[3.2]Assasin The Begining of The End

Basic Technic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jADGlOjiDJ4&feature=youtu.be
Often Strategy: Use your Whirling Blades pass throught Enemies to kill carry or spell Enemies with Blade Flurry(Must have Temporal Chains Aura and Acrtic Armour).
Boss special enemies: Your Whirling Blades help u easy to dodge attack, Shield Charge make u attack quickly with Viper Strike after pass throught enemy.(Same video upon)
My Build: 2 Core skill gem Viper strike (High Damage) and Blade Flurry(Aoe Damage)

Core Ascend: Noxious Strike> Toxic Delivery
Bandit: help Sakunra kill Narunto and Sakunke :)
Gem + Link:
6L:Blade Flurry(lv28)> Faster Attack> Increase Critical Strike> Melee Physical Damage(lv31)> Increase Critical Damage>Vile Toxic(lv38)
4L:Viper Strike> Faster Attack> Vile Toxic> Melee Physical Attack Damage
3L:Temporal Chains> Blasphemy(lv31)> Arctic Armour
4L: Shield Charge> Fortify> Faster Attack> Whirling Blade
4L; Immortal Call>Increase Duaration>Cast When Damage Taken(lv38 skill Lv1)>Golem Stone(lv34 skill lv2)

Item, Equipment(Note):

- Importand make sure your aoe attack skill have poison 60% or higher to improve Temporal Chains debuff.
- Weapon: any to improve Physical Attack, Attack Speed, Poison Damage.
- Other item any increase Life, Resisten Element, Strengle to make sure u surval

Any idea to improve please let me know.
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