[3.2] Aspect of the Avian and Summons

Is it viable?

Is the 10% chance to proc a 100% damage increase modifier worth it?

I was thinking of using it, a beastcrafted Aspect of the Avian mod, in place of Alberon's Warpath unique boots, and dropping 1 Zombie (from 7, down to 6), and benefiting from the chance to double-damage on my Zombie minions. If anybody has any use with this Aspect, any experience, does it work/proc a lot or very often to make it worth it, despite it having only a 10% chance?

I know when I use Victario's Charity unique shield, the Frenzy charges are granted often enough, so that i am generation at least 1-3 (or otherwise replenishing them) every few minutes. That's only a 5% chance to proc on hit. Of course, I am still just a leveling Summoner, and my Zombies do more than enough damage right now in the Act storyline to murder non-boss enemies in a single Slam. Still though, I find myself capped regularly for Frenzy charges from Victario's Charity on only a 5% chance to proc on hit.

So to that I ask, would using Aspect of the Avian be worthwhile? Or even not just with Zombies, but SRS, or Skeletons/Mages, Spectres, Golems, etc?
Last bumped on Apr 6, 2018, 2:00:57 AM

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