing.
isn't voidforge sword "your elemental damage can shock" ?

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