What to Expect From Content Update 3.3.0

Never first page :(

Excited for the upcoming content though.
Good news all around!

(Please give coffee another chance.)
race hype
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
Any news of trading improvements or extra guild tools?
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Sooo... next league will be more focused on killing lots of things again? Huh. I hope there won't be as many extremely RNG based things in it as there were in abyss and are now in bestiary. I really liked the breach approach of obtaining splinters, so you still take a longer time, but can nonetheless work consistently towards the big boss fights.

There's also some concerns with the new traps, the lightning trap being crit focused being the one that comes to my mind first. Currently more or less the only reason to go Saboteur as a trapper is for the trap cooldown, it honestly doesn't offer a huge amount of other attractive boni for traps.
Since the trap cooldown gets removed from lightning trap and it (most likely) gets a buff to base crit and higher crit chance against shocked enemies, I fear that it would blow the entire competition out of the water. Even more so considering that it can get boni from projectile supports and passives aswell. Which might result in lightning trap becoming a skill used by assassins primarily.
Now, I do think that having a few cooldown-free traps is good, but saboteur needs a lot more to offer for traps. Chain reaction can easily be substituted by a sunblast or just less duration due to the duration trigger change.

Also, can we expect some or most of the unreleased fated uniques to come with 3.3? There were quite a lot that should have a lot of potential, simply because of their bases.
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I really hope there will be at least a few one-hour races for mere mortals... I miss them so much! :(
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Sounds good
pls no more abyss jewelz and wears
pls no more pokemon
pls no more crashes since elder patch
pls no more b u l l

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