[3.6] Worms of Command - (Infinite worms + chains of command on a PF)

Welcome to the Worm Commander!

This build uses the new unique Chains of Command to perpetually summons hoards of animated weapons as a pathfinder. (you can also use a scion PF/ Necro, Occ, or Inquis)

It was Featured on the Build of The Week!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifyw6kItUtM&feature=youtu.be - End game

Mandatory Items:

(6l is not needed, only 6 socket)


Quick Explanation

Pathfinder ascendancy allows the build to refill flasks and spam writhing jar to keep animating weapons even against bosses.

Detailed Explanation:

Part I - Chains of Command

This armour makes it so that your animate guardian animates the weapon it is using when it kills an enemy. The animated weapons also have a 10% chance to summon another one on kill.

all gems socketed in the armour apply to the animated weapons. You can socket Animate Guardian in a different piece of gear, such as an elder helmet, to use different support gems and so it doesnt use up a socket in the armor.

Part II - Building the Hoard

Animate weapons have low HP (5-10k) and will die frequently. It is also problematic when fighting a boss if there are no monsters. To get around this, the build uses 4 x Writhing jar flasks. These flasks summon 2 enemy worms upon use. If your AG kills a worm, it summons a weapon. If an Animated Weapon kills a worm, it has a 10% chance to summon another weapon.

Part III - The Flasks

Pathfinder provides perpetual flask sustain and allows the build to spam worm flasks indefinitely. With the right gear and skill tree, each writhing jar uses 10 charges, and heals for 1k+ HP. The Pathfinder grants 8.4 flask charges per 3 seconds to each flask, so they refill quickly.

Flask info:

180% total increased flask charges gained
+40% increased flask charges gained from skill tree (Druidic Rite, Primal Spirit)
+20% increased flask charges gained from pathfinder ascendancy
+120% increased flask charges gained from overflowing chalice (100% x 20% increased flask effect)

35% reduced flask charges used
+20% from belt
+15% from skill tree (Arcane Chemistry)

120% increased life from flasks
+70% from skill tree (herbalism, Profane Chemistry)
+30% life recovery from flasks (Pathfinder Master Surgeon)
+20% increased flask effect (pathfinder ascendancy)

Part IV - Gear info

All support gems in Chains of Command are applied to the animated weapons. That means you can just use a 6s one and fill it with 6 supports.

Place Animate Guardian in an Elder helm with Minion life and +2 to socketed minion gems mods. You want your Animate guardian to have extremely high life so he doesnt die. You can also craft a focus skill on the gloves which heals all your minions to full HP when you use focus.

Try to get the helmet enchant: "24% chance to create an additional weapon copy" as this applies to the copies made by using Chains of command. This enchant is very powerful and is even worth using just a rare helmet with it if you cant find an elder base.

For the Animate Guardian, You will want to look for the Following Gear to start with: (this will change as you optimize)

Rare jeweled Foil - 2 APS with flat fire and lightning damage

The Oak - provides high life and 3% life regen

Bringer of Rain - high life, extra damage, block

Bloodbond - high life, and 1% life regen

Rare gloves/ rare boots with life, movement speed, and resists.

You must have "Hits can't be evaded" on either a vagan weapon, or on lycosidae shield with necromantic aegis.

Oro's sacrifice is another option. It deals a lot of damage, but comes at the cost of survivability. It is better suited for a scion variant that uses the inquisitor for consecrated ground.

Part V: Utility and extra details

Dancing Dervish/duo:
You can gain rampage by having the dancing dervish/duo in your offhand. all you do is have it equipped, kill 1 monster, then swap back to normal weapon/shield. After that, you will have rampage without the dervishes. Make sure you you swap to your normal weapon setup before the dervish spawns on rampage, otherwise your weapons will be disabled.

There are also many small changes you can make to the build depending on the items you have available, and of course the class you have chosen.

For instance, finding a nice rare gloves with ele weakness on hit means you save a gem and can use something else, like Vaal haste, or just a high level self-cast Convocation. You can equip these gloves on your AG and he will curse for you.

If you choose a pure Pathfinder, you will have ailment immunity and bleed immunity. Flask charge recovery is slightly better than the Scion, you also take 6% less elemental damage, and have slightly stronger flasks.

As a Scion, you have several choices of secondary class to go with the PF.

Juggernaut - Stun/chill immunity, and you can generate endurance charges easily

Necro - 20% skill effect duration and some minion damage

Occultist - extra curse, pretty much stun immunity

Inquisitor - enemies take 10% increased damage. Chance to create conc ground. Status immunity while on conc ground.

Champion - Movement speed aura, potential enemies take 20 Increased damage, taunt can be effective to keep guardian out of harms way.

Personally, I think the Inquisitor works best, as another community member has been quite successful with it. The 6% regen from concentrated ground is very strong and will keep your minions alive much longer.

My Gear:



if needed, you can use something like this:
to heal your minions quickly


Ghastly Eye - Flat fire or lightning damage//// Maximum life ///// minion resist///// minion attack speed////// minions have 0.6% life regen

Regular - Maximum life ///// Minion Damage//////minion resist

Sample Animate Guardian Gear Setups:
I use a vagan foil

Setup 1:

try to get high fire/lightning foil. Cold damage is the least effective.

Setup 2

-HITS CANT BE EVADED (foil is best) - try to get 22% inc attack speed and high elemental damage. Must have open prefix to craft the "Hit's cannot be evaded mod"

make sure to cap your AG resists. you can also use gloves with Elemental Weakness on hit corrupted mod.

With a vagan weapon on your AG, you can lose the Lycosidae on your character and replace with:

This setup is probably the highest DPS while maintaining a very defensive guardian.

Setup 3:

Very cheap, high damage, but your guardian will have very little life recovery. You will also need to replace elemental focus with a Chance to ignite gem so you can take advantage of frenzy charges.

Additional Info

- on paper, the damage is higher. If you include frenzy charges from the sword, its a lot higher. This comes at the cost of survivability.

high damage

If using a vagan weapon, you wont need lycosidae.

use this on your character if your AG has a vagan weapon.

- a cheap alternative to a vagan weapon and u get the hits cant be evaded.

Starforge - doesnt work with ele damage - makes it very hard to scale.

Voidforge - super expensive, probably wont do better than oro's or a good foil.

is great to use so long as you have capped resists on your guardian.

- easy way to curse enemies.

- extra damage

Gem Links:

6 Socket Chest
ruthless - added lightning damage - Ele focus - minion speed - minion damage- elemental damage with attacks.

4L elder helm (minion life and either +2/3 socketed minion gems or Minion damage)
Animate Guardian - minion speed - multistrike - Empower (or if you want more damage, ele dmg with attacks)

4L - cwdt lvl 1 - immortal call - *enfeeble/ele weak* - convocation lvl 20

4L - anger - wrath - generosity - enlighten lvl 2

3L - shield charge (or WB) - faster attacks - fortify

3L (trigger weapon) - desecrate - flesh offering - ice nova

** if your AGuardian has Ele weakness on hit gloves, you no longer need ele weakness on cwdt. **

Skill Tree:


Path of Building


Class information

Master Surgeon
Master Alchemist

+2 passives bandit reward


1) You do not need to 6L the chest. you just need 6 sockets. Animate Guardian will have its own setup in the helm.

2) Look for near perfect worm flasks. Focus on reduced charges used.

3) You can gain rampage by having the dancing dervish/duo in your offhand. all you do is have it equipped, kill 1 monster, then swap back to normal weapon/shield. After that, you will have rampage without the dervishes.

4) Using the helmet enchant "24% chance to summon an additional animate weapon copy" only works on the helm you wear on your character. It does not apply if the guardian wears the helm himself (I tested this).

5) changing weapons on the animate guardian can be a bit complicated. Here is some info from an older guide by another community member:


1st weapon goes to right main hand, 2nd left offhand, 3rd will overwrite main, 4th offhand etc.

Until a shield gets tossed in...things get wonky and take a few trash items to set back on track.
This makes management a pain.

Animating a weapon will shift the old one to the Offhand erasing any shield.

Animating a shield will shift the weapon back to main as long as a third new weapon has not written over it.
Animating a weapon will slot it in the Offhand erasing the shield while keeping the old weapon in the main.
For a shield user this means you can mess up once and not lose your old weapon. You will lose the new one and the old shield and have to have at least 2 trash weapons with 3 recommended before a new set of weapon and shield can be reliably set.

When duel wielding animating a shield to overwrite your Offhand slot and 'cycling' main to Offhand by animating a weapon is theoretically possible, but you will have to keep track of AGs hand sequence order to make sure you don't lose the wrong weapon.
This needs more testing

can help your minions stay alive in places where there is a lot of degen.

does not apply poison to things that are killed in 1 hit, which means no 20% heal =(

8) New Resolute technique corruption:
a perfectly crafted vagan foil is the best weapon to use. A 340 eDPS or higher resolute technique foil is a great alternative as vagan weapons are hard to come by.

Oro's sacrifice yields the highest dps. It is better to use a clean one with lyco. But if u cant afford lyco, then the resolute technique would suffice. The best corruption for Oro's is the 7% attack speed because it applies to the base attack speed.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifyw6kItUtM&feature=youtu.be - shaper, hydra, minotaur

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvnEQ6P47vc - t16 hydra map with elder guardian

https://youtu.be/IUchN1oXUC0 - Red Elder - starting with no animated weapons.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p5Mx09fdwM&feature=youtu.be - proof of concept

https://youtu.be/FYJsEZ2xQ2U - T16 Chimera

Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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Very clever.
Let's see how long this build will live before GGG destroy another worm build

GL clever build
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
all hail the worms! (again)
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
updated the artwork with some....thematic modifications
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
nice worms!

(also, your flask no. 5 is overflowing chalice, not coruscating elixir - as stated in "Flasks" section of detailed description)
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Something wormy this way comes

Nice one!
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From what I read the Chains of Command doesn't even have to be 6L right?
Delete this. We can't afford GGG to find it and realize someone is having fun with the worm flask again.
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
bashu wrote:
nice worms!

(also, your flask no. 5 is overflowing chalice, not coruscating elixir - as stated in "Flasks" section of detailed description)

thanks, fixed that typo
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863

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