[3.2] Catssasin Crit VD Poets pen Shaper+Red Elder down (working on uber elder ATM)


Hello there this is actually my first post and what i want to share with you guys
First of all I want to apologize to my english :( but i will do my best

after 3.2 buff to all classes
i had a huge interest in Juggernaut as like everyone eles
but because of that most of Juggernaut suitable items went sky rocket i was too wellfare
so i went back in to poets pen.

I was researching with every ascendancy to see which ascendancy can have the highest DPS out-put potential, and my answer was lets go with assassin because of its insane DPS buff in 3.2

So WHY poet's pen VD?
in the previous league when poets pen was first introduced
I am pretty sure we all know the prowess of VD poets pen
in terms of Survivalbility(constantly on long range killing things off screen?) + leveling speed + decent clear + insane boss killing potential
i couldn't really think of other really big downside to this wonderful weapon that we get to use from level 12 theoritically level 16 when you are able to use all the gems

Main Gear choices besides standard poets pen VD setup
Back in 3.1 I had a huge problem with maintaining my power charges there came a hope with this New Bestiary exclusive Unique, Yes the Farrul's Fur

Key to this unique is that it makes Aspect of Cat Free!
and with Glove/Boots Beast Crafted with Aspect of Cat which allows you to support
Aspect of Cat with <Less-Duration>+<Swift Afflication> which alternates your buff every 3seconds
our Base Charge duration is at about 10seconds which means to maintain the charges
we need the buff rotation to rotate safely within about 4.5seconds so the full rotation would be around 9 seconds.
so with one Armour(and a crafted suffix on glove or boots?) it gives SO much utility for us to play around with.
As a Poets Pen player im pretty sure a lot of people are craving for that Attack speed!
hows Perma 4-5Frenzy charges sound :)?
with Assassin's new Ascendancy buff Deadly Infusion
hows Perma 7 Power charges sound :)?

Warlords mark on hit (elder base crafted if lucky u can get that fire damage to spells+atk)
since we are using elder ring which allows us to use the new Mark of the Shaper ring to embrace that potential 105% increase dmg and bonus lightning dmg to trigger shock(since we are constantly critting) :)

currently have Corrupted Carnage Heart for +1 Curse
with Whisper of Doom allocated on the tree it allows us to gain the ability of doing a tri-curse
since we already have Warlords Mark (we can forget about getting that expensive Fire leech from Anger and instead lets go for the Crit-Multi while effected by Anger!)

you may ask how do we get the bonus damage from Carnage heart since we are not constantly Leeching
that's when your frenzy links comes in!

My current Frenzy setup is
<Frenzy>-<Curse on hit>-<Enfeeble>-<Temporal Chains>-<GMP>-<Blood Magic>
with Blood Magic we are constantly using our skills with our HP which allows us to constantly proc that Damage while we are Leeching :)

I decided to go for more Defensively on my Curse setup but if you someone have GG gear and want to do more Damage you can always Swap Enfeeble with
(Elemental Weakness with temp chain if u have godly fingers to dodge everything XD) Requires to Changes Colours on Chest

Shaper base with Inc Cooldown Recovery speed

Boots- any
min-maxing Life+res up to you

min-maxing Life+res
(make sure you have a free open Suffix for crafting Aspect of the cat if you decided not to do it on the boots :) )

Starkonja with
VD destroys up to 1 addtional Corpse enchant.

for now i only have minotaur video for this build!
will add more as well as PoB link once i get everything ready :)
will add Shaper+Red Elder
and hopefully uber Elder !

Feel free to check my profile under the Character name CQCQkikanaidekure

T16 Minotaur-
T16 Phoenix-
sorry for the 1 death as i am a butter finger player :(

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