[3.2] Pathfinder Wander | Magic Find

What it Do:

Utilizes Kinetic Blast to farm mid-tier maps (namely Haunted Mansion and Underground River) while maintaining some Item Quantity gear. As for bossing, I've been able to clear Merveil quite easily(she generally lines herself up against the walls when she teleports, and KB shotguns against the walls). I skip Haunted Mansion boss because he has two phases and it's not worth the hassle.

-Fast Clear
-Zoom Zoom with 251% MS (No Vaal Haste or HH Buffs)
-No getting caught on objects with a movement skill
-Kinetic Blast FeelsGoodMan
-Budget Friendly
-62 Increased Item Quantity
-Can run any map mod aside from Elemental Reflect

-Can't boss that well, unless the arena is friendly to KB blasts
-Can be slightly hard to level
-Can feel slightly weak without leveled gems

Skill Tree + Bandits:

Alira for resistances and crit multi

https://pastebin.com/KCGyHdn8 - For Path of Building

114 Points

For leveling, I'd recommend going Poet's Pens with Unearth/Body Swap and Volatile Dead. If you don't have a pair of these, you can level up with Stormcloud/The Tempest and prioritize Weapon Elemental on the tree. Abberath's is also an option; mainly, just level with something you're comfortable with and swap to Kinetic Blast around 65 or so.

Skill Gem Setup:

Kinetic Blast - GMP - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Ice Bite - Pierce - Added Lightning Damage

Herald of Ice - Assassin's Mark - Curse on Hit - Onslaught

Cast When Damage Taken(1) - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste - Immortal Call(3)

Wrath xx Portal - Cast on Death

Portal - Faster Casting - Flame Dash

Some of these are preference. Fill them in with what you'd like to use (Lightning golem and such)


Use Bisco's Leash to gain rampage; this will help with clear speed to make up for a bit of the clear speed loss from not having Headhunter. Honestly, the build doesn't need HH to feel amazing, it's just nice. Also, if you really want the Headhunter effect(s), you can use an Inspired Learning next to Heartseeker. Make sure you spec Acuity in order to have enough notables in the radius.

For an amulet, use what's within your budget. You don't need a 10% quant to feel amazing. Bisco's is fine here as well; it's preference based. Spinefuse Talismans are quite easy to obtain. Grim, a fellow PoE streamer, has a video here going over how to obtain one. If you can't obtain any of these options, simply use a rare with life and resistances.

I prefer Thief's Torment over other rings because of the mana gain on hit. This makes it so we don't have to go out of the way in order to gain mana leech. It also provides a pseudo vaal pact effect with life gain on hit. Generally speaking, it's better than Ventor's with the chaos to Item Quantity gained, and it nets us some nice resistances as well.

You can go Lycosidae over Esh's, but I think the flat lightning damage pairs better with Piscator's. Also, you can go for a Shaper wand with 20% Elemental Damage gained as Extra Chaos damage, but it's generally way more expensive, and you need quite good rolls to beat out Piscator's. Always check Path of Building to see if the wand you're looking at is better than Piscator's BEFORE purchasing it.

The helmet enchant isn't that important. I'd go Dying Sun before the enchant 100%.


Alchemist's Quicksilver of Adrenaline is what gives us an edge over other Ascendencies. If you use this flask on another Ascendancy, you might get caught out backtracking and forced to use a town portal to get back on track. For me, I like the quality of life Pathfinder provides here.

I always prioritize a Warding flask over a 2nd unique. Dying Sun here isn't REQUIRED, but it's an amazing boost to clear speed.


The Watcher's Eye is overkill. Prioritize other things like Dying Sun and a helmet enchant before looking at one. I also don't think the Clarity roll is important. I just used this for Lightning Penetration because I had it lying around.

Don't worry too much about the damage rolls on Abyss Jewels. These can be quite pricey. Just look at what's within your price range and work on getting flat life rolls, and some resistances if you need them. Flat life will be better than percent life because we have little to no flat life on gear.


Closing Notes:

Overall this build's been quite fun. It definitely filled the role of a smooth mapper for layouts like Underground Sea that generally feel bad on Shield Charge characters. I was able to go from barely sustaining alchs to consistently having 500+ after clearing out my quad tabs after a days worth of farm. I might swap over to Windripper soon, just because I'm curious on how good new Deadeye feels. This build provided a smooth transition into that, allowing me to farm up enough currency for my next build.

If you have any questions regarding the build, feel free to leave a comment or stop by my Twitch. I stream almost every day and enjoy answering questions! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck mapping Exiles!

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First off, very well written guide! I appreciate the work you put into it. Secondly, I am new to wanding and was in between builds trying out multiple things mixing and matching not really having a consistent and established build, but after looking over yours, I feel pretty comfortable committing to this variation.

I am playing on BHC, so I've made the necessary changes here and there to increase survivability so we will see how that goes.

Thanks again!
What pantheons did/do you use for this?
easily one of the best MF builds
How do you cap your res? I've got a hard time doing so.
Excellent guide, I am using Tabula to farm it is still quite good, should I get 6L QotF or Dying Sun first for that extra clearspeed ? At the moment I am able to keep with looting & killing, killing or moving faster might not be very beneficial if I cant comprehend the loots and pickup the drops just as fast.

For the sake of extra damage I am using Added Cold and removed Pierce Gem and added Pierce Jewel to compensate. So far till Tier 8 I am still doing fine. Occasional gem swap from KB to Barrage for some single target.

Also using Divinition Distillate for some extra occasional Item Quantity / Rarity. My profile is open, character is BAD_LIGUE_IS_SAD. Flask setup is not same as OP due to lack of QotF.

Cheers for the guide!!!
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hey man gonna play this in the may flashback. how would you recommend leveling this as a fresh character?
Looks like he created a build but he doesnt care about anyone,quality builder!!

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