[3.2] Spider Queen - CI Essence Drain / Contagion - All content, all mods



Already cleared red elder, shaper, uber atziri & HOTGM. Only uber shaper remaining - once i manage to make him spawn.

- Good clearspeed, safe boss killing
- Budget friendly, no mandatory uniques
- Very safe, HC compatible, easy +10k ES
- Run all mods - yes, for real
- Hardware friendly, except profane bloom explosions maybe
- Profane BOOM BOOM (free chaos version of Herald of Ice)

- Scaling DPS for end game content is a pain
- DoT gameplay, no facetanking


Farming red tiers (5L)

A full video guide is coming next week, as well as shaper's guardians farming deathless tomorrow.

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ObsoLeet


Vile Bastion comes first, the most important defensive layer of the build
Beacon of Ruin next, increasing your DPS
Profane bloom last, to improve the clearspeed for map farming

Kill them all

Passive skill tree
Full passive skill tree (lvl 94)
Order while leveling is explained in the appropriate section.
It's not like you really have a choice here, except for zealot's oath which is a "quality of life" choice since you can use Sorrow of the Divine instead. Don't pick this if you're aiming for lvl90 max.


MAJOR: Soul of the Brine King (for obvious reasons)

MINOR: Soul of Gruthkul which emphasize well with Aspect of the Spider, Temporal Chains and Chill from the Curse on Hit and the Hinder of Wither.



+60% spell damage, Culling Strike, ES Bonus and the ability to use Shield Charge. And it's cheap af.
Here we're socketing our SC movement skill the "usual" way using fortify as an extra defensive layer


Any high ES rare shield with +% Spell Damage will do.
We're socketing CWDT along with Immortal Call as an extra defensive layer and our Fire Golem on "autocast" for a little extra +% Spell Damage.

Body Armor

You want this extra 40% spell damage as well as the high ES for boss killing.

Once you can 6L this one, it's better suited for farming and increase the survivability a lot: -15% global damage taken compared to the previous body armor & enhance Aspect of the Spider

Essence Drain will always be supported by Controlled Destruction, Void Manipulation, Empower & Efficacy, while you're gonna switch between Pierce (farming) & Swift affliction (boss killing)


The Vertex have better ES than most of ES helmets, the evasion rating emphasizing our dexterity and other nodes from the skill tree, providing 20% evasion chance as extra defensive layer.
We're using the "+1 to level of Socketed Gems" to increase a bit Contagion's AoE, and since Contagion's Duration doesn't refresh when monsters dies we wants an Increased Duration


Any rare with high ES, movement speed & ele res will do.
Crafting Aspect of the spider on these was a mistake, aspects are Active Skills and can be supported by some gems (like Increased Duration or AoE) resulting in more mana reservation.
Fortunately it doesn't apply to the Curse on Hit we're socketing there, providing Shock, Chill/Freeze & Temporal Chains as debuffs on Hit.


Any Fingerless Silk gloves will do.
We're putting here our Wither Totem which is the most important support for boss killing, so you want it on 4L with Faster Casting and Increased Duration

Gloves for HOTGM only, using Scorching Ray for full block heroes - we don't need the totem for them anyway


Cheap & effective for CI builds. Emphasize with other ES bonuses.

Amulet & Rings

We're looking for rares with +% Spell Damage, at least an Unset Ring to put our Discipline in, and if possible a +Str amulet to spare points in the passive skill tree - we need that extra strength somewhere to use Immortal Call and Increased Duration, i chose to put it on the amulet
Try to have a free prefix on the rings to craft Leo's "+% Faster start of ES Recharge"
Aspects should be crafted on a ring / amulet.

We don't need this extra damage for farming, MF is better suited for that


Witchfire's Brew will greatly increase the clearspeed once you have Profane Bloom. You want bleed removal / immune on the mana flask since you can use it 4 times before depletion.

- An Energy from Within if possible for the usual Melding
- Any Cobalt with +% ES, faster start of ES recharge and ele res / +% "pseudo" spell damage (could be "while holding a shield", "DoT" etc.)

You can see mines on the link of the passive skill tree.


- Any spell will do as long as you can't use Essence Drain
- You can start using ED as soon as you have it (during quest line)
- a 3L ED is enough for most of the story line, 4L for the end & white maps, 5L can do red tier maps but high HP mobs can means trouble so stick on yellow's if you're playing HC.
6L mandatory for safe farming t13+, red elder, shaper's guardians, shaper & uber atziri
- You want to wait as long as possible before switching for Chaos Inoculation (i did it in Act 8 and it's a little bit too early tbh)

You want first the right bottom part of the tree, aiming for life / ES / res nodes first, all the way to Method to the Madness & Void Barrier. It will provide Dex & Str as well.

Then you want to grab Atrophy, taking Written in Blood along the way, before moving to the top part of the tree and finally go for the bottom part of the tree (Melding, Foresight, Shaper).

Until lvl65 ish, look for ES armors with ES/life/res mods, pick them for their sockets before their stats if you're making this char as a league starter.
As usual be careful of your ele res.

These are budget friendly and can carry you a long way.


- We're going to grab +14% chaos damage next level, everything after that will go for extra ES

- Trying to find a rare dagger with +50% Spell Damage at least, Attack Speed bonus & Decay on Hit. Yes, it's gonna cost a kidney.

- It may be possible to switch our dagger for Breath of the Council and use Leap Slam instead of SC as movement skill, +40% Chaos damage but we lose Culling Strike as well as the flat ES bonus.

- Simulating with PoB, Presence of Chayula doesn't improve the build that much, with a Watcher's Eye it may be possible to switch for a Low Life build I guess


09/04. I don't have my 6L Fenumus body armor yet for farming version :(

Farm version

Boss version[/b]
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/obsolee7
My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ObsoLeet
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Thank you for creating this build. I rly love it and enjoy playing it. The build guide is very detailed and beginner friendly. I recommend every player to try this build at least once in his/her life as poe Player.
Im thinking about doing similar build but i thought about using Impresence onyx amulet, grabbing + 1 curse on tree and using skin of the loyal for cheap 6-link and +1 gems. What do you think about that? will this give more damage?
Also pathing trough the left side of the tree (next to mind over matter) is more point efficient
Last edited by Yuu07 on Apr 10, 2018, 6:18:07 AM
Thanks :)

If you're aiming for lvl 95 I guess you can switch Zealot's Oath for +1 curse, I saw some people using ED/CTG with multiple curses and doing fine.

Simulating with PoB, using Skin of the loyal looks entirely possible: you lose survivability (10020 ES) but the extra DPS is amazing, from 60k to 76k with the farming rings & Pierce!

Here I tried to emphasize everything around Aspect of the Spider but for an Essence Drain build, this Aspect and full set (like the gloves) are better suited for a poison assassin type, so we can only use the Fenumus body armor, and Aspect of the Spider to reduce damages taken.

Hence why Zealot's Oath (providing natural ES regen + essence drain debuff regen), Soul of Gruthkul's choice, Vertex, and Ice Bite / Temporal Chains for the Curse on Hit, we're adding as much defensive layers as we can.

+ Using the Fenumus body armor is kinda "lore friendly" for a Spider Queen :P
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/obsolee7
My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ObsoLeet
If forgot to mention that you need to go to the right side of the tree to get to the bottom part for Melding, which is the best spot for Energy from Within ;)
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/obsolee7
My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ObsoLeet
I have a question about the ascendancies. So how do you get Beacon of Ruin which is exclusive to elementalist. Then the other two being Vile Bastion and Profane Bloom under the occultist tree?
I have a question about the ascendancies. So how do you get Beacon of Ruin which is exclusive to elementalist. Then the other two being Vile Bastion and Profane Bloom under the occultist tree?

It's not "beacon of ruin" but void beacon. " Nearby Enemies have -20% to Chaos Resistance and Nearby Enemies have 100% reduced Life Regeneration rate"

He made a mistake, but you should be able to undertsand what he meant nonetheless.

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