[3.2] Storm call shocker elem + ES leech



This build has a good survivability, with fast map clearance.
It is based on high shocking electrical damage with penetration, and energy shield leech.
nb : I am a casual gamer, this build could probably be improved still.


  • Storm call + less duration + spell echo + controlled destruction + lightning penetration + add lightning damage
  • orb of storm + herald of thunder + vaal discipline + increased duration + innervation
  • cast when stunned + ball lightning + shock nova + lightning penetration
  • cast when dmg taken + ball lightning
  • lightning warp + faster casting + less duration

  • lightning golem
  • flame golem
  • discipline
  • conductivity

Gems explanations

  • innervation
    linked to herald of thunder and orb of storm, it allow you the "innervation" buff almost in continuous on map (increased duration = 7s between 2 kills).

  • cast when stunned/dmg taken
    if moob touch you, make a lot of additional damages.

  • lightning warp
    for fast movement of emergency escape.

  • vaal discipline
    IMPORTANT: very useful when to many damage taken and energy shield almost to 0.
    It allow an immediate and not interrupted ES recharge during more than 5 second.


2 principals uniques:

I use Agnerod North for shock chance. I have not tried with Agnerod West (add lightning dmg).

my complete equipment

Shavronne is recommanded (for chaos dmg), but not mandatory.
Maybe Carcass jack with its +50% area damage, or Inpulsa's Broken Heart can be good alternatives.
I replaced Choir of the Storm by Carnage Heart.
It increase leech rate and allow skills change (previously I add strength with skill).
Choice one with low physical leech (useless in this build) to get one at low price (15-20c).

my flasks:

  • soul of Lunaris
  • soul of Gruthkul

  • storm call DPS : around 63k (13,4k per used, 4.69 cast per second). 69k with Innervation.
    these damage are with 87% lightning penetration + 55% chance to shock with 101% shock effectiveness.
    And you can add -43% of lightning resistance when you curse with conductivity.
    I don't know what is the "real" DPS...
  • Energy shield: 5870
  • ES leech from lightning damage : 0.7%




One important keystone is Ghostreaver (at right) so life leech applied to ES instead.
Detailed skill tree here.



1/ Pendulum of destruction (for spell/AoE dmg)
2/ Mastermind of Discord
3/ Paragon of Calamity (for leech)
4/ liege of Primordial

My current atlas (I just tried and succeed Forge of the phoenix)


~ PRO / CON ~
  • + fast cleaning (High dmg + large AoE)
  • + good survivability
  • + can do all type of maps
  • + can be laggy ?

Sorry for my english, thank you for reading !

2018-04-04: original post
2018-04-11: amulet and skills tree change. Flasks and atlas map added.
[3.3] Crit. Storm call elem: cpc.cx/mvJ
[3.2] Shock Storm call elem: cpc.cx/m6w
[3.0] Double strike duelist: cpc.cx/m6x
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[3.3] Crit. Storm call elem: cpc.cx/mvJ
[3.2] Shock Storm call elem: cpc.cx/m6w
[3.0] Double strike duelist: cpc.cx/m6x

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