[3.2] Aspect of The Spider HOWA Elementalist/Raider

Hi all.

Disclaimer: this is my first guide, so be gentle.

This league saw a lot of craze for HOWA based scion builds and I jumped on this bandwagon as well.
My build started with Pure Uniques version by WaffleT which you can find https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1880917

Main driving force behind this build was very low availability of Vertex helms with +3 molten strike enchant in early weeks of the league, which for me resulted in an interesting spin on the Molten Strie/HOWA Ascendant.

This character can checked out on my profile. Character name is Helion_Bestiary_Hander.


So let's go with some numbers:
This build pulls out 1.67 million DPS on Shaper without flasks and without double counting projectiles from the ancestral call.
This accounts for blood rage, which is not preferred by everyone for ES/Vaal Pact builds.

Assuming flasks and projectile doubling it scrapes 4.2 million shaper DPS.


40% natural vs shaper without flasks and blind.
With blind and flasks, it goes up to 82% evade chance.

As this is CI build, it is able to get 9300 ES easily. With better gear, you can aspire to get 10000.

Decision points

Using rare gear instead of Perandus signets and Vertex

Rare Hubris circlet with good ES roll and high flat intelligence beats Vertex DPS numbers even assuming usage of perandus signets.

Signets will give you 4% of your flat int, which will be ~800 in pure unique version, which means it is generating 32 intelligence. Flat rolls can go up to 55.
This opens possibility of having resistances on helmet.

However this comes at a cost of not having +1 socketed gems from The Vertex.
My resolution to it is using corrupted Shaper's Touch gloves and resocketing aura setup into it.

Not using Purity of Elements

This build is very resistance starved and using Purity of Elements seemed to me like a hard requirement.

Purity gives 33% to all res. This can be obtained at cost of 4 affixes on jewels.
4 affixes on jewels will optimistically give you 32% increased attack speed, assuming very good jewels.

So as long as I am able to find damage modifier that gives me more DPS than 32% increased attack speed (or 28% to assume more realistic calculation) this is viable option.

Inquisitor vs. Elementalist

This is very interesting decision, with no right answer.

Inquisitor gives you +20 Str/Int, 10% increased damage taken, immunity to status ailments on consecrated ground, saves 3 points in pathing, 6% penetration

Elementalist gives you +40 Int, at least 10% increased damage, taken via shock, extra golem, 10% penetration, requires 3 more points in pathing, gives you ability to capitilize on "effect of shock" nodes.

DPS wise I am able to squeeze ~15% more damage from Elementalist compared to the inquisitor.
For a price of having to worry bit more about freeze, and substantially more about being ignited.

Using unreserved mana

I saw two options here.

Aspect of The Spider
Aspect gives you 15% increased damage taken (please note, this is additive with inquistors increased damage taken as well as shock!), hinders enemies, makes them fluffy and makes you enjoy some elements of bestiary league.

If you are going Elementalist route, you can also use Herald of Thunder. 40% more effect of heralds boosts it pretty nifty, however, nothing compared to what Aspect of the Spider can give you.

Perandus Signets vs Rare Rings

Replacing my rings with signets gives me ~5% more DPS and 2.8% more ES. And require me to look for 40% to all resistances.

Which Watcher's Eye to use?

Watcher Eye can help a lot with making this build top notch.
There are few affixes to choose from:
* % of maximum mana as ES when affected by clarity -> Adds 1600 ES, worth probably 5 - 6 nodes on a skill tree
* % increased lightning damage when affected by wrath -> nice damage boost, worth 3 - 4 skill points
* Damage penetrates % of lightning resistances when affected by wrath -> very nice damage boost, probably 5 - 6 points on a tree to get equivalent effect
* Mana leech when affected by wrath -> Worth 2 skill points
* # ES gained on hit when affected by discipline -> very hard to calculate, as this boosts your survivability quite substantially.

Obviously huge factor is cost and what you can afford.

Ok, assuming you went through my decision let me give you run-down of gear I am using:


relatively high es + high flat int roll. And enables me to use Aspect of the spider.
Bought a base with molten strike for 2.5 exa and alt/regaled it myself.

Body armour

High EVA/ES chest with all resistances.
Another good option is Incandescent heart. Gives you 20% chaos damage (which is equal to ~11% damage increase in this build due to high lightning penetration). And reduces ele damage taken by 25%.
Costs you 20 - 25% resistances.


Sin Treks are great. High ES, Int roll/dex roll help a lot.

Alternative: Fenumus Spinnerets. Significantly less ES, but you get ES on hit, which is noticable.


Shaper's Touch with +1 corruption to host aura set-up.
If you are running clarity you will most likely need enlighten level 4. Otherwise enlighten level 3 will be sufficient.


If you can afford, HOWA with culling strike helps a lot.
Aim for high % int roll, dex is secondary, but still nice.


Astramentis is best in slot. I tried theroy crafting % increased attributes shaper amulets, but only super high level rare is better.

Rare prismatics with all res, intelligence, flat es and WED are ideal.
Other nice rolls include strength and mana.


15% increased attributes, shock immunity, 52% increased damage is kinda nice on a belt.
If you can get better rare rings that would have str as well you can potentially get ignite immunity from it.


I like to run lab from time to time and leap slam set-up with brightbeak + 3 green socket prismatic is hard to beat.

Skill links

Main damage set-up (6 link):
Molten strike + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Multistrike + Ancestral Call + Lightning Penetration + Concentrated Effect

Clear set-up (4 link):
Wild strike/Frost blades + Multistrike + Ancestral Call + Elemental Damage with Attacks

Aura set-up in +1 gems:
Enlighten (lvl 4) + Clarity + Discipline + Wrath

CWDT set-up (4 link):
CWDT (lvl 20) + Summon Flame Golem + Summon Lightning Golem + Curse (Enfeeble/Conductivity)

Mobility set-up (3 link):
Whirling blades (lvl 1/quality 20%) + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Damage boost set-up (3 link):
Ancestral Protector + Blood Rage + Blind / Charged Dash (for more defense or additional ledge jumping mobility)


No proofs, so you must believe my word on those.

Facetanked Shaper beam.
Did not managed to kill uber elder, due to low skill mostly ;) Bought a carry from TotemPuller.

Cleared whole atlas.

Can run anything but no leech. For no regen I suggest to turn off wrath to have higher mana buffer.

PoB pastebin


Plaese note that I am modifying enemy resistances by -18% to account for 15.5% shock on this build.
If you are a 100% purist, remove it, divide DPS number by 1.15 (to remove aspect of the spider) and multiply by 1.305 (for Aspect + 15.5% shock).
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