[3.2] Fully Corrupted All-Unique Dual Wield HOWA Molten Strike Build - 15.5M DPS, 9.1k ES, 44% Evade


The build in this guide uses two HOWA (Hand of Action and Wisdom) Imperial Claws and Molten Strike as the main skill. The guide is intended for experienced players as the build is gear dependent and requires many optimizations.

This build can destroy all endgame contents as of 3.2; Uber Elder and Elder Guardians, Shaper and T16 Guardians, Uber Atziri, Chayula, Hall of Grandmasters and all map bosses in the Atlas.

For a more practical build, refer to WaffleT's guide using Atziri's Mirror shield

Path of Building


Passive Tree



[BSC 3.2] Deathless Uber Elder Kill


Build Highlights

● Dual wield HOWA using Molten Strike

● Level 95 with 123 passive points

● 1460 Intelligence, 452 Dexterity, 312 Strength

● All 10 equipped items are uniques and corrupted with 30% quality and lab enchantment

● 6 unique jewels and 5 rare jewels are used (1 more jewel can be added at level 99)

● 3 jewels have the "1% increased Chaos Damage for each Equipped Corrupted Item" implicit

● Atziri's Reflection shield can be used to improve defense and free up a flask spot


15.5 Million DPS with 3 flasks and ascendancy buffs
● 57% lightning resistance penetration

Calculation below
Molten Strike Magma Balls Average Damage: 39,866.6
Attack Rate with Frenzy charges: 11.68
Chance to hit: 0.47

Number of projectiles: 20 (with ancestral call and without dying sun)
Molten hit DPS: 764,180.0

(39,866.6)(11.68)(0.47) + (20)(764,180.0) = 218,851 + 15,283,600 = 15,502,451


● 9.1k Energy Shield
● 1863 Total Mana
● 44% Evade Chance
● 75% All Resistances (all res must be the same in order to receive both offensive and defensive bonuses from The Wise Oak flask)



Unique Jewels

Rare Jewels


Flasks for mapping

Flasks for Uber Elder


Inquisitor and Raider


Major God - Soul of the Brine King or Soul of Lunaris. Brine King is preferred.
Minor God - Soul of Yugul


Passive Points

Last bumped on Jun 21, 2018, 4:11:09 AM
HoWa dual weild might give you alot tooltip dps, but other than that, only the %int is what you gain. Dual-weilding HoWa does not give you the flat damage twice since they changed it to "hits with this weapon". Does not affect the PoB calculation anyways, so it's no big deal.
Getting balanced res for Wise Oak might be a pain in the ass if you have to corrupt everything, but let's assume that this is just a matter of time/currency.

Now to your calculation... assuming "chance to hit" means the probability of a ball hitting the boss and not the mere ground.
Your formula is (39,866.6)(11.68)(0.47) + (20)(764,180.0) = 218,851 + 15,283,600 = 15,502,451 aka projavgdmg*atkrate*assumedchanceaballhits + projamount*meelhitdmg ... why do you multiply the melee hit with the projectile amount?
Lets fix that:
projavgdmg*atkrate*projamount*chancetohit + meleehitAVGdmg*atkrate
Making this (39,866.6)(11.68)(20)(0.47) + (65,426.6)(11.68) = 4,377,033 + 764,180 = 5,141,213

Now this looks alot more like the actual damage you do in the videos shown - still impressive and more than enought to clear endgame.

It is still a rather nice build and if one has the currency to test the setup, it might be worth it.

PS: As people pointed out on reddit, it is rather weird, that all those "Look mom, I got 15mil deeps"-build-creators have their profile set to private.

edit: Ancestral Call hits two more targets, so wouldn't that make it 30 balls?
(39,866.6)(11.68)(30)(0.47) + (65,426.6)(11.68) = 6,565,550 + 764,180 = 7,329,730
Last edited by schlurpidurp on Apr 13, 2018, 7:43:48 AM
Hello, I'm interesting with this build as my second character on incursion so Maybe I try to make wildstrike version of it for faster map clear what do you think about it ?

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