[3.2] Triple Aura Melee Zoo Build - 1.9M Shaper DPS


during the league I found that the biggest fun for me is playing my Melee Skelly build combined with supporting Spectres and meat shields aka. Zombies. I just wanted to share my build with you since it combines a few things from different builds together to create an overall great build for doing bosses as well as fast map clearing.

This is not a guide for beginners nor should it be seen as a guide at all. I just want to share my build I love to play to maybe give some ideas to other summoners.

1. Basic Idea

What I wanted to achieve was a build mainly focused on melee Skelly's but using Ape Spectres to buff them wth frenzy while also having a group of zombies as meat shield. Kinda basic as found in other builds also.
What I also wanted to have is the 3 Auras I am currently running since they also push both DPS and defense A LOT.
I am running Haste, Hatred and Aspect of the Spider. This is only possible in my setup when I am using Enlighten lvl 4 and also taking a good amount of +max mana and reduced mana reserved nodes on the passive tree.

I can not tell you how much quality of life Aspect of the Spider provides in both ways, DPS and defensive wise. It literally feel like it freezes the enemies in place while you Skelly army one shots their way through the waves of monsters.

But still the melee Skelly's are not the fastest map clearer. So what I did is, I included as secondary weapon setup there Daning Duo (idea provided by another build here). This just makes mapping as summoner a breeze. Totally chilled fast running maps.

BTW it seems there is a bug with DD. When you switch to DD a short moment when entering a map and then switch back to you other weapon by pressing "x", it still starts the rampage bonus and stacks up as long as you fight. I doubt that is intended by ... w/e.

With this combination you are able to clear all content without much trouble. Also I am using "blind on hit" and "taunt" as abyss jewels which basically keeps the monsters away from you at all.

2.My Bestiary Gear

I am still fine tuning my gear it isn't at max yet.

I am using a pretty much standard minion helmet with some "ok" rolls and focused to get my resists and a good amount of +max life on my items if possible.

Maybe one item to point out are the boots.

3. Passive tree (lvl 90) + Jewels

As you can see I only use "To Dust" to boost the DPS of my Skelly's ans 1 jewel allowing my minions to taunt on hit which is a HUGE defense boost in combination with blind on hit from the abyss jewel in my belt.

4. Gems
I would say it is a basic setup of gem links for smelly summoners (See Gear section for links). But I also switch of Gems like flame dash if I feel I need to summon my minions to me, e. g. I use Convocation.

I would like to thank you guys for giving so much ideas here in the forum. I tried to put together the best aspects of all builds fit in my playstyle meaning, fast map clear while been able to also clear all content in the game safe & fast.

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Thanks for this, gave me some ideas for a Skeleton build I am planning to do, like using Dancing Duo for clear.
Mecielle wrote:
Thanks for this, gave me some ideas for a Skeleton build I am planning to do, like using Dancing Duo for clear.

Glad to know! It turns the kind allow melee smelly build into a very solid and enjoyable map clearer with good MF potential.

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