[3.2] Pure Phys BM Explosion Cyclone - Very Cheap, Starter, Faster, Friendly! - HC viable.

What this build can do?

Lots of changes on tree and itens - build do all content;


- Insane fast clear map;
- Not (really) affected by any mods on maps;
- High damage for bosses;
- Cheap (with less then 1 ex you buy everything you need);
- Strong movimentation and control (60% movement speed);


- You will need at least 1 life flask;
- Will be hard capture beasts (usually they explode before u capture);
- Not a great hp if you get it cheap (im on 83 with 5.1k life);

Necessary Uniques

- Devotos Helmet (Move Speed);
- Haemophilia Gloves (Explosions);
- Kondos Sword (Obvious Motives);
- Carnage Heart Amulet (Obvious Motives);
- The Writhing Jar (Keep the Leech);
- Lions Roar (More Physical Damage);

The Rares

- Boots with 30 movement speed, life and res (doesnt matter the base - i prefere evasion base);
- Rings with Life and res;
- A Stygian Belt to cap your res (probably the most expensive part of the entire build) with a jewel to cap ur res and give you at least 30 life;

Gem Links

Chest - I use Bronns now - but is a choice for the price. 5link and a solitary socket;

Cyclone > CEffect > Brutality > Melee PD > Maim (With a 6link Faster Attacks or D on full Life) - Solitary Socket - Vaal Haste;


CWDT > Flame Golem > Blood Rage > Immortal Call;


Leap Slam > Fortify > Blind > Faster Attacks;


Ancestral Warchief > Ruthless > Faster Attacks > Brutality > CEffect;


CWDT > Vulnerability > Vortex > Ice Bite

My Gear


Help Oak;


Is very situational;


The 2 uniques i told; 1 Life instant with freeze imune and a double move flask (on maps use 3 double move flasks and uniques);


All the itens i have are on Pastebin - you also can check my personal character;



I did lvl with Molten Strike - fast clear, fast xp... but is your choice (facebreaker always is an excelent option). When you get Cyclone and be able to use Haemophilia - do it.

Final Considerations

Is a very cheap and strong build (Cheap > Strong).
If you want some tips - change Maim for Fortify on bosses so you can avoid some 1 shot mechanics.

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Hi, interesting build! I want to start it on hardcore, in what sequence to take the ascendancy nodes? Do i need to make any changes for more survivability?
Well, the build already granting a great survival - like i said if u change maim for fortify in some cases you will have more survival, but is not really needed. I use that change for Izaro and Shaper. Even on T15 maps i use maim - the leech is insane - Bronns on HC is a little expensive - use a Carcass Jack - is a lot cheaper and grants the same dps (just a little less move speed) Or a rare 1 5L with some life and resis - If you get rich in some point Kaoms works good with the build (you can do a 4link AW with no prob). Dont stop to get things on floor - get everything when u finish the map to keep your 3 adrenaline flasks up full cyclone time. On ascendancy start going to Brutal Fervour - and go to Bane of Legends after - start T15 maps after get this last 1. I assure you - you will must do only 1 cyclone over all map before stop (since 1 of the cons is not capture beasts couse they explode). Vaal Haste is used when you stop (rarely) to put AW on the ground (maybe against a spirit beast with a little more hp). With my gear - with all procs (including AW) and flask i do around 300k dps (omg is not 1 bazzilion dps like the other cyclones!) - But is a true build and this dps is enough to do all content with a safer build. Pastebin will calculate around 150k dps but if you know how to read it you will see the real dps with everything. OFC, the explosions of Haemophilia are not included on pastebin, but at most is for the maps.

BTW im working in a 10 zombie Dark Pact Juggernaut for HC next season... still on board table OFC but u can see the progress if you or any1 wanna help :)

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Thx for your build.
Could you farm uber lab with it please ? I'm using a champion now, but I want to try something else and i like odd-job buils.
And could you recommend a video to see the gameplay ?

Tof1122 wrote:
Thx for your build.
Could you farm uber lab with it please ? I'm using a champion now, but I want to try something else and i like odd-job buils.
And could you recommend a video to see the gameplay ?


Well, im a little lazy to do videos but if you already have an slayer on standard you can see for yourself. The gameplay is simple start the map - use adrenaline flask and just dont stop. Sometimes i use an onslaught flask with adrenaline, on uber lab i use 2 health flasks for the traps, on atziri, just jump her blasts and hit any of the images, on shaper, take care where you jump. I just change maim for fortify on izaro and shaper (fortify will be on full time), On atziri you have breaks so is not worth do that change. 3 double move flasks and the 2 uniques will make you fly (maps only). If you see my gear you will see how cheap it is. Haemophilia and leech do all the job on maps (onslaught too) - and GG fixed the bug of the missing spirit beast body, so you can capture now with necro nets. I still dont like the season but now is possible capture the beasts with the build. Remember - the last izaro encounter is with 30% of life - your culling is on 20% - so... he will be almost 1 shotd. I had a very bad experience yesterday with a spirit beast frozen in a t12 map - i died 3 times on it. So take care if you are on hc. Some SBeasts are very powerfull and if you are not confident just let it go. If you are on hc dont do maps you cannot leech as well - is ok on softcore with potions but in hc is different. If you are on softcore. Well - with Bronn you will get 10% move speed when using cyclone + 20% of onslaught (20 secs if u killed a rare - super op) + flask... if you dont stop is a lot of move speed. And yes, i farm uber lab with this toon - never died yet - (argus killed me when i face tanked him - use lions roar, vaal haste and AW on him).
Thanks for your very detailed answer.
Have a nice day.
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