[3.2] The Poor, Cold Ninja - 70% Dodge/Perma-Blinding Frostblader

This Frostblades build is HC viable.

Noob Skilling Tips: Focus on Elemental Damage, Critical Strike, Cold Effects, Attack Speed, and of course Life.


Putting the below things together you will be a 70% Dodge, 40% spell Dodge, Perma-blinding, evasive ninja with still enough currency to feed yourself sufficiently to have energy to go on massive killing sprees. And with Enfeeble, in the rare instance you do get hit it is softer.


White Wind

Hyrri's Ire

In addition to quick reflexes, illusion and tricks are needed BLIND enemies to achieve full ninja masterdom.

Born in Shadows-Saboteur Ascendancy

The art of being a ninja also involves mysticism!



The great thing about this build is the defense is so strong that you have many options for offense. But all the options have to take into account scaling cold attack damage to compliment the White Wind dagger.

This will double all cold damage. So if you do all cold damage it will double will double any attack damage mods/nodes as well. So in addition to the normal life and resist you look for on gear you will want to persue "x-y Added Cold Damage" or "% increased Cold/Elemental" damage mods. You will have more damage with another weapon but with just the White Wind you are immortal so to sarifice that make sure you are one-shotting everything.


You will want to grab crit nodes and while not absolutely necessary, cold and freeze buffs are great to skill as well. What I explained here will take you a very long way and is HC viable. You weakness is to spammable elementals like Firestorm. On top of the defensive awesomeness this can be max/min'd to make the whole game free.

Max/Min stuff:

6Link Hyrri's Ire
The Halycon Jade Amulet
Amazing end game gear with Max stats of need.

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Hey dude

do you have a POB-link for this?
So you are going saboteur literally just for the blind...?
Exactly. Not ideal given the other options, but the blind is strong af.
Noltch wrote:
Hey dude

do you have a POB-link for this?

What is a POB-link?

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