[3.2] SST Lightning CI EO

Hi, sorry for my english :)

Why this build ?

I would play trickster, sst, and i like play ES ^^. This build is tanky / safe, with some damage, and without gem swap. Atm can run all map very easy (no reflect, and need leech ofc), elder too. i tried shapper with the half of the current dps i was very bad vs bullet. Atziri and Uber lab is easy but i don't have Uatziri set.

But :
- Not the best clear speed
- need watcher's eye + 6l
- Not a starter build
- EO + duelist leech + ES node, need a hight lvl
- Good scaling with 30% Quality corruption, perfect master craft before the corruption... can be a sad story :'(

Tree :

https://pastebin.com/TZP3BYK0 (lvl97)

Some stat (shapper, without vaal haste, without shock, and mapping flask):
- 8556 ES
- 244908 DPS

Gear :

Mandatory :

Watcher's eye convert phy to light with wrath

- starter :


Without this don't try this build

Current gear :


For swap to a colossal Tower shield we need a good Eva / ES body. I losed 600 ES without my Magna
you can craft the shield with essence of dread, but i was out of currency and doubt are cheap. 15% reduced mana reservation let run herald of thunder, a better shield without this affix is ok too


For mapping i prefer run magic flask, for shapper we can run more DPS flask but care to taste of hate / wise oak interaction
Diamond Flask help to proc EO in boss fight


Energy from within + watcher + Poacher's Aim (pierce)

Rare jewel priority :

Attack speed / Attack and cast speed (all other attack speed with random weapon don't work)
Global Physical damage
Lightning damage
Projectile damage
Cap your resi xD.

Then :
(Chance to shock)


Boots : Need farme the lab for elemental penetration ^^. Avoid stun / Flat light is ok
Helmet : 40% increase, no choice
Gloves: I need test elem on hit and cut conductivity (CWDT), but it's expensive atm.


Play any lvling build with life ^^. My first char was a lacerate, i used my old gear on this char then i used all my regret around the lvl 80-85 :D. If you play hardcore you will need more life and more regret for catch constitution.


Soul of the brine king
Ralakesh (immune to blind)

Old idea

Play more block with :


But we lose many DPS :/.

Play with wand :


More pierce, a free jewel, but no good movement skill / fortify :'(
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