[3.2] Elementalist's Greed (WiP) (GC Arc Cyclone Heralds)

WARNING: This build is made for fun and for fun only.

Hi guys, I want to share my WiP build, which as the title suggests is quite greedy. But it's fun to play it (for me at least). IMHO Cyclone is the best skill in the game (For Demacia), but it has it cons, which I wanted to eliminate with this build. Did it work? IMHO yes.

How did the build start?

Well, when Ascendancy changes were introduced, I thought about making an autobomber Elementalist, which I did. It was decent, but it didn't felt right. Maybe because Shield Charge is my 2nd least favourite movement skill.

Then I found Mjolner and I thought, could this work with Cospri, can you even get enough stats to effectively use them together?

With few dozens of Regrets and gear changes, I went and modified the skill tree to fit both requirements for

Since I'm not Uber Ascended, I use Paragon of Calamity to get some sustain and immunity to reflect.

Other uniques I utilize:

Carnage Heart - just for +- 50 All Atributes, some dmg while leeching (synergy with Paragon of Calamity) and All Res

Carcass Jack - when we have AoE, why not to get some AoE from it and some inc. AoE Dmg, All Resist and Life. But we can utilize Impulsa, QoTF...

Pure Talent - +25 Atributes, 0.5% Crit, Mana Regen and for future 5% Elemental resistance penetration

Inspired Learning - Not necessary, but it's always good to get some Movement speed / Dmg

The only other required thing is an Assasin's Mark Shaper ring

What stats we want from jewels?
Resists, Life, Attributes, Attack speed, Accuracy

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/x3pUPGXS

5L no uberlab:

t7 8mod map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hey_QuOII8
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