[3.2][BestiarySC] Disintegrator Glacial Cascade Trapper (warm up build for 3.3.0)

Hi ladies and gents, I wanted to share this build with the community because I find it fun to play and, at least imo, has lots of potential if traps receive general buffs in the next league/expansion.
Currently, I don't think traps are as competitive as mines due to its long CD, which results in less actual DPS. But traps are fun, with traps, we can play PoE like traditional old school RPG, walk around and toss out different skills.

Before we begin, note this build is still in development, end-game viability is still unknown as I am still balancing between offensive and defensive stats of this build.

Other Builds by me
Actually just one other build...
1. TooManyBalls (Scion/GrelwoodShank/MoltenStrike)

Change Log

2018/4/10 - Pros & Cons added.
2018/4/11 - Updated Passives and Links section.
2018/4/14 - Updated stats and leveling trees.


1. Concept
2. Viability
3. Pros & Cons
4. Passive (Tree + Pantheon + Bandits)
5. Links
6. Gears (+ Flask + Jewels)
7. Stats
8. Leveling
9. Variant Version
10. FAQ

1. Concept

My goal was to make builds that can utilize the new Elder Stick, Disintegrator, with both attacks and spells. Originally I started out as Champion, build the character using WildStrike, DoubleStrike, Cyclone and so on, but maybe it was the lack of attack speed, the gameplay isn't as fun as I thought and the damage is not good enough when there's some unignorable drawbacks (slow atk, no accuracy, degen). Therefore I moved on to spell builds. First came to mind was physical spells, then decided to use Glacial Cascade so we can convert all of our extra physical damage to cold damage.

To mitigate the degen, we'll use the new ascendancy from Saboteur, Pyromaniac, which gives us lots of life regen.

Why traps instead of mines?
There's plenty of mine builds out there, besides, it's hard to compete with Tremor Rod when playing mine builds. That being said, I may try respec-ing into a mine build with this staff if endgame becomes overwhelming for the current trapper build.

Is this staff good enough when there's "gain X phy as ele dmg" mods?
A lv20 GlacialCascade deals about 527.5 phy damage before the conversion kicks in.
Disintegrator offers, in average, 485 added spell damage, that's 291 to Glacial Cascade (60% dmg effective). In short, this staff's add spell damage mod offers more than "50% more" damage without taking the Siphoning Charges into account. It may not outshine the op mirror weapons, but it's a pretty solid choice.

2. Viability

Uber Lab - Doable, did mine uber lab at lv78.
Atizir - Doable, mirror/reflect does not harm us.
Uber Atizri -

Shaper Guardians -
Shaper -

Elder Guardians -
Elder -

3. Pros & Cons

+ Great and easy to level with.
+ Fun to play. Old school RPG play style.
+ High life regen.
+ Decent Mapping & Great Single Target.
+ High damage per cast.
+ Warm up build for 3.3.0 trap buffs.
+ Run all map mods. (no-regen is uncomfortable but doable)

- Health pool not great, a little above 5K.
- Mana issues.
- Trap play style may not be enjoyable for some.
- Not cheap. Need Disintegrator and 2 Long Winter.
- Additional Elder/Shaper items needed for ElderStick to shine.
--- Traps have CD, need a secondary skill for to keep the damage going.

4. Passive

PoB Link

Passive Tree Overview

Ascendancy -- Saboteur

Order: Green --> Blue --> Orange --> Red
Chain Reaction: Triggering all nearby traps at the same time will enable a much higher effective DPS.
Explosive Expert: Area damage + 10% elemental penetration, must take.
Pyromaniac: We pick this to regen and cancel ElderStick's degen effect. Mana cost reduction is also pretty good for us. If you want to play hybrid, pick Blind Aura.

Bandits -- Alira (we can utilize all of her powers)

Pantheon -- Soul of Arakaali + Soul of Ralakesh
Upgrade Arakaali with Arachnoxia to get extra regen when Immortal Call triggers.

5. Links

Main Skill - GC Trap (4L/5L/6L)
4L: GlacialCascade + Trap + ClusterTrap + ElementalFocus
5L: Above + ConcEffect
6L: Above + TrapDmgSupport
Before getting 6L for our main skill, you can use a Vaal skill or Decoy totem in the 6th socket, both helps in boss fights.

Secoondary Skill - Vortex Trap (4L/5L)
4L: Vortex + Trap + ClusterTrap + ConcEffect
5L: Above + Hypothermia/IncArea
6L: Not recommended, saves lots of currency and a slot for Vaal Lightning Trap 6 socketed.
Why Vortex?
Degen spell seems to offers more damage compared to other choices, also chills mobs for us since we use EleFocus in GlacialCascade setup.

Curse Trap
4L: Curse (Frostbite/Assassin's) + Trap + MultiTrap + ClustTrap
Why this setup? It's hard to cap our Pyromaniac passive, with this setup, we can cast curse faster and toss out lots of traps at the same time, helping us regen HP faster.

Movement + Golem
4L: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge(lv9) - Golem (Fire/Ice/Stone)
I prefer AS trigger-able withing one use of Flame Dash, if you like, you can level it up furthermore and trigger it with Golems instead.

CwDT(lv1) + Aura
CwDT + Immortal Call + FrostBomb: Offers extra regen with Soul of Arakaali / Cold penetration effect.
Hatred: Offers lots of extra cold damage off of our added physical spell damage.
Should we use Herald of Fire?
I would if I could, but we'll run out of mana too fast if 75% of our mana pool was reserved.

Weapon Swap - Orb of Storms
4L: OoS + PowerChargeOnCrit + IncCrit% + IncDuration
The orbs will stay even after we swap back to Elder Stick, great way to generate charges in boss fights. Sustain the power charges with passive 15% gain a charge when traps are triggered.

6. Gear

Mandatory -- Disintegrator + Long Winter * 2
Converts all of physical damage to cold damage. This also allows us to use other Watcher's Eyes beside the conversion one.


Helmet -- None.
Chest -- Tinkerskin (made for traps, not mandatory, but helps with both damage and survival)
Gloves -- Voidbringer
Boots -- None.
Amulets -- None.
Rings -- Mark of the Shaper (lots of spells damage when used with an elder based ring)
Belts -- None.

Rare Gear (mod priority)

Try balance our Siphoning charges at 4~5 charges with shaper/elder based items, more than 5 may be hard to sustain comfortably.
Helmet, glove, chest -- Life / Resistance > Str/Dex
Boots -- Life / Movement Speed > Resistance > Str/Dex
Amulet -- Gain X phys as chaos > gain x as ele > Crit Multi > Life / Resistance
Rings -- Elemental damage > Life / Resistance > Str/Dex
Belts -- Life regen rate > Life / Resistance > Str/Dex

You can also try these uniques

Helmet -- Scold's Bridle, Malachai's Awakening (if you go MoM without mana preservation)
Gloves -- Doedre's Malevolence
Amulets -- Impresence (good all around amulet before getting good elder/shaper based amulets)
Rings -- Essence Worm (if you want to play with MoM)

7. Stats

1. Against Shaper
2. Power Charges / Frenzy Charges / Siphoning Charges
3. Damage shown is for one trap and one hit of glacial cascade

6L Glacial Cascade Trap (4 traps per throw)

Flasks on

With vaal lightning trap ---> 150k * 1.2 = ~180k/per trap

Multiple hits?
Landing multiple GC hits with traps pretty hard, it's somewhat inconsistent. Due to how traps are triggered, our control over glacial cascade is little, with mines, our damage will very likely to be doubled since we can control where the cascade starts, the likely hood of landing 2~3 hits are high.

8. Leveling

Leveling Trees
PoB Link -- https://pastebin.com/bBNRsZCd




This staff should be able to carry you all the way to end of act 10.

9. Variant Versions

10. FAQ

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interesting build (hyped as fuck for trap changes) and very detailed
would love to see a video for this
Did not expect to find a build like this here. I actually just respec'd into something similar over the weekend out of sheer boredom and excitement for trap buffs. My variant is pretty expensive though: it's a LL version running 6L Bladefall and Glacial Cascade w/ Crab Barriers. Was able to down Uber Elder with 2 deaths after one failed set (first time ever playing Trapper; only ran about 10 maps prior to Uber Elder). Could have done way better if I spent more time theorycrafting / min-maxing the build.

So as far as a Disintegrator GC Trapper is concerned, it's definitely end-game viable, but may need some investment. I actually think a regular Life-based version with Tinkerskin may be better than the LL version due to being able to use Eldritch Battery for mana sustain. A problem I had with mine was always running out of mana - one mana flask is fine for mapping, but for a boss like Uber Elder it can get iffy, especially when you need to be spamming traps for regen. My deaths in Uber Elder were mostly due to running out of mana and not being able to keep my regen up. Don't really need to go LL for Pain Attunement since the damage can already get quite high. The damage in the OP's PoB is actually higher than mine. I'll probably PoB up a Life-version based on OP's and see what I can find - I probably won't actually build it since I'm pretty done with this league as is.

Sorry if this feels like a thread hijack, just wanted to share my experience with a similar build. Great minds think alike haha.
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No videos?
have somebody to try GC trap?
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